John 3:16 Time Check!

Time check 3 16 pm

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Remember, if you are going to be a part of the “John 3:16 one minute around the world” tomorrow, then you need to adjust your time accordingly, if you don’t then it will not be simultaneously!  It will be 3:16 pm United Kingdom (England) time (UTC).

So in New York City it would be four hours earlier or 11:16 am, in Los Angeles California it would be seven hours earlier or 8:16 am, and so forth around the world.  If you are not sure about the time, then find a conversion chart on the internet.  Please take note that not all time zones will fall on the same day, such as in Japan and Australia.  In some countries 3:16 pm on March 16th will actually be a converted time on March 17th!

Here are a few time zones around the world which I looked up today, for 3:16 pm UK time (UTC) using a twelve-hour clock from the website of “”:

Time zones for John 3 16


Time zones 2 for John 3 16


Time zones 3 for John 3 16


Thank you all and God bless!  Maranatha!


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