Evil Spirits against Christians, against America! It’s Getting Worse!

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This is a re-post of an article that I wrote on July 21, 2014.  Since that time the evil has increased, and the persecution of Christians in America is getting worse.  The animosity towards followers of Christ is on the rise, and the disdain for what is righteous and holy has become commonplace.  The downfall of America seems to be right around the next corner, see if you agree!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Jesus tells us that true believers will endure persecution.  Well, we sure see that around the world.  Christians being imprisoned, tortured, and murdered in the name of Jesus Christ.  But what about here in America?  We don’t see Christians being persecuted as they are around the world.

Christians are being persecuted in America, maybe not through murder and imprisonment, at least not yet.  But believe me when I say that Satan is very busy in the United States of America!  Not only with Christians, but with America at large.

There are evil spirits moving upon the American Christian church, and against all Christians in America.  These spirits are causing division, hatred, and demoralizing acts among believers.  Yes, there are many believers who are being deceived and led astray by these spirits. 

For example, there are churches now not only accepting of gay marriage, but actually performing gay marriages in their church!  Some of these churches even have gay pastors.  This is not biblical, nor from God.

There are many Christians who are now denouncing Israel and the Jews as God’s chosen people.  Instead of supporting and praying for Israel, they are condemning Israel.  This is against what God calls us to do.

There are way too many Christians condemning other believers.  Instead of acting out of love and humility, they are acting out in hatred and condemnation.  Instead of building up faith, of encouraging and loving, they are tearing down faith, causing doubt and confusion.  To treat another believer in such a way is not from the Holy Spirit, but from an evil spirit.  Jesus did not tell us to hate one another, but to love, to act with kindness and gentleness.

Apostasy in the church has begun.  There are churches in America that believe we worship the same God as the Muslims.  This is blasphemy and apostasy!  They are melding the two religions into one.  Don’t believe me, just google it.

America is being saturated with demonic spirits.  The downfall of America has begun. 

The increase in evil spirits in America is on the rise.  They are quickly out to search and destroy.  Just take a look at our society.  Morality is on a fast downward spiral.

Our children are being indoctrinated with false beliefs and have immoral role models.  They are taught in school that evolution is the truth, and not to pray in school or in public, that the bible is just a fairy tale.  Atheism is on the rise.

They have role models such as Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus, who are anything but moral role models.  Each day we hear news about either of the two committing another immoral act in the public eye.

Sexual immorality is at an all time high in America.  Turn on the t.v. and you will be hard pressed to see a commercial without a sexual overtone.  Sexual pleasures are not only accepted, they are encouraged.  Just flip through the channels and see what’s going on out there.  Sex, sex, sex, anything goes!  Lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of righteousness.

The decline of marriage as a sacred institution has fallen sharply.  I don’t know how many women there are having babies out-of-wedlock in America, but as I look around me everyday, I see many.  And they keep having children!  Gay marriage is now part of the American culture.  What was once sacred and holy has turned into a mockery of what God has intended it’s true purpose for.

We are now seeing an increase in heinous acts of violence.  Children murdering their siblings, mother, and father.  Parents murdering their spouses and children.  Children being locked up in basements, tortured, unfed.  People being murdered in cold blood on the streets for no reason whatsoever!  The “knock-out” game, where an individual or group, walks up to a complete stranger and punches them until they are knocked out cold.  This so-called game has claimed the lives of many of its victims.

I believe that there are many true, bible believing Christians living in America today.  Thank God for that.  This is the only reason things have not gotten much worse, much quicker.  God is listening to our prayers.  However, God will only hold back for a short while.  He will show the world that He is God Almighty!  Things will get much worse than they are right now, this is only the beginning. 

The beginning of sorrows, birth pangs, the signs of the times!  Let us not slumber, let us not succumb to the wiles of the devil.  We must beware, be on guard at all times.  For Satan is a crafty one, with many lying wonders.  He is the father of all lies!

Until next time, God Bless my friends!

7 thoughts on “Evil Spirits against Christians, against America! It’s Getting Worse!

