Follow the Right Road!

Highways Zinneke at Luxembourgish Wikipedia

Credit: Zinneke at Luxembourgish Wikipedia

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Take a trip across the country and you will find out very quickly that without a road-map or gps you will end up somewhere other than your final destination.  This is especially true today, with new roads, bustling interchanges, alternate highways, toll roads, bridges, and byways.

Lets say that I wanted to travel from Los Angeles California directly to San Antonio Texas, and I only have one chance to get there because my time is limited.  I would need to travel on Interstate 10 to San Antonio, right?  Any other road would not get me to San Antonio, unless I followed the map and took more roads leading me back to Interstate 10, however I may not make it in time.  Without any map, gps, or signs leading me on my path, I would be lost!

If I needed to get to San Antonio, and there was only one road leading to it from Los Angeles, Interstate 10, however I took a different road, then I would never make it to San Antonio!  I could keep driving down the wrong path and still never make it, and before I knew it my time would be up.

The same is true of life!  There is only one way, one path, one road which leads to eternal life, Jesus Christ.  All other paths will not make it, they will not reach the final destination of heaven and eternal life!  You can follow a different path, stop along the way and ask for help, but unless you get back on the right path you will be lost forever!  It does not matter where you stop or what you do along the way, if you are not on the right road then you will be lost.  You only have so much time to get there, what you do with that time now is crucial!

We all have a road map, a gps, given to us by God.  It is the Holy Bible!  God’s road map to life, to eternal life and heaven, forever!  We don’t have to guess or take many side roads along the way leading us in the wrong direction.  We have an eternal map, a divine gps unit giving us all we need to get to our final destination.  Not only does it tell us the path to stay on, it also gives us guidance on what we should do along the way!

If we are on the right road, then for some reason wander off, we need to refer back to God’s gps unit for help and guidance.  Not only has God given us a physical gps unit, but for those who are on the right road He has given a built-in gps unit, His Holy Spirit!  The Holy Spirit is our guide, our road map within us, designed to keep us on the right path.  He tells us when we are about to wander off onto the wrong road, and warns us of stops that we should not make along the way! 

At times believers wander off the right path, leading us in the wrong direction.  We may at times stop at destinations along the way which we were told to stay away from, we may do things along the way which we were told not to do.  And although I believe that the Holy Spirit will get us to our final destination of eternal life, we will suffer from accidents and injuries along the way.   Even when we remain on the right road we will suffer some damage.  These are opportunities for us to learn and grow, to be able to hear and understand what the Holy Spirit is telling us, in preparation for our final destination!

For those who are lost and cannot find their way, you need to find the right map!  Not all maps were created the same.  There is only one map which is 100% accurate and infallible, only one which leads to heaven and eternal life, Jesus Christ!  Follow Jesus, make Him your guide to life, to eternal life!  Don’t get lost in the highways and byways of of life on earth, know where your final destination is and how to get there.  You only have so much time left to get on the right path which leads to eternal life, use it wisely!

Accept Jesus Christ now as your personal Lord and Savior!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

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