The Downfall of America!

Why America fell so fast

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Are we being deceived into believing that all is well, and that government policies and decisions are for our well-being? 

The powers that be are dismantling the very fabric of American society, destroying what was once a great nation into a nation of weakness, defaming the idea of what it once meant to be an American.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) which Obama is pushing so hard for is an agreement which he claims will boost trade, the economy, and our GDP.  He says that it will be “good” for America, I disagree!  This is nothing more than an agreement to relinquish sovereign power over to a one world government.  This foreign government will have much more power over our lives than we know, they are not regulated by a constitution, nor will they abide by one!

Obama is also set to give away the internet on October 1st of this year.  The internet is an American invention, yet he will relinquish control to unknown powers.  Once again, the degradation of America and society at large!

Over the course of the past eight years President Obama has taken the greatest military in the world and turned it into a mockery.  He refuses to use our military in ways that it should be used and instead relies on failed foreign policy and diplomacy, making deals with the devil (ie. Iran).  He refuses to defend our military men and women when faced with external threats from foreign nations (Russia, Iran), and allows evil (ISIS the JV team) to thrive and flourish around the globe murdering, torturing, and threatening the lives of millions of people.

American lives are dependent upon energy, the creation of it and the need for it.  Without energy this nation would collapse.  Yet, President Obama and his administration are destroying our energy production and the jobs that go along with it!  Coal mines are closing down, gas and oil pipe lines needed for fuel and job creation are being halted.  The electrical grid system across America is vulnerable to an EMP attack and it would only take a few billion dollars (according to various sources on the internet) to upgrade and defend it from such an attack, yet nothing is being done!

The immigration of tens of thousands of Syrian refugees into America by President Obama threatens the lives of millions of Americans.  These refugees are not Christians, but Muslims!  Just how many of them are ISIS or ISIS sympathizers?  How many will become ISIS sympathizers in the future?!  And as he welcomes Muslims into this nation, why does he not do the same for Christians being slaughtered in the Middle East?  After all, he claims to be a Christian!

Our Southern border seems to be no threat at all to this administration.  With unsecured borders we are allowing thousands of illegals into this country, not only Mexicans, but people from other nations, people from the Middle East (ISIS)! 

Over taxation and regulation of corporations in America is causing the loss of jobs and the lack of innovation and motivation needed to sustain a growing economy.  Businesses are seeking elsewhere to locate their companies, places with less regulation and taxation.  And since we are not producing the way we used to, Americans are being pushed into purchasing from other countries such as China.

The government’s quantitative easing (QE) of trillions of dollars over the past decade is doomed for disaster.  I am in no way a financial expert, but it doesn’t take one to figure out that this is nothing more than a fictitious pumping up of the economy, a house of cards.  And what has it actually done?  It has put our country into trillions of dollars of debt, debt that we cannot pay back.  And when interest rates rise so does the interest on that debt!

This administration supports homosexual marriage, telling us that it’s good for society, that all of us should be treated equal.  The fact is that it is undermining the core values of America, degrading the sanctity of marriage and the meaning of marriage.  More importantly it is spitting in the face of God, it is an abomination against the holy union He created between a man and a women!

The governments continued support of abortion and the sacrificing of millions of the most innocent lives each and every year is another abomination to God Almighty!  Even though we have seen the horrific aftermath of many of these abortions, the government continues to support such atrocities!

The Obama administration refuses to call terrorists Muslims, yet that’s what they are!  They not only refuse to call them Muslims, but have taken any mention of Muslims or Islam out of military and government documents exposing who are enemies really are.  Instead they have named Christians as extremists!

Christians in America are being told more and more what they can do and what they can’t do, including praying and following their faith and beliefs.  Not only are we being told, but also persecuted for it!  Yet we see Islam now being taught in public schools and mosques being built all around the country.  I’ve heard that children in public schools in Texas are also being taught how to convert to Islam!

The homeless population in America continues to rise, people without shelter, without food, without a means to support themselves.  There will come a time when this population will become so large that it will trigger a response which will be overwhelming, a response by people who’s needs will out weigh their ability to remain calm and civilized!

Over the past eight years we have seen the degradation of society, the lack of cohesion and the division of people.  We see the rise in civil unrest and physical aggression against police officers out to protect us.  And while all of this is going on, where is the government in all of this?  Where is the outcry from our President?!  Where is the leadership to pull us together and unite us as a nation?  I don’t see it!

America a once great nation, being torn apart not from outside aggressors, but from within, from our very own government!  A government elected to support and protect us.  When a government goes from supportive to oppressive then it is not for the people, but against the people!  It is no longer a democracy but a dictatorship.

There comes a time when people will say enough is enough!  Why do you think Donald Trump has made it this far?  It’s not because people like him, it’s because they are tired of the political establishment who makes promises they do not keep, who lie to the people, and do not support the people the way that they should!  Government tearing apart this once great nation!

When you go to vote this November, and you should vote, keep in mind the values and morals of God!  Neither candidate is perfect, but there is one who claims to uphold God’s values, and that is not Hilary Clinton!  Who supports abortion and gay marriage? 

Whatever happens in this election, whatever happens in the world, know this one thing: God is in control of all things!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

10 thoughts on “The Downfall of America!

  1. Thanks for sharing Anonymous!

    That is some disgusting stuff and goes to show what the government is capable of doing, without the consent of the people, right under our noses!

    God bless!

  2. Gordon check this one out:
    ‘EVERYTHING IS RIGGED: Medicine, science, elections, the media, money, education, search engines, social media… you are living in a fabricated fairy tale’:

    It proves your point in so many ways.
    God help us all to realize who is actually in control and how much we need our Lord in our lives everyday!
    God bless us all. Maranatha!

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