Easter….Resurrection Sunday!

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Commentary By:  Gordon King

Cute little bunnies, children frolicking to and fro in search of Easter eggs, chocolate candy, and a spiral ham dinner, Easter Sunday!  Traditions passed on for generations, yet how many people, how many Christians actually celebrate this wonderful occasion for what it really is?!

This is the day that the Lord has made, this is the day of His resurrection from the dead, His defeat over sin and over death!  The one and only Savior of the world, crucified on the cross as a sacrifice for all the sins of the world, past, present, and future!  Buried for three days, raised to life, forever!

What does this all actually mean for us?  Well, it means that we can have life after death, that after our physical death there is eternity.  It means that we can choose between eternal life or eternal death.  That if we choose to believe and follow the Savior, to turn our lives over to Him, then we shall have eternal life forever!  Death has lost its sting, physical death for the believer is merely passing from the natural to the supernatural!  From physical life to eternal life, forever with God!

It means that if we choose to believe, than all of our sins will be forgiven, that we have life within us, we are a new creation, filled with the Spirit and power of God Almighty!  It means that Satan and his demons no longer have power or control over us, that we have defeated them in Christ!

It means that we have the power of God within us, that He is with us at all times while we are alive here on earth, to help us, provide for us, to bless us, and to comfort us!

Jesus Christ, blessed is He who gave Himself for the world.

A Savior, born for our iniquities and transgressions, taking them all upon Himself.

Beaten, mocked, and scorned, put to death by those He came to save.

Raised up on a cross and killed for sins He did not commit.

Buried in a tomb overcoming death and Hades.

Raised to life forever more, ascending into heaven to sit upon His throne.

Our God, our Lord, Jesus Christ, the only one who can save, the only way to heaven!


Jesus Christ, Lord God, my words cannot describe the thanks, the love, and the gratitude for what You have done for us!  Only You are worthy to be praised, worshiped and honored!  Your sacrifice and gift of life has given us what no one else could, eternity with You!  Thank You so very much Lord, thank You Father for sacrificing Your Son on our behalf!  There is no other expression of love so great as self-sacrifice.  We honor You, praise You, and worship You and only You!  In Jesus precious name I pray, Amen.


God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

8 thoughts on “Easter….Resurrection Sunday!

  1. Gordon, I have been many times informed and blessed by your posts. My sincere desire and prayer is that in the power of Ressurection begin a new season of victories in the Wonderful Name of Jesus Christ, The Almighty King of kings, our Lord and Savior. Brazilian brotherly hugs!

  2. Amen.
    Nicely said.
    I agree with you Gordon, the world at large has forgotten the true meaning of our Savior’s sacrifice.
    Holding on to the only Source of Life is a precious gift for humanity, from our Heavenly Father. Who loved us so much He came down to us, to restore our broken relationship and make us whole again. He has ascended, is our Advocate and although physically not with us, He has never left us, for His Holy Spirit is in all who receive/accept this precious gift. His love endures all things! His love transcends all things, He is love!
    Thank you Heavenly Father, Thank you Jesus. (for they alone deserve our gratitude and our loyalty).

    God bless, my friend. Nice to see you back. And pray your healing well.
    Everything put in His hands will work out for our good. Maranatha!

  3. Thank you SweetJava!

    I am still ill, however I am hoping that the worst is over with. It hit me so quickly that I was thinking that it might have been pneumonia at first. However, I only had a low grade temp and all of the other symptoms, but not as severe as pneumonia. One strange thing, my right eye lid swelled almost halfway shut, I’m still not sure why. It makes it difficult for me to read and focus. I pray the good Lord heals me within two days, that’s when I’m supposed to go back to work again.

    God bless and Maranatha!

  4. The Lord is Risen! God bless you Gordon and all Brothers and Sisters in Christ !

    I went to a Church service in my village with My husband on Easter Sunday Morning! I haven’t been there since I relocated to this area.. It was a traditional Anglican Church service and very traditional, a Holy Communion service for Easter it was quite well attended for the size of the village about 25 people. Most of the congregation were elderly and I was so touched and blessed seeing lots of silver heads all bowed in prayer and then all standing praising the Risen Christ together singing the old style Hymns it was a very humbling experience. My husband said he wouldn’t go again because it was just so old fashioned, but at least He agreed to come and he heard teachings straight from The Bible on the Resurrection and I know the Word of God does not return void. I will go again though because I know there were believers there and I know it only takes 2 or 3 coming together in His name and He will be in their midst, I long for fellowship as have become so worn-down being constantly in the company of unbelievers in my personal family life and work life and even old contacts (friends?) that my husband does not want to break away from. I am more used to a Charismatic style of lively worship but I was blessed by the simplicity of their service and their belief , just basing the service on Bible readings and teachings straight from the Word without any adulteration.

    God Bless Gordon and glad you are making a good recovery!

  5. Thanks you Christine!

    I am so glad that you were able to attend a church on Resurrection Sunday! And I am so happy to hear that you were able to get your husband to go along with you! God is good!

    I know what you mean about the church service, I am more charismatic myself. However, it’s not about us but about Him. Amen.

    It’s sort of funny, 25 people in your church, while thousands attend my church! What a difference. I don’t like being in such a large church, but I really do like the church, the pastors and the teachings. Not to mention the worship service is great! I am somewhat of an introvert, so it is difficult for me to meet people in such a large church, I feel as though I get lost in the shuffle.

    God bless Christine! Maranatha!

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