Persecution and Censorship in the West!

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Commentary By:  Gordon King

When push comes to shove, government officials declare that Christianity is obtrusive and offensive, claiming that those practicing the faith will face fines and punishment!  This is true around the world, and even here in America.

Christian bakers, those hosting weddings, and many churches and pastors have been the victims of such persecution from the government and the secular world.  Many have faced paying exorbitant fines, and have lost their jobs and businesses.

Just how far off are we from seeing government officials telling pastors, churches, and those practicing Christianity, what we can say and can’t say?  How long before Christians in America and the West are told that if we speak out against immoral values, then we will face fines, punishment, and imprisonment?

If Christians stand firm in their faith, if we follow the teachings of Jesus and scripture, then we must hold on to what God has told us to be the truth.  And when the world views Christians as being hateful and intolerant, then what follows suit is the persecution of believers!

If the government can and will persecute Christians for not supporting gay marriage, for not taking part in their sinful lifestyle, then just how much longer before they tell us that we cannot even speak the truth regarding the sin in the world?

We are soon headed for the censorship of the church, for the censorship of believers not only in the world, but in America and the West!  Censorship in worship, censorship on the internet, and even censorship among fellow believers.

I sense it coming my friends!  When a person of faith in Jesus Christ is not allowed to say that gay marriage is immoral and an abomination to God.  When we tell the world that God has set a standard for us to live by.  That not all things are good things, and that we should follow the laws of God!  When we continue to say that abortion is wrong and is murder of the unborn, when we say that sexual relations outside of marriage is fornication, and that it and adultery are sins.  When we continue to spread the news that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven, and that He is the only true God of the universe!

When believers spread the good news, we will be persecuted for it.  This is coming, and it is already present in our military, thanks to Michael L. Weinstein!

Whatever happens, whatever comes, and it is coming, then know that following Christ and His teachings is the right thing to do!  Know that we will be persecuted for our faith and beliefs in Jesus Christ. 

Hold fast to the truth, stand firm in your faith, and let the courage and strength of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ shine in and through your life!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

5 thoughts on “Persecution and Censorship in the West!

  1. Yes Gordon I agree and this is very evident in the United Kingdom a so called Christian Nation that has invited other teachings contrary to The Word of God across the threshold and in the name of Diversity and Human rights are forming a god in their own image a god that is so wishy washy he tolerates sin without any repentance disregards Biblical Scriptures as non relevant for modern man and in the name of tolerance accepts without correction all manner of false beliefs and idolatry even though the very acceptance of those false teachings are a mockery of The Gospel Message and an outrageous denial of Jesus Christ who gave His perfect life for the salvation of mankind and proclaimed He Is The Way The Truth and The Life …… surely if another way was possible He would have saved Himself the suffering and the indignity of Crucifixion! What an insult to our beloved Saviour our Lord God Jesus Christ! Who will stand up for His rights to be worshiped as He should be in Spirit and in Truth? I pray to God that we who are His will be Bold filled with His Holy Spirit and stand for Him and not fear what mere man will do to us! I know it is not within our power but when we are weak then He is strong and by His Grace He will strengthen us to stand firm we must all call upon Him so that we will not deny Him because left to ourselves we would do so in our own strength just as Peter did. We as The Body of Christ all need to be full of The Holy Spirit in these difficult times so we will be bold and fearless and willing to die for what we believe just as the Disciples did after they were filled with The Holy Spirit .,,,, they were transformed, no more running away even though it meant persecution and eventually dying Martyrs deaths for all but one of them!

    My prayer for us all who believe:-

    Prepare us dear Lord with Your Holy Spirit for whatever may come upon us during these times so that we who are Yours will all stand firm and be bold in our witness for You. Please complete your preparation in us and make us Your Bride beautiful for You Lord without a spot blemish or wrinkle, fully prepared all dressed, ready and waiting for you our Bridegroom to return for us! Come Lord Jesus!

    God bless you Gordon! Maranatha!

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    The time is coming people where we be criticized for our faith.’s already here God has been taken out of our schools, army, boy scouts etc etc. .Hold fast Children of God stand firm in your faith. ..Jesus is coming soon. ..God Bless us all Maranatha Speed The Day

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