My Testimony, Experiencing God!

Do you hear God

Commentary By:  Gordon King

I want to tell everyone just how wonderful and magnificent God really is!  But I just can’t find the words!   They just aren’t good enough.  I truly wish to express what I have experienced with God, the awe, the wonder, the love, the miracles, the blessings, the peace, and the comfort, but I just cannot put it into words, at least not with the impact it should have on everyone’s lives!

Jesus Christ, my Lord, my Savior, my all in all!  He is the One I worship, He is the One who I turn to for help, the One I seek for all eternity!  Without Him I am nothing, doomed for eternal damnation, and that means forever my friends!

I have known God in the most intimate ways.  First of all, He saved me, gave me a new life, He also gave me eternal life.  I was worthy of none, yet He gave it all, because He loves me!  I was a sinner in the truest sense of the word.

When I was seventeen years old I was a very heavy drug addict.  Not only was I an addict, but I also dealt in drugs.  There were many times when I probably should have either been killed, severely injured, or thrown into prison!  The people who I associated myself with were not of the highest quality, at least not the way you might be thinking.  They were very “high” from all of the drugs and alcohol they were consuming!  I’m talking about bikers, ex-cons, and the like.

I had a friend who was doing the same things that I was, yet his brother just happened to be a preacher!  Can you imagine that?  Anyway, my friend started telling me about Jesus, about how He would forgive me of all the sins that I ever committed, that He would give me a new life, and also give me eternal life!  All that I had to do was repent of my sins, believe that Jesus Christ is God and that He died on the cross for me, than accept Him as my Savior.  So that’s exactly what I did.

Instantly I felt a rushing of some sort throughout my body, from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet!  It was electrifying, very intense, and lasted for hours.  I knew that something was different, that I was not the same person that I was just a few short moments ago. It was the filling of the Holy Spirit within me!

My life did change, not instantly, but gradually.  I stopped taking drugs and hanging around those ungodly characters.  I joined the Navy, got married, and had two children.  My life was not perfect, and I went through many difficult times, mainly because I drifted away from God.  Of course, I came back to God several times over the course of many years.  It’s a miracle in itself that I have never suffered from brain damage due to all of the illicit drug abuse and alcohol consumption in my teen years!

I can remember a time when God blessed me in my times of need and desperation.  This was a time when I was close to God, going to church regularly, and tithing.  I was very poor, and could barely make ends meet.  I didn’t have much money for food, and Christmas presents for the kids?!  Please!  I was lucky if I had enough money to buy a couple of gifts at the dollar store!

Anyway, one day just before Thanksgiving, I heard a knock on the door.  I opened the door to a couple of strangers who had arms full with a large basket and a couple of large brown bags filled with food!  My jaw dropped, as this was such a blessing and couldn’t have come at a better time.  I thanked and praised the Lord for His blessing to me and my children.

That very same year at Christmas time was no different.  I could not afford presents for my children.  Once again, a knock at the door just before Christmas, was a couple of strangers with loads of presents for my children!  I mean clothes and toys!  What a blessing and a miracle!  I will never forget!

There have been many other times when I needed money for bills, I trusted God and prayed for miracles, and what do you know, checks in the mailbox, more than enough to cover the bills, at other times job opportunities, or pay increases!  God is good!

There was another time when I was barely making enough money to support me and my children, as I was a single parent.  I prayed to God for guidance, then was led to start my own business (gardening, painting, plumbing).  I had very little money to start a business, let alone just to live on!  But I trusted God and where He led me.  I made some crude flyers by hand, then copied a few hundred of them, and handed them out where ever I could think of.  Within just a day or two I was working full-time and making much more money than I had previously!  The business grew and grew, very successful and rewarding for many years, until I decided to move out-of-town.   Such a miracle from God!

There have been many other times when God saved me and my children from disaster.  He has taken me out of harms way, and protected me while in danger.  Point in case, my auto accident last July.  I should have been injured much more than I was, yet, I walked away from the accident and was able to continue working.  And again, just a few months ago I was driving home from work one night and very narrowly missed being in a multi-car collision on the Freeway at high-speed.  Unfortunately, the other cars were not so blessed, yet no one was injured!  God was with me, and I believe that He had His angels watching over me!

God is good, and He will protect and care for His beloved children!

Not only have I experienced God’s blessings and miracles, I have also experienced God on a more personal level.  I have sensed God in many ways, and have felt His presence in my life over and over again, as I do now.

As many of you already know if you have read my book, “Overcoming the darkness with Jesus Christ”, I have walked through the valley of the shadow of death!  I’ll give you a brief synopsis here, if you want more details then you can read the book.

