Love and the Supernatural!

1 God is Love end time bible prophecy

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Love, just what is it?  Scripture tells us that God is love, love in its truest form, holy and pure, without blemish, supernatural love.

We often hear the word love, we hear people say I love you, and many people use the word loosely in order to get something that they desire.  We also hear the word often used to describe a person’s feelings towards someone or some thing, such as I love pizza or I loved that movie.

I suggest to you that the word love has varying levels of meaning and truth. 

A mother’s love for her child is as close to the love of God that a person could have.  It is human love in its purest state.  It is unconditional, never-ending, and cannot be broken in most circumstances.

The love of a spouse is also true love, yet it is not always so pure, and most definitely is not unconditional as we see so many marriages ending in divorce.

There is also a false love, used as a cover to hide the truth.  This is a deceiving love, a lie, and used by Satan and his demons.  It is a guise, purported to project something which is not true in order to deceive, in order to use and distort.  We often hear of men who tell women that they love them in order to have sex with them, this is very common.  We also hear of some religions saying that they love, yet their actions speak louder than words, as they demonstrate their true identity by hating, killing, and torturing other human beings!

The love of God is supernatural, it is not of this world, nor can we compare it to anything in this world.  There is a dimension, a supernatural realm in which love exists in its truest form.  This is a true reality, more real than the world we now live in, and that place is heaven.  Do not be deceived into believing that this world is all that there is, that nothing exists beyond our physical existence, it’s simply not true!

There is also a reality which is void of any and all true forms of love, and that place is hell!  It exists as a place where those not placing their faith in Jesus Christ will spend eternity.  God is love, and without Him there is no love.  God does not live in hell, nor is there love in hell.  It is void of anything God is, which is love.

People often say that heaven and hell cannot be true or real, that they do not conform to the laws of nature.  Well, of course they don’t, they are supernatural places, just as God is supernatural! 

Just as Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were thrown into a fiery furnace by Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, yet they suffered no harm.  The laws of this world tell us that they should have been incinerated, yet God intervened and protected them, not a hair on their heads were burned!  This my friends is the supernatural power of God Almighty.  Just as Moses parting the Red Sea, or Jesus raising the dead, it’s unnatural, it’s supernatural. 

This is love in its purest form, the love of God, God Himself!  In this life, on this planet we call earth, we see variations of love, love which is tainted with sin, love which as been watered down and even has no sense of the word at all!

When we get to heaven, then we will know true love, we will be immersed with the presence of God Himself.  We will be filled with true, pure love, a love that knows no limits, that has no end, and that is overwhelming!

I wish that I had the ability to write down just what the supernatural is like, to give you the sense of just how real it is.  I don’t know it all, nor have I seen or experienced it all, yet I have experienced it to some extent, and I know that it is real.  I have had the experience of leaving my body, of being filled with God’s overwhelming love, and of being healed of illness supernaturally.  These things are real, they will happen, and when they do then you will know just how much you don’t know.

Love, it is who God is, it is what we should be aspiring to obtain and conform to, not a worldly love, but a supernatural love, the love of God!

Love one another, encourage one another, and know that God is within you!  His love is never-ending, that means it lasts forever.

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!


6 thoughts on “Love and the Supernatural!

  1. Thank you Gordon,
    God’s love is beyond my imagination for it’s purity and at the same time it’s complexity. I think sometimes when I observe the love of a really caring, protective and by human standards ‘good’ father to a young and vulnerable child it gives me just a glimpse of His love yet it is also so much much more than that because often it is a tough love too and I do not always understand why He allows suffering to come to those that believe and love Him but then I remember His promises and know that in the end all will be well and all manner of things will be well for those that trust in Him even though they must share in suffering whilst living in this world.

    I pray we who are watching and waiting will recognise the signs all around us now and will be prepared, truly set apart, all lifting up our heads together and looking for His return perfectly ready to be caught up off this Earth without a backward glance for all that must be left behind. I pray all those known to The Lord will be accounted as worthy to escape the worst time on Earth known to mankind.


    • Thanks Christine!

      I think that most people in general wonder why and how God would let people that He loves suffer. But, God knows us much better than we know ourselves. He knows what we think, how we feel, what we will do and not do, and what will happen if we do or don’t do certain things in life. He also knows what is best for us in order to conform us to His will and likeness. Unfortunately sometimes that includes our suffering.

      What helps me through difficult times is knowing that God is using this situation to make me more like Him, and that by suffering I am closer to God. I know you understand this, but there are many people, even believers who don’t. We don’t like suffering, I’m not sure if anyone does, but it really does help if we understand why God is allowing this to happen. And it is even more difficult if the suffering lasts for a very long time, even a lifetime. But I know that God is using it for His will and for our good.

      God bless Christine! You are in my prayers sister.


  2. Thank you Gordon,
    I agree The Lord our God knows us better than we know ourself. He knows what is needed to transform refine and purify into His likeness and bring about our total submission to Him. I know when I was young I felt invincible independent and I believed with hard work that I would be able to supply all my own needs. Through the years I have learn’t that I am weak but He is strong that I can do no good thing apart from Him and that I am dependent upon Him for His grace and mercy and His provision to protect deliver and meet all my needs everyday. Without trials , afflictions, sufferings and many failings I may not have become enlightened to the truth about my sinful and hopelessly lost condition apart from Him. So now by agreeing with Him, keeping short accounts leading to repentance and resting In Him alone I have found the true Sabbath rest…. no longer working to be good enough just resting in His sufficiency, His finished work. I trust Him even though I don’t always understand what He is doing until He has done it, then looking back can see so clearly how He brought things to a good conclusion.

    Thank you for your prayers I appreciate them so very much!

    God bless you always!

    • Thanks Christine, and you are most welcome!

      It seems as though when we are young in age, then we think that we are almost immortal, that we can do anything on our own and of our own accord. Yet as we age and grow older, it is then that we see just how much we really need God! At least that is how it is for me, and it sounds the same for you as well. The more that I learn about God, the closer that I get to God, then I become more aware of just how much more that I have to learn, and so much more growing to do. I believe that is called “wisdom”.

      God is good, and through our sufferings and afflictions, we strengthen our faith, build our character, and become more Christ like! With each adverse situation we take another step in the sanctification process, being made holy through the blood of our Savior. Not that it is by anything we do, but is being done on our behalf by the Holy Spirit. This is my belief and what I see God doing in my own life.

      None of us are good enough, none of us come close to being good enough for salvation, mercy, or God’s forgiveness. Yet, He does it all for us because He loves us!

      Take care Christine, you and yours!

      God bless! Maranatha!

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