World War 3? Barack Obama Could Take A Major Step Toward War With Russia On Friday


(SOURCE)  By Michael Snyder, on October 13th, 2016

Because the mainstream media is devoting almost all of their time and energy to covering the Trump and Clinton campaigns, most Americans don’t realize that the Obama administration is bringing us perilously close to war with Russia.  On Friday, Barack Obama is going to sit down with his foreign policy team and discuss “military options” in Syria.  As you will see below, the options under consideration include direct strikes “on Syrian military bases”.  Russia has already pledged to respond militarily to any direct strikes on Syrian forces, and so the decisions that Barack Obama makes regarding Syria on Friday could literally be the spark that sets off World War 3.

The daily drama surrounding Trump and Clinton is far less important than a potential war with Russia.  This should be front page news all over the country, but unfortunately most of the big news organizations are giving it very little coverage.  The following is an excerpt from an extremely important Reuters report that so far is not receiving nearly enough attention…

U.S. President Barack Obama and his top foreign policy advisers are expected to meet on Friday to consider their military and other options in Syria as Syrian and Russian aircraft continue to pummel Aleppo and other targets, U.S. officials said.

Some top officials argue the United States must act more forcefully in Syria or risk losing what influence it still has over moderate rebels and its Arab, Kurdish and Turkish allies in the fight against Islamic State, the officials told Reuters.

One set of options includes direct U.S. military action such as air strikes on Syrian military bases, munitions depots or radar and anti-aircraft bases, said one official who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.

If Barack Obama decides to directly hit the Syrian military, that will be crossing a “red line” that Russia has already established.

And unlike Obama, Russia actually takes their red lines deadly seriously.

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4 thoughts on “World War 3? Barack Obama Could Take A Major Step Toward War With Russia On Friday

  1. Hi Gordon, An American military strike in Syria against Russian forces would write the final chapter of the Obama presidential legacy that would live out into infamy. With all the threats from Russia and their civil survival drills for 40 million citizens, then the calling home of all diplomatic families, something techtonically stark is on the horizon. We Christian believers who watch prophetic events may not have it all figured out perfectly regarding whose who in Eze. 38 but for sure end time prophecy is coming to a head for the rapture of the church and the return of Christ in all the forms that that will take on. Times are exciting to watch and pray. I for one don’t want the Lord’s tarry or delay one second more than His sovereign plan calls for. I did not set the prophetic clock into motion so I’m believing God will bring all about in His timing. I disagree with those who say that we could be in a time like when Jonah went to Ninaveh and they repented or when Daniel prayed and King Cyrus released Israel to go back to rebuild Jerusalem. I certainly disagree with any comparison to the days of the Judges of Israel. We are in a unique time in God’s plan, unique to its own place and that is the end of an age and the return of Messiah to rule earth. I pray and weep for the lost, the gospel is available to all on the earth who will listen and heed.
    Maranatha!!! Ethin

  2. Thanks for your comment Ethin!

    It sure wouldn’t take much to set off a disastrous war with Russia, and Russia is already preparing for it! Obama’s agenda is to degrade America to the point of being completely powerless, and he has done a fine job in that direction so far! Anything could happen and it looks as though it is! Things in this world are going to get much worse than they already are, but just how much worse before the rapture of the church? I do believe in a pre-trib rapture of the church, as I believe you do as well, but there are many who don’t. Whatever the case, one day soon we will know for sure.

    I don’t believe that America will once again rise to the great nation status that it once had. But, I do believe that God can intervene and maybe slow things down, and that He can bring revival to America. The question is will He? However, if Hilary Clinton is elected president then all bets are off! America will then quickly degrade and fall apart, much quicker than if Donald Trump is elected president. I believe that if the good Lord does slow things down in America, it will be for believers to be able to perform His will. Whatever happens we know that God is still in control of all things, and it will all happen according to His will. Amen.

    Bible prophecy will happen, all of it, and we know that we are living in the end times (at least I do), so events in this world must happen leading to the rise of the Antichrist. I think the difficult thing for most people (believers) is that it is all happening now, in our life time. I believe that most believers don’t study bible prophecy, and they would rather push it to the side than to relate it to what is now happening in the world around them, it’s much safer (they believe), or at least more pleasant. And so we see this in our churches, pastors preaching on how to live a good life, how to prosper, and making people feel good about themselves. When they should be warning the church of what is happening in the world and what is soon coming upon us all! It’s not too hard these days to relate bible prophecy to current world events, scripture gives us these signs so that we would know that we are in the season. And while we don’t know the time of Christ’s return, we should know that we are living in the end times and that His return is near! How many churches preach that?! How many churches have alter calls each service?! They sure don’t miss passing out the offering plate, but for some reason skip the alter calls!

    God bless Ethin! Maranatha!

  3. I think Obama will wait until just before the election and then do something to provoke Russia and their mid east partners.
    That way he can declare war and stay in office.

  4. Thanks for your comment Michael!

    Nothing would surprise me anymore, anything could happen. These are crazy times with lots of crazy people!

    God Bless!

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