IS father kisses son goodbye before sending him on car bombing

The father of an Islamic State teen suicide bomber kisses his son before sending him off. (screen capture: VideoPress)

The father of an Islamic State teen suicide bomber kisses his son before sending him off. (screen capture: VideoPress)

New propaganda film released by jihadist group is part of growing trend of child suicide bombers, scholars say

(SOURCE)   The Islamic State recently released a video showing a teenage boy kissing his father goodbye before apparently carrying out a suicide car-bombing north of the Syrian city of Aleppo.

Scholars say the group has been posting such videos in increasing numbers recently, suggesting its use of child soldiers exceeds estimates.

The propaganda video was released online by the terrorist organization on February 19.

In the 23-minute film, the teen, identified as Abu Imar al-Omari, is interviewed with his father discussing his impending suicide mission, along with a montage of his training to carry out a vehicle-borne suicide attack. It culminates with footage from a distance claiming to show the teen detonating the explosives-laden SUV in an attack on regime forces.

The boy says on camera that the decision to carry out the suicide bombing was the “greatest feeling one could feel.”

An Islamic State teen suicide bomber speaks in a propaganda video before going off on his mission. (screen capture: VideoPress)

An Islamic State teen suicide bomber speaks in a propaganda video before going off on his mission. (screen capture: VideoPress)

“I hope that the suicide attack will be my greatest moment,” he tells the camera. He says it was his father who encouraged him to carry out the attack.

The father explains in the video that his son’s suicide attack will ensure his entry to heaven.

“A man who fears for his son’s welfare doesn’t let him save himself from the fires of hell,” the father says in the video before sending his son off, according to a translation of the Arabic by Israel’s Channel 2. “This attack will be the key to the Garden of Eden, God willing.”

Footage from an Islamic State propaganda film claiming to show a teen's suicide car bombing north of Aleppo. (screen capture: VideoPress)

Footage from an Islamic State propaganda film claiming to show a teen’s suicide car bombing north of Aleppo. (screen capture: VideoPress)

A study published a day before the release of the film said the Islamic State published propaganda material featuring minors in suicide missions at least 89 times in the past year.

“The Islamic State is mobilizing children and youth at an increasing and unprecedented rate,” the West Point study’s authors wrote. “The data suggests that the number of child and youth militants far exceeds current estimates.”

The authors posit that attacks by children may be “an effective form of psychological warfare—to project strength, pierce defenses, and strike fear into enemy soldiers’ hearts.”

8 thoughts on “IS father kisses son goodbye before sending him on car bombing

  1. Father in heaven come quickly. In Jesus’ Holy name I pray.

    The callousness of it all is astonishing! The brainwashing of this group to actually believe this is a good thing is incredible. Where is the compassion for humanity..?.. Where is this father’s LOVE for his son..?.. What kind of love do they believe in and want the world to embrace..?..
    I have one question for the Pope of Rome who still thinks all religions are the same, have you read this latest atrocity..?..

    Lord Jesus open their eyes that they may see the errors of their ways, open the eyes of the world to see what evil is being manifested. Protect the innocent Father. Protect us all. Help us to realize You are the God of Love not death. You who honor life, give us the courage to stand. In Jesus’ blessed name, I pray. Amen.

    • Thanks for your comment SweetJava!

      And think what the world would be like if the Muslims took control!

      God bless and Amen! Except the part in your prayer about the “innocent Father”, are you referring to the father who made his son be a martyr for Allah? I don’t see how he is innocent. Maybe you are referring to someone else?

      • No, I was referring to and meant for our Father in Heaven to protect the innocent. (The common didn’t register and should have separated the two.)
        I agree with you, the father of the boy was not innocent. If he was so strong in his belief why send a boy to do his dirty work..? Either way, he will soon answer to God on judgment day.

        I pray everyday for deliverance against the tyranny and tyrannical aspect of this organization. We must keep vigilant for God hears the prayers of His people. Amen.

        God bless my friend.

      • Thank you for your clarification SweetJava! I didn’t really think you meant the boy’s father, but it sort of sounded like it.

        Amen to your prayers!

        God bless sister!

  2. my question is, why don’t the fathers do the same? We hear of children & young teens killing themselves and the family praising the death of the child.
    I wonder what the going rate is for a father (if you can call him that) that persuaded a child to blow himself up is.

  3. I’m pretty sure that islam represents the final attac from satan, and that islam will be what revelation talk about as the empire of antichrist.
    It’s typical “devil-style”. Start with something that sounds good, and then gets more and more evil the further you went into it.

    Remember the 7-head beast in revelation.
    I think it represents all those kingdoms who persecuted the jews through history.
    Every kingdom historically took over the previous one from the days the jews was slaves in Egypt.

    1) Egyptian empire – 2) Assyrian empire – 3) Babylonian empire – 4) Medio Persian empire – 5) Greek empire – 6) Roman empire –
    7) Ottoman empire

    In revelation 17,11 we can read about the 8th which is of the 7, and I believe it will be the resurrected ottoman empire which historically was shut down in 1924 after world war 1.
    It’s also called “the sick man” in islam which want this empire to get a new start.
    And that’s what I think is going on right in theese days. But things has to happen in a “natural way” in the look of the world.

    Forget about a new roman empire which many talks about. It just doesn’t fit the bible.
    We have to look at it with the “middle-east glasses” on.

    Who is the antichrist?
    The one who denies that Jesus was the son of God, came in flesh, and paid for all mans sins with his blood!

    What teach islam?
    They believe in Jesus. As one in a long line of prophets where Muhammed was the last one.
    But islam denies that Jesus was the son of God because allah has no son.
    And islam denies that Jesus died on the cross for human sins!

    I wish everyone would google “Jihad in the name of allah/666” and at the same time remember that muslims were theese banners saying “Jihad in the name of allah” on their front-head and on their right arm.
    It’s just to google it! – It’s not everything that is so complicated always!

    Last word which is very important.
    Hate islam, but love the muslim.
    Don’t let the heart grows cold.
    Bible warns in Matthew 24,12 that “since lawlessness will be increased,the love of many will grow cold.”

    Many muslims are after all sick of islam. Sick of the killing and the hate.
    Let’s tell them about a loving God who can release them from this terrible doctrine.

    From Øystein

    • Thanks for your comments Oystein!

      Well we know for sure that this final empire will be a One World Empire, headed up by the Antichrist. I do believe that there will be an actual person, Antichrist, however, there are those who are “antichrist”.

      We should hate the sin, yet love the sinner, as Christ first loved us! They need our prayers.

      God bless!

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