Sheriff’s Office: Naked woman jumps on car, shouts obscenities, trashes store, says she wants to ‘save the world’

Naked woman jumping on car in Louisiana  Elizabet Ferger, 52

Elizabeth Ferger, 52

(SOURCE)   East Baton Rouge sheriff’s deputies on Wednesday arrested a Hammond woman they found jumping up and down naked on top of her car while screaming obscenities in the parking lot of a children’s clothing store shortly after 2:30 p.m.

 Witnesses told deputies that Elizabeth Ferger, 52, of 300 S. Orange St., Hammond, walked into Oh Baby, a children’s clothing boutique on Jefferson Highway, wearing nothing but a blanket tied around her, according to an East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office report.
Ferger shouted, “Save the world, stop the f***ing human trafficking. I’m here to put an end to the bull**** today,” the store’s owner told deputies, and began trashing the shop and damaging merchandise, according to the report.

When the store owner tried to confront Ferger and stop further damage, Ferger shoved her away, the report says, then went outside and continued to throw objects at the shop — including a metal table that shattered a window.

Ferger climbed on her car in the parking lot and started “jumping up and down and cussing at customers” until a group of about 10 bystanders managed to subdue her and wrap the blanket around her, the report says.

The store’s owner estimated Ferger caused about $8,000 to $10,000 worth of damage during the incident, the report says.

Deputies booked her into Parish Prison on counts of obscenity, aggravated criminal damage to property, disturbing the peace with offensive words and simple battery.

 Her bail had not been set as of Thursday morning.

4 thoughts on “Sheriff’s Office: Naked woman jumps on car, shouts obscenities, trashes store, says she wants to ‘save the world’

  1. Hi Gordon thanks for another blog I look forward to them everyday. ..Gordon I need to ask you about some things that have been disturbing me for sometime. ..I was going to a charismatic pentecostal church for sometime but a lot of the time my husband and I came home feeling uneasy about what we were seeing and hearing there (my husband is now with the Lord gone about 3 years now ) one day our pastor came to our house we were talking about general things he said something that I thought was not very Christian and I said I don’t think that is very Jesus like. .you know Gordon he answered me with these words tell Jesus to come to me if he has a problem I was dumb founded my husband and I didn’t know what to think. ..when my husband passed my pastor came again to my house and told me I should not be listening to the music I had on …Gorden it was gospel songs that I love and play them everyday I love those songs I feel so close to God when I listen to them. ..he said I should only listen to hillsong music I can’t see that my songs are wrong? ??? Am I wrong to listen to gospel music? ?? A lot more was said but I won’t go into detail now but it caused me to walk away from the church. that time my husband had only been gone about 3 weeks. …I’m now really studying my bible and starting to see things I didn’t see before …I live on an island Gordon and no church here but Catholic so I’ve been going on the Internet to do bible classes that’s how I came across your blog. ..I’ve been feeling very uneasy in my spirit about what’s going on in the world that’s another reason I went on the Internet and found your blogs they are such a blessing to me thank you Gordon. …GOD BLESS Maranatha speed the day Amen

    • Thank you so much Annemarie!

      I am so sorry to hear of what you have gone through, with the passing of your husband and the church that you went to!

      It’s sounds to me like this man was not truly of God, at least not Jesus Christ. If what he says does not measure up to God’s word, then I would not believe what he says! And to then tell you to tell Jesus to come to him if He has a problem?! What kind of godly man would tell a brother or sister in Christ such a thing?! I went to a Pentecostal church for several years, and it was a very godly church, very loving and kind.

      It’s not a sin to listen to music, however, I would try to stay away from music which leads one away from God and His teachings, such as a lot of music of the world today. Yet, to listen to godly music is a good thing! Gospel music is a good thing! Don’t listen to another word from this so-called pastor! He is not speaking from the Spirit of God!

      I listen to a variety of gospel music, and praise and worship music, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, especially if it glorifies God! And at times I listen to secular music, however, I stay away from evil and dark music.

      Remember to test all things against the word of God Annemarie, even things you hear from pastors! There are wolves in sheep’s clothing, even in the church! Listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit within you, He will lead you and guide you down the right path.

      I am blessed that you have been blessed by this blog sister! It gives me great joy and encouragement.

      God bless sister! Maranatha!

    • Thanks for your comment Kamum!

      They are baffling, and they make no sense. They are part of the chaos and confusion from demonic spirits! We shall see more of such things happening the closer we get to the return of Christ!

      God bless!

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