US strike kills at least 150 Shebab fighters in Somalia

Islamist fighters loyal to Somalia’s Shebab group perform military drills at a village in Lower Shabelle region, outside Mogadishu (AFP Photo/Mustafa Abdi)

Washington (AFP) – An American air strike on a Shebab training camp in Somalia killed more than 150 fighters planning an imminent attack on forces from the United States and its regional allies, the Pentagon said Monday.

While the US military regularly conducts operations targeting the Al-Qaeda-linked fighters in Somalia, Saturday’s raid had a greater toll than all previous such US strikes combined.

The raids, which began in 2003, had killed between 113 and 136 militants prior to the latest operation, according to the New America foundation.

Captain Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman, said the strike on Camp Raso killed fighters as they were completing “training for a large-scale attack.”

Warplanes and unmanned drones were used in the strike, about 120 miles (195 kilometers) north of Mogadishu.

“We know they were going to be departing the camp and they posed an imminent threat to US and (African Union) forces,” Davis said, noting that as many as 200 fighters had been using the camp.

The US military has a small and secretive presence in Somalia, with a defense official estimating the current number of American troops in the country on an advise-and-assist mission at 150.

4 thoughts on “US strike kills at least 150 Shebab fighters in Somalia

  1. We are going to have to do a lot better than 150 dead and might I suggest that we quit talking about it from the pentagon.
    Isis, is firmly holding territory in Syria and Iraq, moving into Europe by the 1000,s. Crossing over into the underbelly of Israel the Saini, Setting up strongholds all across northern Africa including Lybia and Algeria. Has everyone forgotten San Bernardino, a sleeply enclave in the Inland Empire of Southern California where Isis inspired killers took out 14 dead and scores wounded. Get serious folks, have you seen the videos of next generation of Isis warriors at ages 10 – 15 years old learning beheading warfare. When will the pentagon ever mount a land war against 12 year olds who have been trained to instinctively kill by all means possible. Actually one Isis video shows 6-8 year olds learning to fire automatic rifles with precision accuracy. Now the world is justifiably threatened by an up and coming combat ready force of children ready to kill and behead the infidel. If this kind of warfare prolification is left to continue uncontested then we could be seeing 1000’s of areas of the world infested with these killers each with 1000’s of Isis warriors. The world is in big trouble from a possible ISIS force of eventual millions of warriors if something is not done on the ground that has to be the kind of warfare yet unseen in modern times and which will have to be so ugly that no one will want to even know about it or hear about it.
    If anyone hasn’t seen the video yet. ISIS put a Jordanian piolet in a steel cage and purposely set him on fire to burn to death. They put several infidels in a steel cage and hoisted them over a lake of water with a crane and lowered them into the water alive for about 15 minutes until they brought them all up dead from drowning. This is what the world is dealing with and no one that I know if has actually determined to confront it yet in a definitive way. Sad to say Americans think that this is not their problem when the problem is already come ashore and set up shop ready to do business.

    yours truly, Ethin .

  2. Thanks Ethin!

    I agree, what on earth is the world thinking?! People need to wake up to what is happening in the world and all around us for that matter! For some strange reason, most people seem to believe that everything will just work its way out, they rely on our government leaders to make wise decisions. Yet, they are doing anything but!

    We need to pray as we have never prayed before! Yet, in the end we know what is coming, and Jesus Christ will once again rule the world.

    God bless and Maranatha!

  3. I agree Gordon and Ethin things are very very serious and pray pray pray is the only way forward for us as Christians. We must take up our positions in the battle with intersessions, petitioning The Lord and calling on Him for deliverance from the terrors all around that are gaining in strength and gaining positions to claim our Nations. I read the following today and it was enlightening because we as a small army BUT are mighty in The Lord and He can do more than we can hope or even imagine but we have to believe He can and stand in faith and claim. The Bibles full of seemingly unchangeable situations. Imagine how the early Christians felt about Saul the most deadly, violent and ardent opponent of Christians back in early-ad. no one could be blamed for thinking Saul would never turn to Christ, He wanted God’s people chained up(Acts 9:2).A few verses later He is with the disciples serving Jesus! Yeah God wants to show us how He can. and will, blow the natural, pessimistic responses we have out of the water! God can destroy and He can save, He can divide and conquer! I will be praying for conversions amongst those enemies of Christ . Love your enemies do good to those that do spitefully use you! Pray for them! Divide and conquer!

    Shalom and Maranatha!

  4. Amen Christine!

    Let us as believers in Jesus Christ come together in prayer. Let us not wander, but stay close to the Lord. God can do amazing things if we have faith and believe.

    God bless! Maranatha!

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