Islam, Evil, and Persecution!

Turkey president Erdogan

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Commentary By:  Gordon King

The apparent coup attempt in Turkey has led the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to arrest thousands of supposed dissidents and remove thousands more from their current jobs and positions in government.

This in and of itself smells fishy!  Something is just not right about the whole thing.  I don’t believe that there was actually a coup attempt.  I believe that it was all staged by Erdoğan to gain control and power over the nation, to install a dictatorship and Sharia law throughout the land!  Turkey was a democratic republic, until now!

The Turkish president has now gained total control over the government and the country.  As a Muslim dictator he will install Sharia law and persecute all those opposing it and him!  The persecution of other religions will intensify, and for Christians, well forget about it (don’t really forget about them, they all need our prayers)!

The very sad thing about all of this is that the seven churches mentioned in the book of Revelation: Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea are all located in Turkey!

Turkey Seven Churches of Revelation

Christian persecution in the Middle East is about to get even worse than it has already been.  Those living in Turkey must either run for their lives, hide, or face persecution.  Time will tell, however in the mean time non-Muslims must live under the Islamic dictatorship of president Erdoğan.

Bible prophecy is coming to pass, the end times are upon us!  With each passing day Satan and his demons are attempting to take total control of the world and bring as many people with him as possible.  Pressure continues to build in the Middle East as dictators relish in power and control, as Islamic ideologies spread into actions threatening the lives of millions of people.  As evil spreads like a wild-fire, so do the ways of Islam, the teachings which lead to death, promote death, and promise to kill anyone who does not agree with them!  How in anyone’s mind does this seem godly?!

Remember, Satan is the father of all lies, and his is to steal, kill, and destroy!

There are many others in the world today who worship and follow Satan, they are being controlled by demonic forces whose end goal is that of their father.  Theirs is a plan of sinister schemes, of wicked ways, and of control.  They seek to destroy the workings of God Almighty, rebelling against the One who created it all, Jesus Christ!

As we watch bible prophecy unfolding, we must also remember that God is in control of all things!  That He will make good come from evil for all those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.  As Christians are being persecuted and slaughtered, there are many more who come to Christ!  Those martyred for the sake of Christ shall produce many more saints all to the glory of God!

We must place our faith and trust in Jesus Christ, know that He is with us and will never forsake us!  Listen to the voice of God, follow His lead and His will.  Put on the full armor of God, for we are living in a great spiritual battle!  Do not grieve the Holy Spirit, listen to what He has to say.  The word of God is like a powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword, use it to your advantage for God’s will.

Hebrews 4:12

For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

Let us not sleep for the time is upon us for spiritual warfare.  Seek first the kingdom of God and heaven above, set your mind on spiritual things.  Know how to discern good from evil, and test all spirits.  Study bible prophecy and know what it says.  God did not give us His prophecy for us to be unaware and ignorant, but so that we would know what is coming!  He also gave us prophecy so that when it happens we will know that His words are true, that what He says will happen will actually happen!  This should be very reassuring for believers, knowing that His words are true, and that one day soon He is coming for us.

Lord God in heaven hear my prayers, I pray for those persecuted for your name sake.  I pray for their peace and protection.  Lead them all in your will, give them the strength and courage to persevere.  In Jesus name, Amen.

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!


16 thoughts on “Islam, Evil, and Persecution!

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  2. Years ago, I wrote in Antichrist 2016-2019 that Erdogan had commented: “Democracy is like a streetcar. You ride it until you arrive at your destination and then you get off.” Erdogan has reached his destination – Islamic dictatorship and support of the Islamic Caliphate (ISIS) – and may aim to lead the Caliphate himself.

  3. Amen… (to your prayer Gordon.)
    Excellent post! Very interesting developments are happening worldwide, and as you said in earlier post(s) everything is lining up for war, both physically and spiritually.

    On a side note:
    I like searching different sites and getting different perspectives. I also love history, especially reading biblical history. That being said I would like to share this current find: an article written by Herman L. Hoeh called, “The Truth about the Race Question” – . Explains the facts in detail where each group of individuals (nations) came/come from. You will find a rich history of our human families, its origins of who’s who. The article was written in 1957 and in my opinion still current; a global race war is continuing in many forms.
    It ties in with what your saying G. and how Turkey is a major player along with Russia. History is repeating itself and God is definitely in control. As you also say, we are not to be afraid but watchful of what’s happening (bible prophecy unfolding), and being connected to our Lord is our safety net, as we get closer to the close of this age.
    God bless us all in this crucial (yet exciting) time in history. All of it is pointing to Jesus’ advent! Maranatha!
    Peace be with you always, SweetJava

    • Thank you SweetJava!

