Christians, Role Models to the World!

Jesus on the cross copy

Commentary By:  Gordon King

As Christians we are role models to the world.  We should live the best that we can according to the word of God.  The world is watching us, what we do, how we dress, and how we act and respond.  They see us as ambassadors of God Almighty, and that is what we are!  We are to shine a light into the world, into the darkness, and spread the love of God.

By the same token, the world places too much emphasis on Christians, when they should be looking to God!  They believe that all Christians should be perfect and that we should never sin.  This is impossible, all will sin at times, yes even Christians, however we should not be living a sinful lifestyle.  However when the world sees Christians sin, then they take it and run with it!  They throw it in the face of believers and tell them that they are hateful hypocrites, this is how it is.

And then there are those who claim to be Christians, yet they never knew Christ!  They give Christianity a bad name.

I know of people who are not Christians, yet they say that they attended church for many years.  They say that they became turned off to Christianity because of the way Christians behaved.  They say that if this is how Christians act, then God can’t be real.

The very sad thing is that most people of the world believe this way, they look to the person and not to the Savior!  They cannot see God, only what is standing right in front of their face.  Their eyes are veiled to the things of heaven, and they do not understand believers ways, we are a peculiar people.

It’s very difficult being a believer and trying to share with the world the God of the universe when they cannot see Him or understand His ways.  I know that for myself, I see things much differently than the world does, I understand the things of God, things which are alien to them.  Trying to describe these things to them is like trying to describe them to a brick wall most of the time.

Breaking through to the lost takes time, and it takes patience, it also takes the work of the Holy Spirit to soften their hearts and open their eyes.  It is then and only then that the lost can begin to see God and who He truly is.

I often write about the sins of the world, death, hell, and heaven.  Most things that most of the people in the world don’t want to hear about, you can see that by reading many of the comments I receive!  Many of these people think that I am going out into the world and telling everyone I meet that they are sinning, that I am condemning them, and that I am making judgments about them, when this couldn’t be further from the truth.  I write about these things on this site, I speak to those who are willing to listen with an open ear, yet I do not push it on people who do not want to hear it, and I condemn no one.  I don’t tell people to come to this site, they come of their own accord, yet they condemn me for speaking the truth of God’s word.

Speaking to those with a hardened heart about the word of God is futile.  They are like ravenous dogs waiting to devour.  We must wait with patience until the right time, with prayer and supplication.

This is a Christian website, and I will  continue to teach the word of God, whether or not people are offended by it!  If they don’t want to hear it then they don’t have to come here and read it.  When a person comes to visit this site, then they should know from the beginning that this site contains messages from the word of God.

God loves everyone, but He hates sin!  God is holy, righteous, and pure, He is perfect in every way!  This is the message that I convey, that the sin in the world is wrong, and that God hates it, not the person.  That there is a better way, a way which leads to eternal life, Jesus Christ!  That without God we are destined for eternal hell!

When the truth is spoken, many do not want to hear it, many get angered, and many will be offended.  However, the times we are living in are becoming darker very quickly, and we all need to know what is soon approaching and coming upon us.  Those not willing to hear will turn a blind eye, those attached to this world will bury their heads deep into the sand.

God is good and his ways are pure and just.  It is not up to us to determine the will of God, but for God to instill within us His will.  We can and should follow His will, we should love those of the world, yet stand firm in our faith and beliefs.  It’s not going to get any easier, only more difficult.  Yet, with God on our side we can do all things!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!


7 thoughts on “Christians, Role Models to the World!

  1. Gordon..truth is truth and people who are blind will be offended. I have a friend who, the same as u, speaks truth on her page, however I have told her the way she writes, she writes in a condemning way, that even if get offended and it’s not directed toward me. I tell her this… GRACE…you Gordon write with grace and with love..your words are that of being concerned for those who are blind or don’t know the truth. Keep it up brother!! 😊❤☝👍👏

    • Thank you Andi! I appreciate hearing that!

      I always try to write in a loving way, however it’s not always so easy with what I have to share. The truth can sometimes sound harsh, but it is still the truth and we all need the truth.

      God bless!

  2. I am not sure if you heard of an event happening in Washington called Together 2016 next month event the pope is going to speak and the speakers that have been invited I feel have been tricked in attending. This event will have all faiths and denominations.

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