Weakness in Times of Trouble!

American flag Islam will dominate the world

Commentary By:  Gordon King

How on earth could anyone not see that Islam is not a religion of peace, that their main purpose is to take total control of the world by force and submission?!  They say that “Islam” means “peace”, but in fact it really means “submission”!  “Salema” means peace, not Islam!

Isn’t that what these terrorists have been telling us now for years, that they will force everyone to submit to Islam or die?  This is what the Quran and the Hadith teach, to force everyone to submit to Allah, to kill, torture, rape and pillage!  What kind of a religion is that?!  Is this really a religion or is it actually a set of evil ideologies set out to take total control of the world?  And if it really is a religion, then who is this god that they serve?!

Islam teaches its followers to lie in order to promote the cause of Islam.  They will say and do anything in their power to deceive those not following their god Allah.

Isn’t it sort of funny that political correctness came about just before this Islamic uprising took place?  Have you ever wondered about that?  The world has been duped into believing lies and political correctness has blinded them to the truth!

Islam has been telling the world that their main purpose is to take control, to force everyone into submission, just as the Quran tells them to do, yet the world is oblivious to these facts.  And even after the nuclear deal between Obama and Iran, they still say that America is their greatest enemy!  They say that they want to wipe Israel off of the map, well don’t you think that they then also want to wipe America off the map as well?

Political correctness and the diplomacy of the Obama administration has led the world into chaos and mayhem.  Empty words without action equals weakness, they have no meaning without any action to back them up!  And now we find Russia taking the lead, making moves which before this administration were unheard of.  Russia and Iran are both challenging our Navy in the Baltic Sea and the Persian Gulf, yet we do nothing!  Weakness!  The American military, once the greatest on earth, has been reduced to a weak pawn in a growing dictator chess match.

Why on earth would the president of the United States allow these Islamists to take control in the Middle East, and now to infiltrate our once great country?  Why is he partial to Islam and not Christianity?!  Why does he not fully support the Kurds in fighting against ISIS?  Why does he refuse to admit that ISIS is following the teachings of the Quran?!

If you do nothing to stop evil if you can, then are you just as bad as those committing the evil?  And if you do nothing in your power, then are you in fact part of the evil?

This evil in the world is getting worse, what we see happening in the world today is but a foreshadowing of things to come.  The evil in the world will be much worse in the near future than it is right now!  The deception is great, but it will be even greater the closer we get to the return of Christ.

Chaos, disorder, war, destruction, all will intensify, all will become even more confusing!

Hold fast to what is true, righteous, and holy!  Know what scripture says, follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, and know that God is with you always!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!


7 thoughts on “Weakness in Times of Trouble!

  1. Thank you Gordon,
    Muslims that have converted from Islam to Christianity and have experienced the spiritual awakening referred to as being born again are saying similar things and are warning of the teachings of violence within the Quo’ ran, many ex Islamist’s know the teachings and the motives behind Jihad and they are urging other Muslims to seek the truth for themselves and are witnessing to them of The Gospel Message of Peace with God through Jesus Christ .

    Thankfully, He who is in us is stronger than he that is in the world. Many Muslims when in safety such as in Austria are asking for Bibles because what they see happening does not reconcile with what they believed about Islam and they are searching for truth now they have more safety to do so. The International Bible Society are providing Bibles to many Syrians who have fled after witnessing horrific acts of terror from ISIS. They are receiving many more requests from Muslims than ever before and anyone wanting to support this can ministry can donate to them to get the Bibles out there.I am praying for Muslims that truly want to know peace to come to know The Prince of Peace for themselves Jesus Christ, He is the only way by which they and everyone else in this world can be saved! What was meant for evil can be turned to good for these people.

    God bless and Maranatha!

    • Thanks for your comments Christine!

      I have heard the same thing about many Muslims converting to Christianity! Praise God! And the persecution of Christians will only increase the number of those accepting Christ. I agree with you, we should all be praying for Muslims and all of the lost to come to Salvation in Jesus Christ!

      God bless! Maranatha!

  2. I believe someone with global ambitions need first eliminate individual sovereign identities, destroy patriotism via eliminating national symbols and ceremonies from the public eye; pledge of allegiance , flags in our schools , and on our person, proceed next with the national anthem and then follow with our systematic subordination to the U.N.. Finally introduce your faith constituents wholesale ala trojan horse. Clever , but no surprise when the ungodly behave so it’s the rule not the exception ! Today there are two groups, the victors or the victims. Thank God for revealing the truth that sets us free from deception ! Now be wise as serpents and harmless as doves, remembering not to cast our pearls before the swine. Thanks Gordon for your wise insights. May God bless and encourage you to stir the gift that is in you.

  3. When will we ever learn..?.. I agree with you Gordon, it will get much darker before dawn arises from the east.

    History repeating itself. Look at the past and you begin to see similarities to our present. For ‘there is nothing new under the sun’, and ‘unless we learn from our past we are doomed to repeat it’.
    “The rise of the Ottomans correlates with the decline of the Byzantine Empire, which generated the shift in power from a singular Christian European society to an Islamic influence.” (Wikipedia the history of the Ottoman Empire, its rise/growth, its slavery, its economic and political history, all its history and you begins to see a pattern of chaos, violence and destruction. This is their aim – control and slavery.) Love for their fellowman is not in the equation. It took a list of wars and finally a World War to end this regime, and unfortunately history is repeating itself…
    Any religious power that forces one to worship does not come from above. God never forces anyone to love Him. He invites you too. It’s a choice…

    Our only hope is our belief in Jesus Christ. Keep the faith, constantly praying and always looking up. God bless.

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