If You Don’t Warn The People, Their Blood Could Be On Your Hands

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By Michael Snyder, on March 2nd, 2016

Why are so few voices warning the people about what is coming?  We stand at the door of a period of distress that will be unlike anything that any of us have ever known before.  And even though the signs are all around us, very few individuals appear to be willing to stand up and sound the alarm.  Instead, there seems to be a large number of people that are quite eager to criticize the watchmen.  Earlier today, I was having a conversation with a very prominent voice in the alternative media, and we were reflecting on this.  There are so many individuals out there that love to shoot arrows at those that are sounding the alarm, and yet they are doing so little to make a difference themselves.

It is easy to sit back on your sofa munching on potato chips as the world around you goes to hell, and it is easy to criticize those that have chosen to have the courage to stand up and warn the people.

But it is not easy to stand up and say the hard things that need to be said in a society that does not want to listen.

Yes, there are some watchmen out there that are doing a great job of proclaiming the warning message.  I have personally met a number of them, and I am proud to be their friends.

Unfortunately, they are few and far between.  Most people either don’t believe that we are on the precipice of disaster, they don’t care enough to warn others, or they are too busy criticizing those that are trying very hard to warn others.

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4 thoughts on “If You Don’t Warn The People, Their Blood Could Be On Your Hands

  1. A very good read Gordon, and all so true. Thank you for bringing it forward.
    God bless. Keep looking up our redemption is near. Amen.

  2. Yes Gordon, It appears just like unbelievers and even some who profess Christianity to be their faith are in a hypnotic , trance like state when It comes to seeing and believing The Bibles prophetic warnings of End Times! I often see a smirk pass over their lips when I have talked about the End Times Signs , Nothing seems to trouble them they seem happy in their ignorance, although we know they can’t truly be satisfied without God in their life!
    God Bless

  3. Thanks for your comment Christine!

    I believe it is also referred to as “ignorant bliss!” And unfortunately there are way too many believers stuck in this mode. All of us need to wake up! We need to hear and sense what our Father in heaven is telling us! We need to be aware of the signs, of the times, and of God’s warning calls!

    God bless!

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