The Dark World is becoming even Darker!


Commentary By:  Gordon King

The world as we have known it in the past will never again be the same!  Times are changing, the world is changing, not for the better but for the worse.

The darkness is upon us, and evil spirits are creating havoc, confusion, chaos, and destruction around the world.  Wicked acts and deeds are becoming rampant and commonplace.  What used to seem horrifying and out of the ordinary is now becoming not so bad and a daily occurrence. 

What we now see happening, such as the Orlando nightclub shooting, the San Bernardino massacre, and the murder of five police officers in Dallas Texas, is a mere foreshadowing of things to come.  It will get worse, much worse my friends. 

People in the world are becoming desensitized to the hatred, death, destruction, and chaos in the world around them.  What once was viewed as right is now viewed as wrong, and what was wrong is now right!  People used to hide their heads in the sand, turn the other way, but now they just don’t seem to even notice or care.  What is happening right before them doesn’t seem to shake people up any more, it’s just a part of everyday life.

This is something in which believers in Jesus Christ must not let happen to them.  We must remain in the word of God and know what it says and believe it.  We must follow the teachings of Christ and be able to discern the lies from the truth, the wicked from the good, the right from the wrong.  Just because we are saved, does not make us immune from the deceptions of the world, nor does it keep us from being led down the wrong path!

Satan and his demons are attempting to bring down even the elect!  They are manipulating, lying, and leading the masses astray.  Theirs is to destroy and steal lost souls.  They will do whatever it takes to destroy God’s plan, and that includes using each other to lead down the wrong path, to divide, to cause chaos and confusion.

The world is now at a cross roads, a fork in the road, one leading to eternal life, the other to eternal destruction.  However, there is also something very sinister going on at this crossroads, and that is the dividing of believers, the attempt to tear down the church of God Almighty!

Unfortunately, I believe that there are many people sitting in church today who believe that they are saved, that they are going to heaven.  Yet, many are deceived, they have been led down the wrong path.

There are lies being spread about the true God, about the way to heaven, and about who is actually a believer and who is not.  Many believe that because they believe in God, that they go to church, and that they do good things, that they will go to heaven.  These things will not get you to heaven my friends, not one of them!  For even the devil and his minions believe, yet they will not get to heaven.  You must repent of your sins, have a change of heart, believe that Jesus Christ is God, and accept Him as your Lord and Savior.  That is the only way to get to heaven, not merely believing.  Turn your life over to Jesus Christ, make Him your Lord, then you shall be saved!

It is not us who changes ourselves, but God who changes us.  If we truly repent and believe, then we will be changed, a new creation, a new spirit, and a new life!  Filled with the Holy Spirit of God Almighty!

This is a time of dividing, of separation, of weeding out the wheat from the tares.  It is a time before the rapture of the church, the beginning of the Tribulation period, and the second coming of Christ!  Let us not be caught unaware, off guard, and left to our own devices.  Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, listen to the still small voice of God within.

None of us are perfect, God knows I’m not.  But we are forgiven!  Amen.  When we stumble we must get back up, when we fall we must stand up and follow the narrow road which leads to heaven.  Following Christ is a daily event, one which requires us to repent of our sins, not in order to remain saved, but in order for us to remain in close fellowship with our Lord.

It’s not about us in the world, it’s all about God!  It’s about His love for us, the salvation of those who will turn from their wicked ways and repent.  It’s about a personal relationship between the God of the universe and man.  It’s about God taking as many with Him to heaven as will accept Him as their Lord and Savior, it’s about our eternal destiny!

Satan will attempt to cover up the true message of the cross, to deceive as many as he can into believing that there is another way.  He will lie, cheat, still, and kill in order to keep as many souls as he can from getting to heaven, and taking as many as he can with him into hell!  This is what we see happening in the world today, it is the work of Satan and his demons.

