Islamic State calls for attacks on the West during Ramadan in audio message

Islamic State calling for killings in America and Europe during Ramadan

(SOURCE)   A new message purporting to come from the spokesman of Islamic State calls on followers to launch attacks on the United States and Europe during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, which begins in early June.

“Ramadan, the month of conquest and jihad. Get prepared, be ready … to make it a month of calamity everywhere for the non-believers … especially for the fighters and supporters of the caliphate in Europe and America,” said the message, suggesting attacks on military and civilian targets.

The authenticity of the audio clip, purporting to be from Abu Muhammad al-Adnani and distributed on Saturday by Twitter accounts that usually publish Islamic State statements, could not be verified.

“The smallest action you do in their heartland is better and more enduring to us than what you would if you were with us. If one of you hoped to reach the Islamic State, we wish we were in your place to punish the Crusaders day and night,” Adnani said.

The militant group, which seeks to establish a caliphate across the Middle East and beyond, has claimed deadly attacks over the past year on civilians in France, Belgium and the United States.

But the message made no mention of the EgyptAir flight that crashed into the Mediterranean on Thursday in unexplained circumstances, amid speculation by Egyptian, French and American officials that a jihadist attack was the most likely cause.

A U.S.-led coalition, which also includes European and Arab countries, launched a campaign of air strikes against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria in 2014 after the militants seized vast swathes of territory in those countries.

“Their planes do not distinguish between civilians and combatants, man or woman,” the message continued, in apparent reference to the strikes.

(Reporting by Maher Chmaytelli and Stephen Kalin and Ali Abdelaty in Cairo; Editing by Kevin Liffey)


4 thoughts on “Islamic State calls for attacks on the West during Ramadan in audio message

  1. They know no other way but violence…tell me where is the peace they claim they have..?..
    God, at least the God I believe, abhors violence. He doesn’t advocate death and destruction but love; love thy neighbor, be quick to forgive, be at peace with your brother, for all humanity.

    Ramadan has been confiscated by these radicals. (goggle the word and you’ll find)
    Its a month long feast to every Muslim worldwide, a month of inner reflections, a time to purify the soul, practice self-discipline and refocus attention on God, the Creator. The daylight hours are in complete fast, abstaining from food, drink and other physical needs, days of charity to those who are in need. They are to make peace with those who have wronged them, strengthen ties with families and friends, do away with bad habits. The Arabic word for “fasting” (sawn) literally means “to refrain”, meaning not only refraining from food and drink but from evil action, thoughts and words. A time to give thanks to the Creator and reaffirm the commitment to helping others in need, not a gathering for war. ?How holy is this holiday if it’s not practice in life..?.. (I’m not implying all Muslims donot adhere, but the bad ones who does not, give a bad rap to those who do.)

    Evil has penetrated this group in such a way they have forgotten what the holiday really means.. If more people would practice God’s principals it would certainly be a different world. God help us all.
    Come Lord Jesus, come! and straighten their erroneous way of thinking that creating war will bring about a state of things in which everything is perfect. And help us all to reflect on Your goodness. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.
    Only through the love of our Lord is this possible not through man made efforts and certainly not through war.

    • Thanks for your comments SweetJava!

      Sort of funny you just wrote this, I just wrote a post on ISIS, and if we should fight back or not. I believe that we should, sounds like you disagree. I don’t like war anymore than you do, but at times it is necessary, such as now. There are many times in the old testament where God instructed the Jews to fight. And as far as I know, God never changes, we do!

      The thing about Islam is that they do not worship the same God that we do, they worship Allah, so they do not have the same principles that we do. In fact, the Quran tells them to fight and kill Christians and Jews.

      God bless SweetJava! Maranatha!

      • I don’t disagree with you Gordon.
        These individuals who take someone’s life for the sake of a disagreement in theology, opinion or any reason other then self defense is wrong. Their hearts are harden when they do not value life. This is persecution.
        I’m talking about murder, murder of the innocent, murder for the sake of killing, murder without the slightest hesitation or conscious their committing a crime or doing anything wrong, murder is what it’s called. We have our own share of murders in this country, but they take it to the next level. They could careless if it’s their holy holiday or not. In fact their taking advantage of it. I wondered what kind of holiday allows this, so I looked it up, to my surprised in reading the meaning of what it stood for. It was what I think fasting is: an inner reflection of self and our relationship with our Creator, a time to stop the nonsense and get on with the Lord’s business of loving your brother. A moment of peace and prayer, supplication, an entreating. Because of this, I couldn’t understand why they were inciting malice during it. Where in the past everything would stop. My only conclusion was/is they don’t care. They’re so wrapped up in their hatred to even use their children and wives. Its incredible this god of war they worship. And yes sometimes it’s necessary to war to stop the madness from spreading, when all other avenues have been exhausted. When innocent lives are at sake.