I was not walking with the Lord, I strayed away.  My son was thrown into prison, with a sentence of over eight years.  This brought me to the point of utter desperation, severe depression and anxiety, and to the point of frequent suicidal thoughts!  I could no longer function as a “normal” human being.  I was prescribed anti-anxiety medications and antidepressants.  This made me a zombie, and actually made things worse!  I had no where else to turn, no one to talk to, and everyday was a nightmare!

One day, I fell to my knees out of being broken to the point of total surrender, humbling myself before the Lord, literally crying out to God for help!  He instantly came running to me, with open arms!  I could actually see Him (in my minds eye) standing in front of me with open arms, waiting for me to come to Him.  Of course I did, and was immediately filled with His Spirit!

God’s love, comfort, peace, and Spirit came rushing over me, like a fountain of living water!  My fear disappeared, my despair was gone, no more anxiety, no more pain, no more suicidal thoughts.  I felt the anointing of the Holy Spirit upon me, very strong, very real, and very long-lasting, for over six months!  This was the time the Lord told me to start this website, and I obeyed Him.

During this time, a few months later, the Lord filled me with His love!  I wrote about this experience also.  I believe that this was another anointing, but also the glory of God Himself!  It didn’t last near as long, maybe just for the day, however, the experience is never-ending!

Another time I had an “aroma sense of smell”.  That’s to say, I smelled God!  I smelled God for a twenty-four hour period!  I believe that the Lord gave me this sense so that I would know that He is with me.  The smell was so very sweet, a smell that you just wanted to keep on smelling!  Very soothing and comforting.  Another thing that I sensed as I smelled this aroma, was the presence of angels!  I knew that angels were in the room with me.

During my accident in July of last year, there was a strange man who stopped to check on me.  He was the only person to stop.  I believe that this man was actually an angel sent from God!  I cannot prove this, but I believe it to be the truth.

I believe that I saw another angel about one year ago.  While I was at my Father’s funeral service.  I gave the eulogy and was nervous about it before hand.  I was praying for the Lord to give me the strength and courage, and also to give me peace and comfort.  As it turns out, I gave a rather long eulogy without any fear or discomfort.  As I gave the eulogy, I noticed a strange woman sitting all the way back in the room.  She sat directly in front of me, clearly in sight.  She looked right at me, and gave me a big warm smile, this put me at ease and gave me peace and comfort.  If you ask me, she was also heaven-sent, an angel from above!

A few years ago I was speaking to another Christian who said that she speaks in tongues regularly.  I told her that I never have, but that I really wanted to.  She told me to pray about it, and God will give me the gift.  So I prayed about it every night for about two weeks.  Then one night, at about 2am, I woke myself up praying in tongues!  I know it sounds strange, but it’s really the truth!  I can now speak in tongues whenever I want, and I pray in tongues often.

I have experienced God also in visions and dreams.  One time, just days before the 9.0 earthquake in Japan, I felt within me, waves of energy, huge, enormous waves flowing through me, and I had the feeling that something big was about to happen, something bad!  Two days later the disastrous earthquake in Japan hit.

I had another vision, a sensation of impending doom!  I was at work, and received a feeling of darkness, of doom, it was very intense, and very real.  Within the week a coworker of mine who was about 6 months pregnant went into labor.  Unfortunately, the child was stillborn!  No one knew before hand, not even the doctors had a clue that anything was wrong with the child.

I have received many dreams from the Lord, some personal, others regarding the world and America, many of which I have written about on this website.  I sense the Lord speaking to me through dreams, through my spirit, and through visions.  Sometimes I sense Him speaking to me through other people, signs, and events.

Many, many miracles happened in the Old and the New Testaments.  That does not mean that they do not happen today!  Of course they do!  I have experienced many of them myself, and still do on a regular basis.  Many miracles may not seem like much, but they are in answer to prayer and heaven-sent!

The point is, we only need to take a look back at our lives and see the things that God has done for us!  When we get discouraged, when we find ourselves doubting or unsure of our faith, take a look at what God has done for you.  Remember what your life was like before being saved, and compare it to how it is now.  Have you experienced God?  Has He made Himself known to you?  Has He blessed you, protected you, provided for you?

I want to feel God’s presence daily, like I did when He anointed me almost four years ago!  I want to feel His love like I did back then.  I pray daily for the Lord to make His presence known to me, to let His glory shine upon me.  I ask the Lord to help me love Him more, to increase my understanding, and to give me the knowledge of His will.  I seek heaven and the things above, I seek to know Jesus more and more each and every day.  These are the things that are truly important to me, knowing God, appreciating God, and thanking God for all that He has done, and will do!  Amen.

Thank you God for loving me, a sinner, lost in the world, not knowing the truth, until I came to the cross!  I love You with all of my heart and all of my soul.  I thank You God for all that You have blessed me with, and for all that You do!  For Your mercies are everlasting, Your love is immeasurable, and Your grace abounds!  You have given me the greatest gift of all time, eternal life with You!  Amen.

