What will it take for the world to Wake-Up?!

Aftermath of Brussels airport terrorist attack by ISIS, March 22, 2016.   Photo from Telegraph.co.uk

Commentary By:  Gordon King

We just witnessed today the mass murder of over 30 people in Brussels Belgium, with dozens wounded by the Islamic State.  What will it take for the world to wake up!  What will it take before the governments of this world decide enough is enough and actually begin to fight against the Islamic State, against terrorism as a whole?  Many government officials say that they are in a war with terrorism and terrorist organizations, but what are they actually doing to stop it?!

How many more lives must be lost before the world takes a stand against Islamic terror, before they believe that Islam is not a religion of peace and that the invasion of millions of Islamic migrants into Europe was planned?

We all need to wake up to what is happening in the world around us!  President Obama is accepting tens of thousands of these Syrian refugees into America, and at what cost?  Just how many of these refugees may well be Islamic State infiltrators, and just how many will become Islamic State sympathizers?!  We already see many cities in the United States which are now controlled by Muslims.  Just how far off are we in seeing Sharia Law implemented in American cities?  Do you think that I am over reacting?  That it really isn’t that bad?  Well, think again!

Lets not forget the goal of Islam, to convert the entire world into an Islamic world!  To implement Sharia Law worldwide!

So then, as Christians what should we do, what can we do?  We should be praying for our government leaders to do the right thing, to stop these Islamic radicals in their tracks!  I’m sorry folks, but in my eyes sporadic bombing here and there is not going to do the trick. 

We need to be a voice, we need to speak out against these atrocities and make ourselves known.  We need to vote for government officials who will support us and do what they have to do in order to protect their citizens.

This is not just a wake up call for the world in order to stop ISIS and other terrorist organizations, but a sign that the world needs a Savior.  That in the end the only one who can truly save us is Jesus Christ!

We need to pray for God to soften the hearts and open the eyes of the blind, that He gives them all visions and dreams of the truth, that Jesus Christ is Lord, that He is the only way to heaven!  We need to pray and keep praying each and everyday.

Pray for all of God’s children to be protected, pray for the protection of the innocent victims of this evil violence, and pray for the families of those persecuted by ISIS and other terrorists.

Good Lord Almighty in heaven hear my prayers, I pray that You stop these terrorists in the world from performing the horrible and heinous crimes which they are committing.  I pray that You send legions of angels to surround and protect the innocent, and many more to battle the enemy.  I pray that You soften the hearts and open the eyes of all those who do not believe in You, that You convict their hearts and bring them to repentance, and that they accept You as their Lord and Savior.  You are the one and only God of the universe, only You can do these things.  I pray that You build up an army of believers throughout the world, ready to stand tall and battle the enemy!  Pour out Your Spirit upon all flesh and fill us to overflowing with Your love.  In Jesus precious name I pray.  Amen

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

4 thoughts on “What will it take for the world to Wake-Up?!

  1. Amen. Father in Heaven hear our united voices as we too pray along with Gordon. And for all the families who have fallen victim to these atrocities. We put everything in Your hands.
    As the Middle East is being realign for a final battle, it is You who is in control. We are not to fear but to trust You for our every need. Strengthen us, to change from within the things we must, to be closer to You. In Jesus’ Holy name. Come Lord Jesus, come! Amen and Amen.

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