Our days are numbered! Seek the truth.

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Commentary By:  Gordon King

Time is short my friends, we don’t have much of it!  Our life is like a wisp of wind in the never-ending realm of eternity.  Like the sand in an hour-glass, so goes the days of our lives!  You may have heard that before, and if not then I am dating myself (Ha! Ha!).

But seriously, just how much time do we really have?  When you are a young child it seems as though your life will last forever, yet as we get older we see that we don’t have as much as we used to think that we did.  And when we reach an old age, then we really see the reality that life is short, and that it goes by so very quickly!

This is the same as the world, they do not see the reality of God, or the things of God.  It is not until they are born-again that they can see reality for what it is.  And when we as believers mature in Christ, we can see God, eternity, and the spiritual world more clearly.  It just all seems to make more sense to us as we grow in the Lord.

Unfortunately there are many who will never know the Lord, nor will they know the reality of eternity until it is too late!  They are stuck in time, not seeing the reality of our existence, not knowing the truth of just why we are here on earth.

As believers, we need to use our time wisely, invest into the kingdom of God, and shine our light out into a dark world.  Then those in the world may see, they may come to the conclusion that our time is short, and that there is much more to this life then being here merely by chance. 

The light of God, used to shine a bright light into the darkness, in order to spread the glory of God, to overcome the darkness!  Go out into the world and shine the light of God, not being conformed to this world, but being transformed by the word of God.  Not practicing sin as a lifestyle, but being continually cleansed by the blood of the Lamb!

Transformation, justification, sanctification, being made new and more Christ-like.  Thinking like God, being like God not a god ourselves.  These are the things of the true believer.  These are the things which show us that we are in fact saved, born-again!  Bearing the fruit of the spirit, battling against the flesh, and putting on the armor of God.

Time is short, we don’t have much of it, and maybe even less than we think we do.  Go out into the world and make the best use of it.  Live for God, work for God, do it for His glory!

And if you are not a believer in Jesus Christ, then I strongly urge you to take a deep look inside of yourself.  Ask yourself if you have ever sinned.  Ask yourself if you have ever broken one of the Ten Commandments.  We cannot be saved by keeping the law, only by accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior, only by believing and placing our faith and trust in Him!  It is by nothing that we could ever do, nor by any works, only by the grace of God, as a gift, a free gift of love.

If you are not sure if the bible is true, then study it, research it, and do it with an open mind and a serious effort.  The bible does prove itself to be true, and history proves it to be true as well.  Do the scriptures of the Old Testament say that there will be a Savior of the world?  Do they make claims about Him, written hundreds and even thousands of years before His birth?  Did they come true?  Did they all come true?  I tell you they did!  Over three hundred of them.  All with 100% accuracy!  The bible does prove itself to be true, research it for yourself.

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

8 thoughts on “Our days are numbered! Seek the truth.

  1. I feel that Christ return is near than we think, I seem to feel it it more and more.

  2. Hi Mr Gordon I ave a question when I was seventh I was baptise in a Sunday church other day I went to a crusade an they were baptising person so I was in a situation an I accept the lord there I as relief an felt good inside but now I Dont want to attend that church I love the praise an worship an praying an calling on god name so wat do u think did I do something wrong cause these people where I got baptise they Dont want me to attend no other church

  3. Kadine, praise God for your salvation! That is the most important thing.

    If you don’t want to attend that church then don’t, that’s my opinion. We should not be forced or pressured into attending a church that we don’t want to go to.

    I am a little confused as to why you think you did something wrong if they don’t want you to leave?

    It doesn’t matter where we attend church, as long as they preach the truth according to God’s word and uphold the principles and values of God. Our relationship with the Lord is the most important thing of all after being saved. What is also important is to be around believers who are true Christians, who worship and praise God in truth and out of love.

    I suggest that you pray about it, bring it to the Lord, ask Him what His will is for you. Listen to God and follow His lead.

    God bless Kadine! Maranatha!

  4. Time is moving forward… The battle we’re in is a belief system of whose God is right.
    Either you believe in the Creator of the Universe and His righteousness or the world and all its (self-centered) distractions. One leads you to love, life and all its abundance, the other is temporary, leading to emptiness, despair and death. God has been over complicated by man, and the different ideologies of religion. His simplicity is found in the Holy Scriptures, where He shows us what He has provided in the past and what He is providing for us now and in the not too distance future as we head toward the Kingdom of God.
    By looking at the past we see ourselves repeating the rebellious nature of ancient times far worst then Noah’s time, then Sodom & Gomorrah, etc. There is a movement to turn back to the ancient arts, to welcome the return of other gods, who are deceiving spirits behind it all. We see ourselves spiritually divided into camps. Yet the sacrifice of Jesus Christ liberated us from this, if one just turns to His saving grace and trust, believe in His word. Through repentance we engage in having a personal relationship with our Creator, we can begin to build the bridge, that Jesus’ resurrection gave us.

    God is outside space and time and still His Spirit is all around us. He has not left us to fend for ourselves. He’s very much in the affairs of men. And like the Archangel has given us ‘free will’ to determine for ourselves who we prefer to follow. The adversary has us locked in time, (where once there was no time [in Eden]) and keeps us in bondage with distractions that lead us away from the Creator. Jesus came to unlock us from this spiritual darkness, spiritual prison, through faith in Him. We need to come out of the kingdom of darkness and into the light, focusing on God and His kingdom. Time is shorter then we last thought and we need to be on the right side of righteousness. Man was allotted 6000 years and time is running out, things are coming to its conclusion. God’s Kingdom is waiting for those who want to be part of it.

    Being a Christian is not a one day religion but a life’s journey. The need to be constantly focus on ‘what would Jesus do’ in every aspect of our life, in every situations is crucial now more then ever. Through our attitudes and actions, (which speaks louder then words), and the help of His Holy Spirit living in us upon repentance and accepting truth, we play a role in changing people’s thinking that hopefully leads to dialog of our faith. Staying true to His commandments, principals and statutes, not man’s ideas of what they are. Worship Him, the giver of life. “…lo I am with you always even to the end of the age.” Amen! (Matt. 28:20)
    The Lord gave us a conscience to discern right from wrong — choose wisely.
    God bless us all. Maranatha!

    Thank you Gordon. I wanted to write a line or two but the Holy Spirit carried me a bit further… 🙂
    Thank you for allowing me to.

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