Judgment and Condemnation?

judging others

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Why are so many people in the world today turning against Christianity?  Why do so many people refuse to believe in Jesus Christ?  Why do so many in the world become angry and irate at the mere mention of the name Jesus, or telling them that you are a Christian?

These answers to these questions not only reflect the attitudes and values of today’s society, they represent the moral and ethical decline of society at large.

Christianity represents righteous morals and values, it dictates how we should live our lives and what we should and should not do.  When a believer in Jesus Christ speaks out about sin, about what is right and what is wrong in the eyes of God Almighty, the world is outraged, yet, we only speak the truth!  Speaking about the truth is just that, speaking the truth from the word of God.  It is not condemnation or judgment, but telling people what is morally right and wrong.  Even so, there are those living in the world who do not consider it as such.  They believe that if you tell them what is wrong and a sin, then you are in fact judging and condemning them!

Life is sort of funny, we are told by the secularists in the world that we should not judge others, that we should let everyone live how they want and that we should not speak up about it.  They say that we should all live together in peace and harmony while allowing everyone to live as they wish without believers saying a word about sin.  And when Christians do speak up about sin, then these so-called “tolerant” secularists seem to make a complete 180 degree turn around and condemn believers!  Who is actually judging who here?!

If we are not to make judgment calls in this life, then how could we even live?  We make judgment calls every moment of the day, from what time should I wake up, to which medication should I take.  We have to make judgment calls when we are driving our car, when we perform our tasks at work, and when we shop for food.  Judgment calls are part of our everyday life and existence as human beings.  We make judgment calls when we decide which people we should hang out with, when we decide which church to attend, and when we make choices on what to believe and not believe.

So are we judging people when we see the sin in their lives, when we see the sin in our own lives for that matter?  And if we are, is it a bad thing?  To make judgments is nothing more than being aware and noting something for what it is, it is not condemning another person for their sin.  Condemnation is not ours to make, but reserved for God Almighty!

And if we are to help and serve other people, is it not wise to be able to judge if what they are doing is right or wrong?  Whether or not they need help or not?  How else can we live, how else can we even survive?

The world misinterprets the well-meaning judgment of believers.  They take it as condemnation and hatred, when just the opposite is true.  We are to judge in order to make wise decisions, in order to help those in need, and in order to lead the lost to salvation, not to condemn and spew hatred!

The world becomes angry and irate with Christians and the name of Jesus because they enjoy living in sin, pure and simple!  They love their sinful lifestyles, they do not wish to give up the sin which gives them pleasure.  This is the crux of it all, loving the sin, seeking enjoyment and pleasure at the expense of rebelling against the God of the universe Who created them!

If being a true believer in Jesus Christ means to have a change of heart in order to be saved, and it does, then most in the world choose not to believe.  Isn’t this the bottom line, they love the sin more than they love God?

Judging others can be done for different reasons, one being to condemn others, while another is to make wise decisions.  We should not judge in order to condemn others, but rather to lead them to Christ!  God will be the one to judge according to our acts and deeds, that is not reserved for us.

We as true believers in Jesus Christ have been made priests and kings of the Most High God of the universe, and we will judge angels!  How is it then that we cannot now make judgment calls regarding sin in the world?  We must do so not out of hatred and anger, but out of love, kindness, peace, tenderheartedness, mercy, and forgiveness!

We must share the good news of Jesus Christ to a hurting world, we must put on Christ and live as He lived, this includes speaking out about sin!  Anything else would not be from God, but from Satan.  Satan is out to deceive and destroy, to steal lost souls, and bring to not the workings of Yeshua.  Let us remember who is in control of “all” things, Jesus Christ!

Making judgment calls about sin is a loving thing to do, if and when it is done in the right way.  The wages of sin are death, and the lost need to know that.  Condemning others for their sin is not ours to make.  Love those who hate you, have mercy on those who do you wrong, and be forgiving to all who have trespassed against you!