  1. Thank you Gordon! He who is in us who believe is stronger than he who is in the world! The Lord is teaching us how to stand, it doesn’t rely on us it relies totally on what the Lord Has done for us and we can proclaim that! The Lord is Faithful we can proclaim and keep to mind and to remind of all His promises to us and stand firm when the enemy attacks! We are more than conquerors in Him!
    God Bless

  2. Thanks Christine!

    I totally agree and understand, yet it can be very difficult when we are under attack and the Lord is silent or we cannot hear Him speaking. These are the most difficult of times, when we are most vulnerable and feel the pressures of the world and the darkness. Our faith must be strong and like you said we must rely on the promises of God!

    God Bless! Maranatha!

  3. I know Gordon and I agree but those testings do prove and improve our faith, I too have been under many attacks and testings of faith and I haven’t usually passed with flying colours but sometimes learning by the mistakes and failings has made my faith a bit stronger the next time and there is always a next time until I do get it right then we can move on! The Lord is often silent when I so want to hear Him during those times but when He does speak everything becomes clear again and my heart instantly settles back into rest. Sometimes it is only in retrospect that I realise i have been under attack, because I listen to the lies of our enemy and believe it is something I have done that has distanced me from The Lord but then I remember He is faithful even if I am not and He has never left me in the past no matter what and He has promised I will NEVER leave you or forsake you and that really does, mean NEVER! I think the Lord prepares us to be able to walk and stand in increasing measure just like our own children need to know we are still there when they cant see us or hear us when they are growing through their stages of development.
    Just lately, I have found it impossibly hard to absorb certain things that are written unless it is from The Bible or sound Christian sources and again I think it is The Lord’s way of stopping me taking in any unnecessary stuff (there is just so much on the internet it can be overwhelming) or protecting from deception. I am learning to accept this now but it was strange at first as I am an avid reader of Christian blogs and listening to you tube and relevant news items and I thought I had gone lukewarm because I didn’t have the same hunger or ability to take in everything it was like it was blocked from my understanding. Now I know when it is something The Lord wants me to read or listen to because the blockage just goes and I can absorb and then understand what I am reading with discernment. Have you ever had such an experience?

    God bless you Gordon!

  4. Thanks for your comment Christine!

    I spoke with a Christian woman yesterday, in fact she was the wife of a pastor for many decades. She told me that she had a wonderful life with very few problems, a wonderful marriage, wonderful child, etc. I on the other hand have lived a life with many, many difficulties from a very young age in my life. I did not grow up in a Christian home, my parents divorced when I was very young, I was addicted to drugs and alcohol as a teenager, I have been divorced twice, etc, etc. I’m really not sure where I am going with this other than to say that life just seems so much more difficult for some people than for others. Perhaps those of us who go through such difficulties are more hard headed and stubborn than those who seem to have an easier life? I know that many things in this life are the result of our own actions, however many are not.

    I do believe in the promises of God and I know that if we give our life to Him that He is always with us, but I would sure like to hear His voice more often especially in times of difficulty.

    I also get the same thing happening to me, for many years now, not wanting to read or listen to many who are supposedly speaking the truth. I do believe that it is for our own good, that the Lord is protecting us from deception. I believe that it is the Holy Spirit within leading and guiding us in the right direction!

    God bless Christine! Maranatha!

  5. Gordon, we have both shared a bit about our life and previous lifestyles and we both obviously have not been been amongst the most compliant and obedient children from the start but often hard headed, strong willed and rebellious and we have had a long and arduous journey out of our own Egypt on our way to the promised land but The Lord is faithful and we can trust His promises….. He will never leave us or forsake us yet many of His followers will have seasons when they don’t sense His presence or hear Him and they can be in the desert (where everything is so dry) for awhile but this is what the Sovereign Lord the Holy one of Israel says – ‘In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength’ Isaiah 30.15

    God bless you brother and maranatha!

  6. Thanks for your encouragement Christine!

    I have just had some questions popping up in my mind lately, I am not doubting my faith or the promises of God. It seems the more I learn about God the less I find that I know about Him. Questions which cannot truly be answered in this life, but will all make sense once we finally make it into glory with Christ!

    God bless Christine! Maranatha!

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