        I also agree with you, the Old Testament had its own struggles in which God instructed man to fight back, kill and why..? because evil had manifested to such a extent it had to be eliminated: the corruption, the immorality, the wickedness, the disregard for God, and what He stands for, before it spread. Evil is evil in its ugliest form. It’s the total opposite of love, especially God and our neighbor. It causes nothing but death and destruction. I can’t understand this is preferable, other than an evil spirit has taken over their person.
        It’s a cosmic war that happen in heaven and has manifested on earth, thanks to the adversary and his minions. They’re responsible for the impurity, responsible in teaching man weaponry and the like; they were responsible for the sexual impurities, including mating with earthly women and producing giants. Every sexual perversion, every manipulation with mixing the blood lines (dna), why? so the one who was to ‘bruise the head of the serpent’ could not come. Every evil imaginable was happening on planet earth, that God was sadden by it, He destroyed creation with the flood. God’s plan was interrupted by a rebellious angel whose jealousy got the better of him. People wonder why/how God could destroy children and women then, because they were pure evil, death and destruction is all they knew; they defiled their bodies, their minds, their spirit. Even the giants became cannibals for lack of enough food to feed them. Archaeologist/scientist have verified this. Don’t take my word for it, do some researching on your own, compare it to Scripture (esp. Gen.6), read the book of Enoch (in which some of the Apostles mention/reference him). The corruption of the human race was not God’s intent, but the one who wants His seat and our demise. That’s the cost of ‘free will’, everyone has a choice. God did not want robots but thinking individuals. Until the rebellion in heaven and the fall on earth happen. It has to run its coarse so the universe (us included) will know and understand what Lucifer’s plan entails and God is justified in the eyes of all creation.

        Sorry Gordon, went a bit deep—

        History is repeating itself…as in the days of Noah…We need to be aware of true biblical history, need to be prepare, “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual host of wickedness in heavenly places.’ (Eph.6:12). ‘…there is nothing new under the sun’ (Ecc.1:9). Vital to be in God’s grace, for things are going to get progressively worst, darkness is covering the earth, before our Lord’s advent. We are in the world but not part of the things that are not good for us physically, mentally and spiritually. The adversary paints a nice picture but its all lies, a trap that leads to eternal death. There is power in the name of Jesus, then in any other name! Believe also in Him. He came for the purpose of redirecting people’s thinking back to the Father. God doesn’t change, He’s the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. We must change for He wants the very best for us. Our constant rebellion has gotten us in this pickle. But He has a remnant that needs to stand for Him in this fallen world.

        “[Everything Has It’s Time] To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven: … (even) A time to kill, and A time to heal; A time to break down and A time to build up; …(Ecc.3). God is ultimately in control! One must know their own boundaries of what’s right and wrong. Asking the Lord for guidance to do the right thing, especially in situations that warrant assistance; being a good Samaritan even at the cost of one’s life. In the end, everyone will get their just deserve. God see the heart of each one of us, whether your intentions are good or not. Who stands with Him and His principals and those who do not. Judgment is coming to both the sons of God (angels) and to all children of God including those who choose not to be.
        Pray and keep praying, a group of sincere prayers can change the coarse, reverse judgment or keep it at bay a little longer. Miracles do happen!
        Pray especially for our military, God only knows the horrors they’ve seen in protecting the innocent and our country. Let’s get involve and thank a veteran. Let’s petition our government to see and take action on the atrocities being committed, let’s elect individuals who can make a real change for the sanctity of life. Every life is precious in the eyes of God. Repentance is the key in beginning a relationship with Him. Therefore let’s also pray to a loving Father to give us all the wisdom needed to know the enemy, for the strength and fortitude to do what’s right, do what’s needed and our hearts ready to face Him. For HE IS COMING.
        He’s not going to condemn us for defending ourselves and our loved ones if our hearts are in the right place.
        God bless us all. Maranatha!

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