Life as we know it or a Deception?

When Giants roamed the earth

Commentary By:  Gordon King

As the world turns darker evil rampages escalate, not monthly, not weekly, but daily!  What used to be an uncommon occurrence is now a daily event.  I now find it very difficult to keep up with all of the tragic and horrific crimes happening today.  This my friends is a sign of the times, the birth pangs, ramping up in both time and intensity.

We must open our eyes to what is really happening, we must be aware of the dark forces attempting to take control of those living in the world.  We are in a spiritual warfare, one which began thousands of years ago, a battle for our souls!

The end times will be like no other, yet there will be similarities to days gone by, specifically the days of Noah.  We have been brainwashed and conditioned to believe that all life has evolved from nothing, that Jesus Christ is not the only way to heaven, and even that there is no God.  The true picture and reality of what exists has been covered up and twisted into a false reality.

During the days of Noah there were giants that roamed the land, they were evil and wicked.  These were the offspring of fallen angels and human women, hybrids.  These creatures brought with them advanced technology given to them by the fallen angels.  I believe that they were much more advanced than we are today.  I also believe that they were altering the DNA of not only humans, but animals and plant life.

Those in charge of the world today have tried the best they can to cover up the existence of these giants.  Why?  Because if the world knew that they existed then the bible would hold true, it would substantiate the existence of God and of His creation!  I also believe that there is an even more sinister reason for this, that there will be demonic-human hybrids living in the end times.  That the manipulation of DNA will continue on as it did in days gone by, and that the control of mankind is the ultimate act of Satan and his demons.

We have all heard about aliens, UFOs and the like, thousands of people world-wide have given personal accounts of sightings, and some of being abducted.  Some people have even been implanted with small devices under their skin, eerily similar looking to the implants recently made by man and even implanted by some people.

These aliens are not what you may think they are, they are aliens, however not from another planet, but from another dimension!  They are demonic in nature and have the power to perform miraculous things.  There are world leaders who will tell us that they are here for peaceful purposes, that they want to help us and advance our technology and peace on earth.  Do not be fooled, do not be deceived, nothing could be further from the truth, at least not about the peace on earth!

Have you ever wondered about Big-foot?  We all have heard stories of people sighting this giant creature, even people who claim that they have real photos and video footage.  Perhaps they really have seen him, and perhaps this giant being is actually a Nephilim (fallen angel-human hybrid)!  I do not doubt that it exists, nor do I doubt that other giants exist on earth even now, just as in the days of Noah.

A few years ago there was a report of a living giant being found in the caves of Afghanistan, this creature was over twelve feet tall and weighed over 1500 pounds.  It was supposedly found by U.S. Marines, attacked the marines, and was then killed by the marines.  The body was flown out of Afghanistan, to where I do not know.

My point of all this is that things are not always as they appear to be, or as we are told they are.  History has been rewritten, facts covered up, and people deceived to believe lies!

We have heard of the Mark of the Beast, some say it’s a chip, some a mark of sorts, perhaps both.  Could these implants have something to do with the Mark of the Beast, maybe a prototype, testing of the chip on humans?

We are being conditioned to believe lies, to accept what we are told.  Don’t believe me?  Why would governments be talking about doing away with cash, and implementing a cashless society?  Most people don’t carry much if any cash on them anymore, they buy things electronically.  It will be easy to implement the Mark of the Beast, because we are being preconditioned!

There is another dimension, a spiritual dimension which is manifesting itself into the physical realm.  Many of these spirits are evil and they do wish us harm.  Be aware, know scripture, and place your faith and trust in God!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

6 thoughts on “Life as we know it or a Deception?

  1. I agree with you Gordon.
    But sadly, most people think you’re talking science fiction, ‘giants, aliens, other dimensions, there just figments of the imagination not real’ are their comments. We’re brainwashed to such an extent with the advancement of technology and virtual realities that truth is hidden (even in plain sight). No one wants to dig into bible prophecy for fear of finding factual truth and repentance.. If people would just looked inside the Holy Scriptures’ they would be amazed on how history is repeating itself and coming to fruition in our lifetime (the latter days).
    Luke 21:34-36 “Watch yourselves, or your hearts will be coarsened with debauchery and drunkenness and the cares of life, and that day will be sprung on you suddenly, like a trap. For it will come down on you like a snare on every living man on the face of the earth. Stay awake, praying at all times for the strength to survive all that is going to happen, and to stand with confidence before the Son of Man.”
    May God bless us all not to loose faith in the face of evil and to know the disguises of. May He break us out of this bondage, for everyday is becoming more apparent which side the world at large has chosen… the deceptions and lies are spreading in every facet of life that truth is becoming obsolete. Come Lord Jesus, come!
    Thank you Gordon for being a town crier.
    God bless you with good health and continual insight. Always in Jesus’ holy name, Amen.

      • Thank you Gordon yes we need to put on the whole armour of God so we can fight all the fiery darts from the enemy. ..Gordon I have a question to ask you. ..have you seen the opening ceremony for Gotthard base tunnel in Switzerland on utube. …could you please have a look and let me know what you think. …it’s the most bizarre and evil thing I’ve ever seen. …keep up the good work and God bless you and yours. ..Maranatha Speed The Day

      • Thanks for sharing Annime5!

        Wow! Very bizarre, wicked, and evil. A satanic ritual if you ask me. It looks as though they may not only be celebrating the opening of a tunnel, but perhaps the opening of a gateway to hell!

        I will share this video, thanks.

        God bless! Maranatha!

  2. Reblogged this on Watchman and commented:
    Be aware stay alert. .do not be deceived. ..our government’s are lying to us. .Jesus said know the times and seasons ..Watch Watch Watch. ..

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