Trump Rallies Reveal Increased Tensions Among Americans As This Nation Plunges Toward Civil Unrest

Anti-Trump Protesters In Chicago - Photo by nathanmac87

Anti-Trump Protesters In Chicago – Photo by nathanmac87

By Michael Snyder, on March 13th, 2016

America is coming apart at the seams, and Trump rallies have become the latest flashpoint for the rising tide of civil unrest that is sweeping the nation.  For years, I have been writing about the increasing levels of anger and frustration in this country, but now they are reaching a fever pitch.  And rather than channeling all of our anger and frustration into solving our problems, we have allowed ourselves to become deeply divided and many Americans seem to be taking glee in fighting with one another.  Instead of learning to hate one another, we should be learning how to love one another.  Unfortunately, America has chosen another path, and 2016 is very rapidly starting to look very much like the chaotic political year of 1968.  No matter how the rest of this election season plays out, it appears that we have entered a time of violence, chaos, civil unrest and greatly increased tension among Americans.

On Friday, thousands of radical leftists showed up at a planned Trump rally at the University of Illinois at Chicago with the express purpose of disrupting it.  Fortunately Donald Trump cancelled the rally, because there was a very real possibility that mass violence could have erupted.  The following description of what happened comes from Wikipedia

On March 11, 2016, the Donald Trump presidential campaign canceled a planned rally at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), in Chicago, Illinois, citing “growing safety concerns” due to the presence of thousands of protesters in and outside of his rally[3]. Thousands of anti-Trump demonstrators responding to civic leaders’ and social media calls to shut the rally down had gathered outside the arena, and several hundred more filled seating areas within the UIC Pavilion, where the rally was to take place. When the Trump campaign announced that the rally would not take place, there was a great deal of shouting and a few small scuffles between Trump supporters and anti-Trump protestors.

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4 thoughts on “Trump Rallies Reveal Increased Tensions Among Americans As This Nation Plunges Toward Civil Unrest

  1. A downward spiral of violence and chaos, anarchy revolution of the most demonic sort could end this nation as we know it. If anyone thinks the Christian church or anyone else is going to save this nation, you are wasting your time. Dominion theology is rampant with the weird heritic preacher Raphel Cruz preaching demonic doctrine that there is this great end-time wealth transfer from the wicked to the righteous coming if you elect his son president.
    Cruz’s end time sermon goes like this: WARNING—WARNING!!!!!

    “God has reserved money and the wealth of the sinner for His harvest in the last days. Money has a mission and it is crying out to be in the hands of the righteous and not the wicked. This end time transfer of wealth into the Body of Christ has already started. As we understand what God has promised in His Word to the harvesting generation and begin to believe Him both individually and corporately for our part in this transfer, this wealth will increasingly find and overtake us for we know its purpose: to establish God’s Covenant in the earth [Deut. 8:18; Jas. 5:1-8.”

    The one verse Cruz pounds on for his point is out of context and unapplicable to his heresy is Pro. 13: 22 A good [man] leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children: and the wealth of the sinner [is] laid up for the just. He only preaches the second part of the verse which disconnects it from context. What a miserable lying waste of ministry to be turned into a messenger of Satan for the greed of a political office. Shame is, Christian churches all across the south and in California are buying into this lie because they want to be a part of receiving this great wealth that is coming their way. Also Pastor Raphel Cruz is also preaching a Kingship dominion theology under the return of government and society back to the what it was with our founding fathers especially under the Diest Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson was not a bible believing Christian. Cruz disputes this and calls Jefferson a Christian because he rode his horse to church and back every sunday for eight years. Never stating that Jefferson cut many portions of Jesus texts out of his own bible because of unacceptance of our Savior’s words. When ever did attending church regularly make anyone a Christian. I’m warning everyone now, this guy Raphel Chruz is not teaching biblical truth but is teaching the doctrine of demons as he campaigns in churches for his son’s presidential campaign. Don’t judge me too harshly, he is all over the internet and youtube with this garbage, check him out for yourself. Especially listen to him teach from Deut. 20:1-3 He directly misapplies and lies about the application and context, it’s abominable to hear him with so may people in the audience raising their hands and waving in agreement. I had thought I had seen it all folks, but he takes the cake.

    Yours Truly,

  2. Unfortunately true.
    It’s very disheartening that as a civilized society we can’t seem to agree to disagree in a peaceful manner. And find solutions instead of contention, strife and conflict. The enemy is indeed on a rampage.

    Wonder how many of these protesters got paid handsomely for their organized discord. Free speech is being tampered with in the name of free speech. Only in America… the country founded on freedom and liberty… God given, no man can take! And like you have said Gordon, no matter how the political madness ends up, one can be sure chaos follows if it doesn’t march to the established beat. The well greased machine is on a steady coarse and its full steam ahead… I totally agree with you the climate is just like the days of Kennedy, (John F. Kennedy).
    Nothing changes that doesn’t stay the same…

    Staying faithful to God is our only escape from the mayhem that’s approaching. He is our true guide out of it, our protector in spite of it, those who have a growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ can and will find peace. He is always a prayer a way. Pray without ceasing. Stay faithful to Him and Him alone knowing His kingdom is coming, no matter what happens here on planet earth. Be watchful. Don’t let the cares of this life worry you. Do your best to be right with God and man; the rest leave it in God’s hands. Remember, The Book ends well for those who love Him!
    God bless us all. Maranatha!

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