This past week….update!


Commentary By:  Gordon King

I have spent several hours today working on this website due to my internet speed being ridiculously slow!  I have made a couple of posts and have been working diligently to answer comments which were made over the course of this last week.  However, now it seems that I cannot answer the posts!  Every time I click on reply it moves me somewhere else.  The enemy is attacking in many different ways and trying to get the best of me, however I will stand strong in the Lord for He is my strength!  I will answer the posts again in the early morning hours. 

Your comments have been very encouraging and a blessing to me!  I just want to take a moment to thank all of you for your kind words and encouragement.  You are a blessing to me.  Praise God!

With all of that being said, I just wanted to share with you what I have been experiencing over the past week or so.  I have been feeling an unusual calm in my spirit.  Even though evil is lurking all around me, I can feel a calm and stillness in my spirit, a deep joy within my heart.  And even though the world is experiencing chaos, confusion, and evil deeds, I continue to have a calm spirit.

God is good, and He has given me a true peace, a comfort in which only He can.  Jesus Christ is truly the Prince of Peace!

The good Lord has also healed me of several aches and pains in my body, all of which I have had for several months now, making it very difficult to sleep and at times work.  In fact I was wondering just how much longer I could go on working if the pains continued or had gotten worse.  I still have one or two pains, but not like I did before.  God is good!

The Lord our God, worthy of our praise, worship, and all of the glory!  To Him be the glory now and forever more!  Amen.

Let us give thanks to the One who has given us life, the One who provides for all of our needs, our Friend and our Savior, Jesus Christ!  He is holy, pure, and righteous.  Without Him we are nothing, but with Him we can do all things!

Love God for who He is and what He has done.  Praise and honor Him with your life!  Show Him how grateful you are by performing His will on earth as it is in heaven!  Amen.

Jesus Christ, suffered pain and torment in our place, was crucified and died on the cross, shed His blood as a propitiation for our sins, one death, one time, that’s all it took.  Raised to life forever more!  The blood of Jesus is all-powerful, and it covers all the sins of the world, past, present, and future!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

8 thoughts on “This past week….update!

  1. Good to hear from you Gordon, your devotion and loyalty to your ministry is coming through loud and clear, we lift each other up this way by being transparent about our struggles and adversities. I have been thinking a lot lately about adversities since the last 5 years of my life has been full of adversities. Even though the battles for good health and vitality set us back sometimes, the battle for our mind and emotions is overcome minute by minute through Christ. Adversities anchor our hearts, minds, thoughts, and emotions to God and we become reflexive stronger when the enemy attacks or there is an eruption of turmoil or another trial to endure. Over time strength is derived that would never have been possible without the adversity and trial.

  2. Gorden I have also been feeling a great peace in my spirit. ( peace that surpasses all understanding ) and such love in my spirit. .started yesterday and still there. .I downloaded a book yesterday on how to understand the book of revelations I was blown away Gordon, I still haven’t no where near finished it but I needed to let you know you are 100% correct about the Rapture. …Praise God. .would you like me to give you the name of the author ?? It’s a free download book. .I was surprised to get something for free. .he’s a great man of God a pastor of many years believes only the Word of God was such a blessing to find this man ..I’m sure I didn’t just get to the site by accident the Holy Spirit has been showing me so much that’s how I got your site. ..How great is our God. .Praise his Holy Name. .God Bless Gordon Maranatha Speed The Day

    • Thank you for your comment Annime5!

      It sounds very interesting, I would like to know who the author is and the name of the book. God is good!

      Thanks again and God bless!

  3. Author Gordon is ( Dr Max D Younce ) ( the book of revelations God’s final word to man ) wonderful book Gorden he really explains revelations and much more ) just have to tell you this can’t wait til you read the book I’m excited ( you are correct about the trumpet not being the same as in revelations ) won’t say anymore I’ll let you read it ..I’m really sure you’ll love it. ..God Bless you Gordon keep up the wonderful work you are doing for the Lord and his kingdom ..I’m sure many people are blessed through your website. .and many will come to the Lord through your blog. ..God Bless Maranatha Speed The Day !!!!!!!!

  4. Thank you Gordon for your blog and for answering questions I have. You have been a great source of truth for me and my family in these evil days. Praise God for your health. Continue doing what you are doing. The Lord is certainly with you. A phrase that has been coming to my mind a lot lately “I will not be afraid, for you, oh Lord, are with me”. Maranatha!

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