Censorship is coming our way!

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Commentary By:  Gordon King

I have been posting signs of the end times for almost four years now, and there never seems to be a lack of information, it just keeps on coming, in fact much more than I can keep up with!

We all know many of the signs of the last days, earthquakes in various places, wars and rumors of wars, deception, false teachers and false prophets, however there is another sign which I have spoken of in the past.  This sign will become more dominant in the Western world the closer we get to the rapture of the church and the beginning of the Tribulation period.

The sign that I am referring to is “censorship”.  Censoring the newspapers, all media including the internet, and even censoring individuals.  In many countries around the world this is already a reality.  In most of the Western world we don’t see quite so much of it, at least not yet!

However, with that being said, we are beginning to see this sign of censorship manifesting itself here in the West.  Christianity will be one of the main targets, and it’s already happening. 

The following is an article regarding the censorship from Facebook.  It is antiSemitic, and pro-Palestinian.

Group creates fake anti-Israel and anti-Palestine Facebook pages. Only one page was removed from Facebook

A new video from Israeli group Shurat HaDin exposes the pro-Palestine biases from Facebook.

In the video titled ‘The big facebook experiment’, two identical Facebook pages were created. One was called ‘Stop Palestinians’ and the other ‘Stop Israelis’.

Both pages were updated with ‘inciting posts and videos’. Each subsequent post would be more and more provocative.

“Death to all the Jews” read a anti-Israel post while the pro-Palestine post read “death to all the arabs.”

After even more content was posted, both pages were reported to Facebook. On the same day, the anti-Palestine page was taken down from Facebook.

The group received two messages from Facebook. The first said that the anti-Palestine page went against Facebook’s community standards and was a ‘credible threat of violence’. However, the anti-Israel page was not.

The video closes with a message saying the page inciting against Jews is still open today.

Trudeau’s Liberals MUST halt plans to bring in thousands of Syrian refugees
until they can guarantee the safety of the Canadian people.

As of just yesterday, I had a follower of this blog tell me that she tried to post one of my articles onto Facebook: 

The Great Falling Away!

She told me that Facebook blocked her from posting the article!  What?!  You’ve got to be kidding me?  What reason would Facebook have for not allowing her to share this article?

The only reason that I can come up with is that it is the truth from the word of God Almighty!  Apparently Facebook is not only antiSemitic but also antiChrist!  Everything written in the article is from the word of God, the bible.

I really don’t understand why they would not allow this article to be posted.  There are many Christian accounts on Facebook, many speaking up about the end times.  Is this merely the beginning of Facebook censoring Christian content?

Censorship, it’s coming our way, no doubt in my mind.  And with it the enforcement of censoring individuals, what they say and what they don’t say, even how we think! 

Take a step back and think about this for a moment, many believers in Jesus Christ use the internet to connect with fellow believers.  There are many who do so out of convenience, many because they do not belong to a church, and yet many others who do so out of necessity, they are home bound!  What will America look like if we are not allowed to post Christian views and values on the internet?  How will this effect us individually as believers?

If all of the information we are able to receive on the internet, and for that matter media in general, is censored to the point of being one-sided, where does this leave the nation as a whole?!  Sounds more like a dictatorship than a Democracy or a Republic to me!

This my friends will only cause more division, more hatred, and instigate more violence in the world.  And when an entity like Facebook has the power to control what is allowed and not allowed on-line, then we have the beginning of an evil empire.  Especially when they allow terrorists to posts hatred and lies!  When they become biased in favor of the world and anti-God!

It’s coming our way my friends, censorship in a big way!  It’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when.  And like everything else wicked and evil in the world, it happens in small pieces, not all at once so as not to cause alarm and warning to the masses!  Just how does a person consume an entire elephant?  One bite at a time!  Gay marriage didn’t just happen overnight, neither did abortion.

Take heed my dear brothers and sisters in Christ.  Listen to the word of God and hear His voice.  The times of the end are upon us, do not slumber, stand tall and firm in your faith. 

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

7 thoughts on “Censorship is coming our way!

  1. I have had this feeling like even emails that should come into the main inbox seems to go into the junk emails instead it like the enemy does not want me to get the email.

  2. You speak truth Gordon..plain as day truth and that scares people. Keep posting though because that’s what God wants you to do. 😊👍❤☝

  3. Amen! Gordon. The urgency of the hour is upon us…
    Ecclesiastes 12:13,14
    “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter:
    Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is man’s all.
    For God will bring every work into judgment,
    Including every secret thing, Whether good or evil.”

    We need more than a surface religion. The Gospel is the Good News! of our forgiveness. Yes it tells us our guilt, shame and condemnation, BUT through Jesus our sins are forgiven… The Gospel IS He lives and forgives! Now is the hour of salvation.
    God bless. Maranatha!

  4. I agree totally, I can see it and sense it all around and it is picking up it’s pace all being done in the name of humanistic love for one another ,( don’t say anything Biblical that may offend, reprove, or bring to repentance so as to save the hearers). The preparation is well underway for the false prophet and the anti Christ to reveal themselves once The Church has been taken out. I have a real spiritual sense of urgency to pray for all around in my field of labour even if they do not come before The Rapture they will need all our prayers on their behalf if they must go through the tribulation and not be damned for all eternity. They may all think they have all their lives to make a decision about Christ ,no rush, they probably think everyone goes to Heaven anyway or this life is all there is anyway so why worry , ( dangerous but effective lies from Satan) but we know different , the strong delusion will sweep most of them under it’s influence , we must pray for them for the prayer of the righteous availeth much!

    God bless and Maranatha!

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