God Bless my friends!  Maranatha!

14 thoughts on “Judgment and Condemnation?

  1. Dear brother King in Yeshua Ha’Mashiach,
    Shalom Aleichem!
    Yeshua loves you.
    Judgement is a difficult thing to make. The Spirit of Truth who pronounced ‘Judge not that ye be not judged’ also declared that the glorious children of God will once judge the world. This is not contradictory because judgement is not within our authority, but the authority of the Father who has sent his Spirit into us. Unless the judgement is from the Spirit of God, it is flawed and hence worthy of condemnation. We must therefore, judge in the Omniscient Spirit who will lead all to the truth when we pull away our beloved brethren from the fire of hell. I do remember how before I strongly tasted Yeshua’s love, spoke many things about God when I evangelised (even when it was absolutely unnecessary). Only in the Spirit shall our love be complete and our ministry be fulfilled.

  2. I agree Gordon, The Lord does usually brings me alongside someone who is doing something or living in some way similar to something that I once did or thought of doing myself, that way he takes all the stones out of my pockets that I might otherwise be tempted to throw in judgement. He is so good He doesn’t usually put me into a situation that I haven’t had my heart broken down and prepared for because then I am be able to minister in a way that they can sense His love for them through me and that there is no condemnation, only concern and love and wanting the best outcome for them. I often wondered why I wallowed in so many diverse sinful experiences, even at times when I was a Christian I am sad and ashamed to say. I know it was not His will for me but am so grateful to Him now and I know He does use all things together for good to those that love Him! He has taken those things I know about myself upon Himself and has broken me through repentance so I can experience His love for others caught in similar sinful traps. Let He who is without sin cast the first stone! Only Jesus could and He didn’t but He did say go and sin no more! We can’t be happy in Sin once we know Jesus and it’s only by His strength within us that we can withstand testings and temptations and find the way out of them, the chains can be broken and He does set the captives free…. all anyone needs is to know Him and His Love will work through transforming into His likeness putting right desires in hearts and minds and taking out our stony hearts of sin.

    When we see Him we shall be like Him!

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  4. Thank you Christine for sharing!

    Through our own experience we are able to better help others in similar situations, all of us were at one time sinners. It’s not about judging others, it’s about leading them to Christ as you have stated.

    God bless!

  5. Nicely put Gordon. Thank you.
    Pointing out Christian values, morals, principals to people (out of love for them) stings them, for deep inside themselves (their conscience), they know what they’re doing is wrong. So in silencing us they feel justified to continue… Sad really, their twisted understanding of our good intentions. Prayer is needed on their behave.

    We are measured by the word of God. And condemn ourselves by ignoring them…
    “He who rejects Me [ Jesus ], and does not receive My words, has that which judges him—the word that I have spoken will judge him in the last day.” John 12:48
    God bless us all in realizing our sins and repenting from them. Maranatha!

  6. Thank you SweetJava!

    God is good and His words are true, they pierce through bones and marrow deep within the soul. While we know that not all will hear God’s words nor will they all repent, we also know that His words will not return to Him void! Amen.

    God bless!

  7. Judgement has always been about decision and for those who ask how a loving God can make anyone go to hell, that’s never the case. His love just honors our decision. It’s interesting that we know of Eden, only one tree existed that could bring about death, in an otherwise glorious setting of life, beauty and fellowship with God. This tree, man was forewarned of,
    was a portal ( if you will ) transporting man into earths present condition , a world of sin, death and the unfruitful works of darkness, with only one tree that can bring about life. Jesus said, ” I am the Vine you are the branches”. We’ve been given the opportunity to see the contrast of ‘ With Him, and Without Him ‘ , and hopefully make the right choice regarding the life hereafter. God has loved us enough to allow us an obvious choice, and He’s loved us enough to not MAKE anyone spend eternity with Him in Heaven. Thanks for staying true guys !

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