The world is becoming darker, yet there is hope, there is light!  As the world gets darker, then the light shines brighter, just as the moon shines brighter the darker it becomes at night.  We are the light of the world, and we must shine our light into the darkness, in order to lead as many souls as we can into heaven.  We are also the salt of the earth, used to preserve what is righteous and holy on earth.  Not so we may change the world, but so that we can spread the gospel.  Think about it for a moment, as the world gets darker and uglier, the more the antichrist spirit will come against the church, the more difficult it will become to share the good news.  We already see it happening now, the increase in the persecution of Christians around the world.  We must preserve what is good in order for the truth to be told, for lost souls to be saved!

There is no stopping the darkness from becoming darker, but we can slow it down.  There is no stopping the judgment of God Almighty upon the wicked, it will happen.  What is written in scripture is the truth and it will happen just as it is written. The end times are upon us, and as time advances the wickedness will increase exponentially, as a woman in labor, her pains increase over time.

Prayer is a mighty and powerful tool given to us by our Father in heaven, it works and it can do great things.  Prayer along with faith can move mountains!

Do not be alarmed by what you see taking place in the world today, be aware!  Look at it from a heavenly perspective, from a biblical point of view and it will all make sense.  Do not fear what is coming, but seek ye first the kingdom of God!  Take heart in knowing that our God is with us and will never forsake us, that He loves us more than we could ever know, and that He makes all things work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!


13 thoughts on “The Dark World is becoming even Darker!

  1. I feel what has happened in Dallas is going to get a lot lot worse and is going to spread all round the states I am from the UK.

  2. I agree Gordon, I believe the real Evil is not just the obvious risks we see in the world at present that everyone agrees is evil but it is coming disguised as an Angel of light ,promoting tolerance of all that goes against Biblical guidance, offers legal protection for all minorities (except Bible believing Christians). The true Church will be called haters, bigots, racists,antagonists and civil terrorists. Satan has the world agreeing that terrorism and extremism of religion is evil and to be extinguished whilst all the time he is working as an Angel light to promote false love and tolerance so that the new world order can be ushered in where everything will be upside down and what was once good will be called evil people are being brainwashed by what they watch, listen to and read.
    God bless and Maranatha!.

    • Thanks Christine!

      Evil disguised as good, promoting a false sense of peace and security, leading astray many into a false religion, and false beliefs and ideologies. An angel of light to those of the world and those not able to discern good from evil.

      The world is a very deceiving place, and Satan is the master of deception! We must be aware and know what the bible tells us is the truth.

      God bless and Maranatha!

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  4. Just like you Gordon I have proclaimed very often that many within the church of Yeshua the Messiah think they are saved just because they go to church, or call themselves Christian because they do good works. Just the other day I was sworn at online for saying Gay marriage is an abomination to Yahweh, they argued that Yeshua said love each other? Today the scriptures are being twisted to justify turning evil into good, and to make things worse the Church that this person attends endorses it.
    Many are being deceived by Satan.

    God bless and Maranatha

    • Thanks for your comment Daveed!

      This is the problem with the world, they take words and give them a new meaning to fit their own lifestyle and sin. They think that when the bible says to love one another that it means sexually! This is not what scripture means by loving one another, not at all. Can people in the world not love one another without having sex with each other?! I don’t get it.

      As believers we love everyone, even our enemies and those that sin against us. Homosexuality is a sin and an abomination to the Lord, plain and simple, no misunderstanding here, no misinterpretation of the bible.

      Another word which is very often misused these days is “tolerance”. Christians use the word much differently than the world does. Christians, or at least myself, use the word to mean allowing the world to follow their own beliefs, not forcing them to conform to my own beliefs. This does not mean that I agree with them or that I do not or will not speak up and out about their sinful ways, not at all. However, Islam (according to the Quran) is much different, they do not tolerate anything which goes against the teachings of the Quran. For instance they will kill homosexuals, or for that matter anyone not believing in Allah or anyone blaspheming the name of Allah. The world uses the world tolerance to mean tolerating everything, and yet they are some of the most intolerant people. They say that they tolerate everything, which means to allow and agree with everything, belief, and lifestyle. Yet, when it comes to Christianity they are very intolerant! The funny thing is, you don’t hear homosexuals speaking out against Islam, even though Muslims want to see them all dead! As Christians, we just want to see them all saved!

      God bless! Maranatha!