      And thank you for your recommended reading material, however, I do not subscribe to Herbert W. Armstrong’s teachings or many of his beliefs. I did scan the article and saw that he was drawing material from Armstrong.

      I believe what scripture tells me is the truth and through the discernment of the Holy Spirit. We must all make sure that we are rightly dividing the word of God, myself included.

      As the world turns so does the evil, wickedness, and deception. I truly believe that the good Lord is calling up an army of followers ready to perform His will, with a heart seeking His face, and the willingness to obedience. Things in this world are not always as they appear, we must be ready at all times to discern the spirits, the good from the evil.

      May the good Lord bless you and keep you under the shelter of His mighty wings! Amen. Maranatha!

      • It’s not so much Armstrong’s website or that Mr. Hoeh at the end of his findings recommends further reading from Armstrong’s library, as it is Mr. Hoeh’s article of the history of who’s who, that I was sharing with you. He draws his facts/findings from all different sources and states them. Thereby letting the reader investigate his work further on where he draws his conclusions from. I thought it to be a good read and informative.

        I too, believe what Scripture tells me and agree with you we must all rightly divide the word of God. In further looking into Armstrong’s belief some of his beliefs resonant’s with me, for I too, believe in the Sabbath (sundown Friday to sundown Saturday), in God’s holy feast, in full emersion baptism, all found in the Holy Scriptures. God tells us to test all teachings with His word and if not found to correlate, to disregard it. I’m more into the Holy Scriptures myself these days and what God has to say then organized religion. In my life search I’ve been in varies churches finding truth, I got baptized in one, but when the vibe of the church started changing… whether it was the church’s teachings or the disingenuous people that drove me away I don’t know, I found it wasn’t for me. Please don’t get me wrong going to church for all the right reasons, fellowship, getting together to get to know the Father and His Son is a good thing. But when a doctrine is spewed against God’s written word or changed then we’re no longer obedient to God but man. It must lead to Christ and Him alone, learning from Him and how He conducted Himself. The love of the Father was in Him and the love for His neighbor (fellowman/woman). His Spirit in us should be the driving force in our lives.
        I agree, we indeed must be cautious and test everything by His Word. God brings everything to light, with a sincere heart to seek His face, picking up our cross and following Him. We ourselves are His church. We are the temple He nourishes. Christianity is not a religion its a relationship with Jesus Christ. Jesus was not religious, the organized religion of His day didn’t like Him. He came to show us a different path, show us the Father and open communications, through Him out of love for us all. People think the bible has a lot of do’s and don’ts and rightly so, they’re there for our good, showing our sinful nature. And God’s forgiveness. No one is without guilt, no one is perfect, we are made perfect through the blood shed on our behalf. It’s a journey each one of us takes in first accepting His gospel and moving it forward in our lives.. It’s a work in progress…

        The world is getting more evil and deception is everywhere. I again agree with you, things in the world are not always what it appears to be, hence us being cautious and watchful. God is indeed gathering His own and His own must be fully committed to His Son, imitating Him in deed and character best we can. Our heart and mind reflecting His goodness. Believing in God, having His law written in our hearts, having His armor on and advancing His love is a privilege we all should execute. And open communications (prayer) is a powerful tool. God cares.

        May our Lord bless and keep you under His protective wings as well, G. May His peace follow you always. May God bless us all in our search for truth, in Jesus’ holy name. Amen. Maranatha!

      • Thanks SweetJava!

        The world can be a very confusing place right now, and that was my point in my comment to you. I take everything that I ingest mentally with a grain of salt and compare it to the word of God.

        I certainly wish that our Father in heaven would show us all things and give us unlimited insight into His mysteries. However, I also know that our minds are very limited and could not contain or handle all of these things! Yet, He does give us insight and wisdom in small bits and pieces when we need it.

        God bless! Maranatha!

  4. May God give the peace that passes all understanding and allow the comforter to be with all brothers and sisters strengthening them and enabling all that are suffering persecution to stand firm in their faith and know that The Lord is with them in their suffering and will bring them to Glory.

    • Thank you Christine!

      Amen to your prayer!

      We all need to remain steadfast in our walk with the Lord! This is not a time to slumber, nor a time to be apathetic. We need to be standing for God, bearing the fruit of the Spirit. Times are about to get worse, much worse I believe for Christians!

      Remember, God loves us so very much! He wants the best for us, even in our times of suffering.

      God bless! Maranatha!

  5. Hi Gordon!

    I feel for saying something to everybody.
    You know, over the years there’s been a lot of speculation about the antichrist.
    First I heard the “old story” about a revived Roman empire in the shape of the european union. – I don’t belive it.

    Then came the idea of islam beeing the antichrist system which should be a smaller empire liminated to the middle east, north africa and perhaps parts of Europe. This wiev is based on the bibles focus on the middle-eastern area,and that some claim “the whole world” written in bible only means the world known at the time it was written.
    I believed this myself for a while.

