Increasing Sin in the World!

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Commentary By:  Gordon King

I don’t know about you, but I sense things getting much worse in the world today.  People are becoming much more brazen in their actions, words, and thoughts.  Evil acts and deeds are becoming a common daily activity for many people.

So just what gives?  Why does there seem to be a drastic increase in crime and violence?  I believe that it is the increase in demonic activity, both in this realm and beyond, in another dimension, a dimension which is separated by a thin veil.  This veil has been torn apart, gates have been opened, and what lies on the other side is manifesting into our physical world.

Demonic activity is not only present, it is thriving!  The peace that the world once knew is gone, and what awaits the world is from a deep, dark place, the pit of hell!

You may not believe me, you may think that I have gone overboard.  Well then, take a look around you, watch the news reports each and everyday, what do you see?  Don’t just look at the news from your own community, look at it from communities across the nation, from across the world!  Increased heinous and abominable evil and violence everywhere.

Matthew 24:9-12

“Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake. 10 And then many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another. 11 Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many. 12 And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.

Also notice the increased persecution of Christians and Jews, not only in the Middle East, but also now in the West!  Secular people taking a stand for ungodly principles and values, rebelling against the LORD of the universe.  Upholding what is an abomination to God, while they push God aside and blaspheme His holy name!  Irreverent talk of what God stands for and who He is.

2 Peter 3:3

knowing this first: that scoffers will come in the last days, walking according to their own lusts

Mocking and scoffing the LORD of creation seems to be a daily event which the world looks to in order to pass the time, in order to justify their actions and rationalize their way of life.  They deem their “good acts” as righteous, yet we are told that our “good works” are as filthy rags in the eyes of God!  They are only found worthy and righteous once a person is saved, without salvation all is lost.

Romans 3:23

for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,”

What most of the world doesn’t realize is that we are all sinners!  That all of us have fallen short, and that not one of us is found worthy of salvation.  That we are born into sin, and that we need a Savior in order to get to heaven, to have eternal life, and to keep us from eternal destruction!

Isaiah 64:6

But we are all like an unclean thing,  And all our righteousnesses are like filthy rags;  We all fade as a leaf,  And our iniquities, like the wind,  Have taken us away.”

The world needs to realize that without God, everything is sin!  There are no “good works”, only filthy rags.  What the secular world needs to know is that without God there is no hope.  Our life on this planet is a short one, life passes us by rather quickly, ask any 90-year-old, they will tell you the same thing! 

The truth is that we do go on after death, either in heaven with God, or in hell without Him!  And many will say that if there were a God, then there would be no pain and suffering in the world.  Yet, what they fail to understand is that sin was brought into this world by the fall of man, and ever since man has had a sinful heart.  It’s not God who does these evil and wicked acts, that my friends comes from Satan, and of course sinful humans!  God can do no wrong, nor can He do any evil acts, He can only do good! 

Some people in the world think that they have it all figured out, that they have God all figured out as well.  But I tell you, the God who created the universe is much more than we could ever imagine, much greater than our finite minds could ever comprehend.  Most of us can barely keep up with technology, how in the world do we think that we can figure out the complexities and mysteries of God?!

1 Timothy 1:1

“Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ, by the commandment of God our Savior and the Lord Jesus Christ, our hope,

There is a bright side, there is hope for the future, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  We can be assured of eternal life, of salvation, of living on forever with the God of the universe!  If we choose to believe, if we place our life and faith in Jesus Christ, then we have hope.  Ours is not to question God, the One who created us all, the One who created life itself and the entire universe.  Ours is to believe, to love our Creator, to give Him thanks in all things, to worship and adore Him!

If you don’t yet know God, then most likely you will not have a clue to what I am talking about.  If you have never experienced the goodness and grace of God, then it will be difficult for you to understand.  If Jesus Christ is not yet your Lord and Savior, then you have not experienced God’s forgiveness and salvation!  You don’t know what it feels like to be filled with the Holy Spirit, nor do you know the blessings which God can bestow upon us. 

If you have a hardened heart and blinded eyes, then you will not have a clue as to what I mean when I say: “There is but one way to be forgiven, one way to eternal life, one hope, one salvation, and that is by placing your faith in Jesus Christ!”

John 14:6

‘And Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through Me.” ‘

Whatever you choose to believe, whatever decisions you make, they will affect your eternal destination, think about that!  Just take one moment to consider that what I have said is the truth.  You know, the truth is the truth, no matter what you believe.  If what I am telling you is the truth, then your eternity depends upon it, therefore you should make the right decision.

Father in heaven, hear my prayers, let it be known to all who have hardened hearts and blinded eyes, to all those who have turned away from You, that You are the one and only true God of the universe.  Soften their hearts and remove the scales from their eyes.  I pray that You give them all visions and dreams of the truth, that Jesus Christ is LORD of all, and that He is the only way to eternal life!  Lead them and guide them into making the most important decision of their life, accepting Your Son, Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  Amen.

Accept Jesus Christ now as your personal Lord and Savior!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

7 thoughts on “Increasing Sin in the World!

  1. Well said Gordon.
    I agree, the world is blinded because of the rebellious nature towards truth, people can’t seem to grasp what truth is anymore… Evil is good, good is evil, everything is twisted and upside down. The truth seems to intimidate people, they prefer an ‘anything goes’ society other then the truth of what those actions might entail. Not really knowing that this bring servitude and enslavement; chaos and destruction down the line. And aren’t we seeing just that..?..
    The conditioning in every form, from the degradation of the schools curriculum to the church’s sermons and everything in between has sealed this new reality we find ourselves in. I’m amazed at the ‘no one seems to care’ attitude. People can’t seem to grasp what’s in front of their faces, let alone biblical truths… Everything is programmed… And the few that think outside the bubble of confusion are ridiculed and laughed at. Go figure…
    The sad part of it, (as you have mentioned in other comments,) is the lies will only intensify and get worse. Unless one has the gumption to get into the straight and narrow road of salvation. The truth is in the end there is only two paths one can take, either you’re with our Heavenly Father and believe in the Gospel or your on the opposite side and do not. There’s no gray area. One leads to life, the other to death, eternally. The choice is freely given, individual and personal.
    There is responsibilities that goes along with accepting one or the other. It’s not just us humans in this world we live in, but other entities at play here, that want our human demised any which way. We must be astute in knowing this truth and in believing the gospel of Jesus Christ, we are given protection to overcome the ugliness of it all by faith.

    Keep the faith.
    Amen. to your prayer.
    God bless. Come Lord Jesus, come!

  2. While looking at our nation’s population and agenda’s, I’m predicting that Lesbianism and homosexuality will in a very short time explode onto the public scene including being accepted into mainline churches like never before. When 4 yr olds in kindergarden have the right to tell the schools which bathroom they feel like using for the day then the nation is on the fast track to an unimaginable moral hell. When once biblical churches tell their congregation that they never have to worry about their sexual orientation because they will not be judged, then we are under the judgment of God.

    Yours truly, Ethin

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