If you do not yet know the God of the universe, Jesus Christ, then don’t wait another minute!  You too can experience the goodness of God!

Accept Jesus Christ now as your personal Lord and Savior!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

4 thoughts on “My Testimony, Experiencing God!

  1. Amen, God is good!! He has persistently wooed me through out my whole life. I have never felt from anyone the love he gives me. After I meet Jesus (on my face) in thankfulness I’m going to come give you a big hug! You have been such a blessing, even a lifeline to me at times. I feel God speaking in your posts. I too have a past much like yours and am in constant awe and unbelief at what God has brought me through. It’s unexplainable really. Oh I’m just all full of God’s joy right now, here catch some- lol.
    Bless you brother!!

  2. Thank you for your comments and encouragement Rebecca!

    We will most definitely meet in heaven sister! I can feel the joy now!

    God bless! Maranatha!

  3. Gordon what a wonderful testimonial to Gods Grace, Mercy and Love and now after your brokenness you are able to minister to others through these posts as led by Him who is with you always even unto the end of the world! I have also read you book and I think when we humble ourselves to share the nitty gritty of our lives that is what attracts others, so many unbelievers view Christians as a self righteous lot, if only they could all meet someone just like you in their lives. God does seem to have just the right person for each though and yes it could even be an angel in disguise!
    For myself I can witness to God’s amazing grace too and when I was young teens I was expelled from school, ran around in gangs brought great distress to my parents and was often homeless, starving and resorted to stealing . When I came to know The Lord it was just at home calling on His name when He came I just said I don’t know what I am doing wrong but I am making everyone around me so unhappy please help me , I too was filled with a peace and joy that I hadn’t ever known before, it felt like it was only seconds spent with Him but when I looked at the clock two hours had passed. Like yourself most of the next 5 years of my life were spent living for myself not God and I was not aware He was with me all the time until a year later when I found myself in a relationship that was abusive, I was stuck in that relationship for 4 years but started praying again and one day after a nasty attack I heard in my thoughts He was telling me to go now or you will never leave! My thoughts back to Him were I can’t I have no money, (my boyfriend used to take all my money and only allow me return bus fare to work each day) but then I remembered I had just been paid my months salary £100 and it hadn’t yet been taken from me. My boyfriend had stormed out to the betting shop so I phoned a taxi threw clothes in a black sack and left for the long journey to my parents home. Things got better but still I never set foot in a church or even read The Bible (that all came later) I did not know I was a Christian really! I just thought God kept sending me help. I got married to Stephen and shortly after the next major event in my life my Dad died in a horrific road accident when he was 49, that was devastating to me and my family, my mother wanted to visit His body in the funeral parlour but I didn’t want to but again in my thoughts I heard Him if she can stand it so can you! So I went and when I stood looking at Dad in the coffin I realised it was only his shell he had gone , I prayed Please Lord give your comfort in our hour of need. Wow! tingling, electric went through me and every time I tried to speak these strange sounds came out of my mouth! I didn’t know I had just asked for The Holy Spirit ‘The Comforter’ and was speaking in tongues, back home I couldn’t put the Bible down searching for answers to all the questions I had. It would be great to say I was faithful after that but it would take too long to go on, suffice to say I BACK slid again and buy the time I came fully surrendered to The Lord I was at the end of myself contemplating suicide and asking for forgiveness for misusing what He had given me and longing for Him to show me the way back or I would die. Well He did, here I am not perfect still but definitely more broken and never wanting to stray far from Him again! I love His presence too and sometimes it is like sweet feather delicate kisses on my face in a very very gentle breeze! I am sure He makes us all aware of His presence in different ways that are just so perfect for us and our need at the time! Sometimes we do not have those tender signs He is with us and we have to hold onto His promises that He is there even when we can’t sense Him I have had some dry periods and long dark nights of the soul when I think He will never be close to me again like He once was but it is only for a season and often I have grown more during those times because I have had to dig deep into faith.
    Gods love and blessings to you all in you precious lives!

  4. Thank you for sharing your testimony with us Christine!

    It was so good to hear your story Christine. How God called you out of the darkness and into the light!

    We all have a story to tell don’t we? All of us were at one time just sinners in a fallen world, no where to run, no where to hide. It’s only until we came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, that we began to understand just who we really are, and why we were put on this planet.

    God will make His presence known to us all, yet many in different ways. As believers, we must share our stories with a fallen world, in order for them to see what God has done in our lives! To show them that He is real, and that there is a better way, that we can have eternal life.

    We don’t always feel God’s presence, but we should know that He is still there. And like you said, during those times is when we have to search Him out, becoming closer to Him and deeper in the faith! Isn’t it funny how He works these things out?!

    God bless sister! Maranatha!

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