    There is a guy having a website which concentrate a lot on this. Very convincing.
    But after a while I recognised that it’s only hate which is promoted there.
    Everyone which is not agree beeing treated like idiots. And there is nearly no talk about the salvation in Jesus.
    Only a lot of hate-promoting against muslims.

    When that is said, I really don’t defend islam. It’s clearly a religion from satan himself.
    But all who wants to be in christ really have to think different.
    Those muslims have been born into this evil believe. They don’t know otherwise.
    It’s nearly impossible to spread the gospel in muslim countries. Maybe God send some to other countries so someone may be saved! – Since there also comes a lot of terrorists, it can be because all western countries turned away from God.
    All nations will reap what they sow. – I don’t dig deeper into what it means. I guess all who read this blog know what it means.

    So about the antichrist: – I think it’s much more decieving than just islam.
    Islam is simply “to stupid”.
    We have to remember that the decieving will be so extremely big that even the true believer will be decieved if God himself not shorten the time.
    Islam is just a chess-move from the evil to split people and create hate between those involved.
    Then there can be a war, and the antichrist can arrive to make order out of chaos.
    Maybe even to decieve believers to believe that islam is the antichrist system.
    I don’t belive it.

    What I do believe is what the bible learn.
    We know what satan wants. He wants to be God, and he use the same lies all over again.
    By the time of the tower of Babel he tried openly to get all people in opposition against God. – He failed.
    Personally I believe he did the same before the flood, but God stopped him.

    It’s the same thing he try to do again. He always mimick not only God, but himself too.
    I believe the antichrist system is a satanic worship masked as something beautiful. A kind of Luciferian worship.
    And it may be something which is written about in the bible. In 1’st king. When Salomo had the queen of saba as a visitor.
    ( 1 king 10. – Read especially verse 14 to 20 ) She introduced him to pagan worship, and this place in scripture is the only place except for revelation that the reader can read something about 666.

    But satan can never be like God. He’s a looser. So to mimick God he have to cheat. In the way of tecnology.
    And I think that was what he did in the time before the flood.
    At that time humans lived 10 times longer than today, so they probably got extremely wise by themselves.
    In addition there was no language-barrier. And no continents. – They were divided after the flood. (Genesis 10,25)
    In the non-apocalystic book of Enoch the reader can learn about fallen angels who learned tecnology to human-kind.
    I belive it was a high-technology community before the flood, but since God confused language and limited the living-time for humans, they have used a long time to reach high-technology again. But that’s where we finally are know.

    As I said, islam is simply to stupid to be the antichrist system. But I belive it can (and do) decieve people, even christians, to wish welcome to the real antichrist when he comes.

    The decieving will be so big it’s nearly impossible to understand it. But we all have to belive in Gods written words.

    And about the timing of the “catching away / rapture” I simply have one thing to say: – I don’t know. – How can I know?
    Jesus himself don’t know! – I read so many arguments for this viewpoint or that viewpoint, and everyone have good scriptical arguments. – So I just accept to live each single day as it could may be the last (I’m not talking about dying, I’m talking about that the Lord can arrive at any time) , just as I accept to live through a big time of persecution which maybe include the antichrist-system.

    The main thing I think is to keep the heart away from everything that can promote hate in it.
    If hate comes into the heart, the road to beeing decieved is a fast lane.
    To be decieved is the first thing Jesus warned about in Matthew 24 when he talked about the end-times.

    My main-message to everyone: – Keep all kind of hate away from your heart! – Even when you don’t like it.
    Just a very tiny little bit of hate is like to sow a seed. – It will grow if you give it water.
    And if it grows it create sins. Sins that we may don’t want to leave behind.

    That’s not what we are called to be. We should be lights and salt to a fallen world.
    Forget about stupid things in this world like securing your pension or all this long-time plans a lot of people have.

    Let’s instead continiue seeking the Lord, continiue ask for his guidance about what will happen, continiue to talk and discuss with each other on websites like Gordons , and continiue to tell others about the worlds savior Jesus Christ!

    Thanks Gordon for let me speak out. 😊 (If you do)

    • Thank you Øystein!

      Very well said, and you made some great points! None of us know it all, and I don’t think that we are supposed to either. He gives us an outline of what is to come, but leaves out many of the details. It’s about searching God’s word, about seeking Him and His ways.

      God bless!

  6. The devil is the master of confusion. He really knows that stuff. He’s not stupid. But he’s a lier from the beginning, and comes only to steal, kill , destroy, confuse, and set people up aginst each other.
    But also, he’s a looser. – He lost the fight at the cross.
    Let’s never forget that. Never.

    From Øystein

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