  5. Excellently said, Gordon. Clear and straightforward. Amen, my brother in Christ.
    The enemy is taking over everything (if one lets him, for there is still a choice), the man of lawlessness is everywhere. There is a dark cloud over planet earth and there’s no denying it. Look around one’s own surrounding to see, it’s here, we’re being pitted against one another, against ourselves. Keeping the masses busy with civil unrest to realize the inner workings of what’s yet to come.
    It’s a supernatural war manifesting itself, we need to understand this manipulation, this direction society is being led towards… where trust in your fellowman is diminishing, where hearts are turning cold…
    They denigrate God’s principals, His morals, His laws, our ideology of our Christian values. Making us the bad guys for standing for the truth, having integrity and our convictions to God’s standard of conduct. Our ethics are being demonized. And does anyone care..?.. no, just like you point out G.
    A battle plan has been emerging ever since evil was introduced in Eden. The powers that be will not back down, but are open about their intent, if one has eyes to see. ‘Nothing is new under the sun’, Scriptures tells us where we’re headed if we continue this coarse. Our only defense is believing/trusting in the power of the Almighty and His Spirit in us. We must put on God’s battle gear to combat it head on and help as many people who will listen, to realize the truth.
    2Cor.6:7 “By the word of truth, by the power of God, by the armor of righteousness on the right hand and on the left,” (read all of chps 6 & 7.) we conquer.
    Eph. 6:11 “Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.”
    1Thes. 5:8 “But let us, who are of the day, be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love; and for an helmet, the hope of salvation.”
    Young people especially, think they have the time to sample the world and its attractions, yet in the scope of eternity there is NO time. Things ARE intensifying rapidly. Deception is rampant, chaos is here and destruction is close behind. The time is NOW to make a choice of where your loyalties lies. Make the choice for truth, the truth of the Bible, to be spiritually incline and let in the Spirit of Christ into your life. He will open your eyes, will guide you, protect you. He loves you! He is the only One who can free us from this madness, give us the peace and fortitude to fight the good fight with malice towards none. He is the only way to the Father. Soon we all will face the judgment seat..are YOU ready..?..
    It all begins with a humble prayer, and sincere repentance. Eternity is calling, please heed the call.
    Be right with God and fellowman. Seek God’s face with all your heart and soul every day and turn away from sin, from rebellion. One day at a time, keep in mind what would Jesus do.. Jesus is our example, follow Him. The power of the gospel IS Jesus Christ! Stay within His grace! The powers of hell cannot penetrate Christ’s church (the temple of God is in our hearts and mind [in us]), no weapons form against us can prosper. Believe it!. ‘NOW is the day of salvation!’ Jesus IS coming…
    The acceptance or rejection of the Creator of the Universal is at hand…choose wisely…who you serve..for it leads to eternal life or death. And the choice is ours to make, it’s personal and individual. All that’s happening will come/is coming to its climax/conclusion and God’s will WILL be done. Jesus will be here shortly, are you ready to meet Him..?..
    God bless. Maranatha!

    Thanks again, Gordon. My prayers are with you my friend, for your health and well being. God bless.

    • Thank you SweetJava!

      Very nicely stated and all true! You should be writing your own blog for the Lord!

      I appreciate your prayers, and I am praying for you as well my friend! God Bless!


      • Thank you Gordon, sweet of you to say. Funny how God guides our steps to maturity. You have been an inspiration to me and even though we disagree in a couple issues, we respect one another’s stance. Time will tell soon enough, our main goal is having faith in Christ our Lord and spreading His message of love.

        I do get carried away in my replies, and thank you for posting them. I apologize if you’ve gotten any slack for any of them.
        I wouldn’t know where to begin in your suggestion. Besides I would just blog your posts. LOL
        I will give it some thought and look into it, my friend.

        I too appreciate your prayers. Always in the Lord,

      • Thanks SweetJava!

        I have not gotten any slack from your comments, on the contrary, just the opposite. Either way, the good Lord will use your comments as an inspiration and blessing to others!

        God bless!

  6. Encouraging of you to say G. Thank you.
    YOU are an inspirational speaker and pray nothing but the best for you! God bless.

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