Lack of Comments?!

Thank you for your patience

Commentary By:  Gordon King

For the past week or so I have not been receiving very many comments, mostly spam.  I wondered why I have not heard from commenters who usually comment often.  Well as it goes, I just happened to look at the trash page and noticed that there were over 30 legitimate comments there!  I suppose the enemy is doing what he can to keep me from talking and sharing with other believers who come to this site.

I am sorry for not responding to your comments, as I have just now seen them.  I will make return comments, however, they may be short.  Thank you all for understanding.

Also I would like to bring up something on another note.  I have not been able to post much lately due to the fact that my internet speed is very slow right now.  I have been posting what I can, and it should be better in a day or two.

The enemy is hard at work trying to keep me from performing God’s will, however, I will not be shaken!  For He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world!  Amen.

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

13 thoughts on “Lack of Comments?!

  1. Oh oh I just signed in as my wife lol, I have been having problems with PC acting very weird I do believe the enemy is trying to slow things down, but He that is in us always has the victory, Praise God

    Daveed [not Christina]

    • Thanks for your comment Daveed!

      You’re not the only one the enemy has been attacking lately in this manner, it’s been happening to me and many other commenters as well!

      God bless!

  2. Thank you Gordon, I have just sent a comment enquiring if all was well with you as I hadn’t seen any replies’ or comments from you or others. Now you have posted the reason why and I am relieved ! I agree that the enemy is trying to throw a few spanners in the works. I must not become too reliant on man but I have found this site such a blessing and a form of fellowship for me whilst I wait on The Lord to lead me to where I can meet with other Bible believing Born again Christians within reach of my locality. I hope your internet gets sorted out too.
    God Bless

    • Thanks for your comments Christine!

      Yes, it’s been a strange week indeed. However all is well with me. The enemy has been giving me problems with this WordPress site lately, and I was wondering what would happen if it disappeared completely? I may in fact copy and paste all of the commenters email addresses just in case.

      I don’t believe that you are being reliant on man because you crave to fellowship with other believers. This is not a bad thing, but a good thing and something that all believers should desire. It’s part of who we are in Christ!

      God bless sister!

    • Thank you for your comment Jim!

      I’m sorry for that Jim, I haven’t seen a comment from you, not in comments, spam, or trash. I’m not quite sure what is happening, but demonic powers are hard at work trying to defeat us. What they seem to have forgotten is that we are already victorious!

      If you would like to re-post the comment I will surely be looking for it!

      God bless! Maranatha!

      • Just want to say that I really like your website. Keep up with good work. I truly believe the rapture is very near. Can’t wait to go home.

  3. I could not open my email account so I had to make a new one, the enemy is definitely trying to stop people from knowing the truth. I also send emails to my contacts so the enemy is trying to stop me from doing this. I feel that the enemy is trying to attack me.

  4. Yes Gordon the enemy is surely at work. .I had a wonderful book downloaded and was studying it on revelations today went to have a drink of tea and bang it was gone couldn’t find it anywhere not even on my hard drive. .I had to find the site again and download it again. ..but as you say He who is in me is Greater than he who is in the world. ..all the Praise and Glory to our Blessed Saviour. .Jesus Christ Lord of Lords and King of Kings. .God Bless Maranatha Speed The Day

  5. I too, am glad it’s not a health issue with you, my friend. I’ve been praying for you and this site. The truth CANNOT die! It might be put aside for a bit but it always comes back stronger. Staying alert and in God’s grace is all that matters. For His glorious return is approaching and the enemy knows it. Stay strong in your convictions no matter the arrows that’s being thrown. God bless. Maranatha!!

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