Fear not the world!

Rebellion Against God

Commentary By:  Gordon King

The world is rapidly changing as time goes by, and it’s as if all were normal, like business as usual.  More often than not, when we find ourselves in the middle of a situation then we cannot really see what is happening all around us.  Things become muddied and unclear.  We need to take a step back, out of the mix, before we can really see what is happening, before things begin to clear up and make any real sense.

And this is where we now find ourselves in the world today, in the middle of a big mess, in the middle of much chaos, confusion, and crisis.  Yet for some strange reason it just all seems to flow together, and not too many people are alarmed or seemed overly concerned about it.  Just as a frog boils to death in a pot of water which is gradually heated until finally its too late!  He doesn’t realize that the water is getting hotter, until the point of no return!

We all need to be aware of the world around us, aware of what is happening and where it is all leading to.  What will be the final destination at the end of this madness?

I recently heard that ISIS has destroyed the Temple of Baal in Syria, and that replicas of these temples are going to be rebuilt in New York City and in London!  What?!  Whose brilliant idea is that and for what purpose?!  Could these be gateways for evil spirits in the end times?

State representatives are vetoing bills which would protect the rights of Christians from being targeted for discrimination against homosexuals!  It makes no sense whatsoever!  Homosexuals in America have more rights than Christians who want to serve God and stay committed to His morals and values.  These are the double-standards of the world!

ISIS and other Muslim terrorist organizations are murdering millions of people worldwide, yet the world just can’t seem to get it together!  They still can’t come out and call them Muslims, nor are they willing to put aside their political correctness and do what is right!

Islamic terror strikes at the heart of nations with impunity, further distracting the world from what is happening all around them!  Yet, what are these governments doing about it?!

While evil spirits and evil minds seek the destruction of mankind, Christians and Jews continue to suffer worldwide persecution and hatred.

The world, being led astray and deceived, falling into a pit headed for destruction!  This is where we are my friends, these are the times we now find ourselves in.  Speak the truth and you will be persecuted, share the gospel of Christ to a hurting world and you will be hated for His name sake.

We need to take a step back, out of the mix, and see things from a different perspective, from God’s perspective!  Look at things from a heavenly view, from God’s view.

The world is falling apart, yet God is still in control of all things!  The end times is like a giant jig-saw puzzle with all of the pieces falling into place, one piece at a time.  And while the evil seems to be consuming us from all sides, we must remember that these things must come to pass before the end will come.

Seek first the kingdom of heaven, then all these things will make more sense.  And while we do not yet understand all the ways of God, nor do we know them all, we can rest assured that He is in control!

The world hates the one and only true God of this universe my friends, Jesus Christ!  They shiver at the mention of His name, shirk at thought of Him, and feel convicted by His presence.  This rebellion against God will continue to the end, and will intensify in the end times.

Let us not fall to the ploys and deceptions of the world, nor let us take part in such a rebellion!  For ours is of another kingdom, a kingdom which is not part of this world. 

The leader of the world, Satan, is to steal, kill, and destroy, isn’t that also the actions of Islam, to force those not believing in their god and their ways into submission?  Many similarities my friends, very many, too many to be ignored!  Islam does not mean peace, as many will tell you, it means to submit!  Do not be deceived!

Follow the LORD Jesus in all that you do, give Him thanks in all things!  Do this first and follow in His footsteps and you shall be on the right path!  Do not fear the world, fear Him who has the power to kill the body and the soul and cast into hell!

Matthew 10:28

And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

Fear God, not being afraid to do so, but fearing to be without Him forever!  Fear the separation from God, of not being with Him, of not serving Him, of not being under His protection!

Take heart my friends, and know that God is with you, as long as you are saved, He shall never leave you nor forsake you!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

4 thoughts on “Fear not the world!

  1. Thank you Gordon!
    I am not afraid for He who is in us is stronger than He who is in the world and death lost it’s sting for all who believe when Christ rose again from the grave!
    I am glad to see you are back in action again and trust you are now well and refreshed!
    If you get a chance please have a read of The Daily Mail Online – April 2nd 2016- Headlines” Nuclear Drones threat to UK Cities”. I believe it is a confirmation of the warning I received a few weeks ago, however, we should not fear what mere man can do to us , God is with us so let us not be afraid but rejoice that we who believe will see Him soon and be with Him for all eternity! I do pray that through these troubled times eyes and ears and hearts will be opened to the Gospel message and many many more shall be saved from what horrors are to come upon the whole world.


  2. Good blog Gorden as usual. .you are so right when I try to witness to the lost they are usually OK with the name God they listen but mention the name Jesus it’s ohhh nooo she’s a Jesus freak. ..it is disheartening but I just shake the dust off my feet until the next one comes along. ….I was talking to my neighbor the other day just a few words as I don’t really know them. .. (he said I forgot it’s Easter this weekend I remembered because it’s about that guy that they say was killed ) he’s not a young man so he definitely knew the name Jesus but just couldn’t say it most of the lost just can’t hear the name Jesus or say it . ..now I’m waiting for the time that I can witness them. ..hope you are better now my friend ??? GOD BLESS MARANATHA SPEED THE DAY

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