The Main Stream Media, Truth or Lies?


Wikimedia Commons public domain

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Quiet, status quo, everything is fine, isn’t that what we hear from the “main stream” news media?  Merely bits and pieces of the truth at best, while not actually giving us the entire picture.  Even go as far as twisting the truth, giving us biased opinions and beliefs which just happen to coincide with their worldly views.  They tell us that although there are some things of significance happening in the world around us, it will all just sort of magically work out, somehow.

Be very careful of what you hear and don’t hear from the news media.  You may not be getting the entire picture, or the entire truth!

Just as we see happening now in the Middle East.  It seems as though there may be a major war breaking out in Syria, not that there already isn’t, however, this could trigger World War III!  I have been sensing something like this happening for several months now, major war in the Middle East, with many different countries being pulled into it.

Yet, do we hear about this from the main stream news media?  I sure haven’t.  Both Saudi Arabia and Turkey are amassing huge military forces along the borders of Southern Turkey and Northern Saudi Arabia, the largest military exercise ever performed in the Middle East!  This could be the culmination of a major war breaking out soon.

And here we sit, after giving Iran the green light to continue on with its development of nuclear weapons, which they may already have by the way, giving Iran over 100 billion dollars to do with as they wish, pulling our troops out of Iraq creating a vacuum for terrorists such as ISIS to fill, at the brink of WW III!

Russia moved into Syria without a fight!  ISIS continues its terror rampage without much of a fight, at least not from America.  Iran was not stopped from gaining nuclear access, but given more access and billions of dollars to do it with!  Our own enemy, a terrorist nation, given full support by the same nations which it makes claims to destroy!  Is this the diplomacy which President Obama was talking about in his 2008 election?!  Are these the changes he was talking about?  Making America weak and vulnerable to attacks from our enemies?  Where is the main stream media while all of this is going on?  Why are they not bringing these questions up to the American people?

ISIS, Iran, and other terrorist organizations cannot be dealt with through diplomacy, it just doesn’t work!  That’s like telling a rapist while he is raping you, wait a minute, stop and lets talk about it!  Or telling an armed robber who is in the middle of robbing you, wait a moment, I think we can work this all out if we just sit down and talk about it!  It’s insanity!

You sure don’t hear much from the main stream media about the atrocities and murderous rampages committed against Jews, yet you do hear a lot about the poor Palestinians who have been killed by Jews!  What they fail to tell you is that the Palestinians who were killed by Jews were in the middle of slashing innocent Jew’s necks!

Nor do you hear much about the millions of Christians around the world who have been murdered by Muslims in the name of Allah!  Where is the outcry from the media?  It isn’t there my friends!  Quiet, silence.

We also aren’t hearing much about the glut of oil on the market, and just what that is doing to oil companies around the world, especially here in America!  Many are going bankrupt, up to one-third of them in America at the time of this post.  They are losing billions of dollars in wealth, due to the falling oil prices, which in turn will not only hurt the economy, the stock market, and the oil companies, it will put many Americans out of work!  And why is this all happening?  Because oil rich nations like Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Russia are pumping out as much oil as they possibly can!  They know what they’re doing, it’s no secret to them.

You don’t hear from the main stream news media that there never was a “Palestinian” people!  Yet, the Palestinians (a name they gave themselves btw), claim that the Jews are occupying their land, preposterous!  These so-called Palestinians are nothing more than nomadic Arabs from different Arab nations.  They claim that they are descended from the ancient Philistines, yet the Philistines are extinct.  The country of Israel was renamed “Palestine” approximately two thousand years ago by Roman Emperor Hadrian in 135 A.D., in order to distance the Jews from their homeland, an attempt to wipe Israel off the face of the map, where have we heard that before?  So if anything, these Palestinians, as they like to be called, are occupying the land of Israel!  How often do you hear about that on the main stream media!

The main stream media, the news of the world, by the world’s view.  Twisting of the truth, omission of the truth, biased views and opinions.  We must beware of what we hear and from whom we hear it from.  Take it with a grain of salt and research it for yourself!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

2 thoughts on “The Main Stream Media, Truth or Lies?

  1. Gordon,
    I find that this is also true for many pastors or religious leaders. I have read shocking things being said by pastors I have listened to for years. There is not more than one way to heaven! We are not Gods and we do not all worship the same God. But some people some christian people believe these lies. It reminds me, that it says in the bible, that even the elect will be deceived. I think its a huge deception for christians not to know we are in the end times. Old excuses that things have happened like this before just don’t make sense anymore. I suposed all we can do is just stand firm and keep sounding the alarm. I honestly will be surprised if God doesn’t come back this year.

    • Thanks for your comment Rebecca!

      Yes, deception is running deep, even in many churches unfortunately! The end times are upon us and the church needs to wake up! Today is the day of salvation, it is the day to know just where you stand and what you believe in, the day to know the truth and be able to discern the truth from lies!

      God bless Rebecca!

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