Sensing increased Evil in the World!

Increased natural disasters evil violence

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Brothers and sisters in Christ, I am sensing an urgency in the air!  I am not writing this to alarm you, but rather to inform you so that you are aware. 

There is a strong presence in the world at this time, an evil presence which is seeking to steal, kill and destroy!  These spirits are real folks, and they mean to do us harm.  They are very active and are coming against both the lost and the saved!

I cannot even begin to describe what I am sensing in terms of the evil and wickedness, but it is here, and it is all around us!  Much of it is being manifested into the physical, while there is still much more which has not, at least not yet!

This evil is intense and unrelenting, and it shall soon bring with it mass confusion, chaos, and destruction!  Those not standing firm in their faith will fall away, and those close to the Lord will fight many battles.  The lost will become even more lost, becoming further separated from God Almighty,  with hardened hearts becoming even harder, with blinded eyes becoming covered even more with scales of darkness!

Take heed to what the Lord says, follow the Holy Spirits lead, and do not fall to the teachings of demons!  For the time is here now for many to be deceived into wickedness.  There are those who will attempt to misguide and mislead, even the elect! 

The twisting of the truth is before us, the melding of truth with lies will sound good to the ears, but beware, for there are false teachers and false prophets seeking to deceive!  Wolves in sheep’s clothing!  Their eternal destination will end in destruction, but those faithful to Christ will see eternal life!

Bible prophecy is being fulfilled, mockers and scoffers are coming out of the closets, and the ungodly are making themselves known.  The world as we once knew it is gone, and the wicked shall try to overtake the good.

I can see the world headed for disaster on a grand scale.  The ungodly will call evil good, and good evil, even much more then we already see.  Do not be alarmed, for this must take place before the coming of Christ!

And for those of us believing in a Pre-Tribulation rapture of the church, this is a good thing! 

I can see people around me falling into lies, believing untruths, and twisting the truth!  I see them becoming more and more anti-Christ, more ungodly, and unable to see the truth!  And I see the godly standing firm in their faith, holding to the word of God, and becoming more Christ-like!

The division and separation of the godly and the ungodly is widening, the light is becoming brighter, and the dark is becoming even darker!  The chasm between sinful man and God is widening, and the truth is becoming even harder to find for the lost.

And shall it be, just before the rapture of the church, that man’s hearts will have become so hardened that he will no longer be able to accept Christ if He is standing right before them?!  Is this where we are headed?  And if so, just how much longer will it be?  It seems as though that time is close at hand.

And just as Noah stood right before the masses and proclaimed the destruction of the world, yet they hardened their hearts to the point of not seeing the truth!  So it is becoming now!

When Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed due to men’s hearts waxing cold, they could not see the truth, nor would they be able to, so God destroyed them all, all except Lot and his family who were found righteous!

Take heed brothers and sisters in Christ, listen to the Holy Spirit within.  Know that time is short, and that God is with us!  Follow God, listen to His words, and remain faithful to the end!  Amen.

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

9 thoughts on “Sensing increased Evil in the World!

  1. Thank you Gordon! I totally agree and have been sensing the exact same. I have been amazed by what has been happening in the UK , in C.E Churches just this past week I read a letter from the council for change with 300 signatures from Church leaders supporting Bishops who wish to COME OUT as homosexual leaders in the church. That is fine as long as they are supporting them to stand firm in The Lord and not give way to the sins of the flesh. Celibacy is not a sin and highly prized for those walking with The Lord as single Christians whatever there sexual inclination is.

    I am reading There has been a lot of explaining away the teachings in the Bible especially around Homosexuality sexual acts.

    Surely all Leaders with a High calling should live lives without reproach so others will not stumble in their faith. They are called to do so in The Bible or they should not aspire to such a role of leadership.

    I have written to them stating my views based on Biblical teaching but I think it is becoming an offence to call Man Lying with Man and Woman Lying with Woman a Sin, however, I believe in a religious context there is still freedom of speech from strongly held religious beliefs in the UK and this is in a Christian context for those Leaders in the Church who have a high calling if they aspire to being a Bishop. I know God loves everyone and I seek to love all with Christ’s love too! I do know He is a Holy God though and all of us have had and are having our struggles but we are called as Christians to walk in obedience taking up our Cross each day. I know how difficult it is when we want to hold onto something but He really does hold us in our temptations with His strength and gives us the way out if we trust in Him. He won’t force us though if we insist on doing things our way we may be turned over to it and have to come to the end of ourselves through much tribulation before we turn back. How would they support If it was a vicar involved in adultery or fornication etc would He or She not be reproved by them ?

    So watch this space , we must just rely on The Lord and all His promises, He will be with us in all out troubles if we stand firm!

    Also on Facebook there was a Posting about a Woman Bishop who states she is removing the Cross from Her Church so as not to offend visiting Muslims, I wonder what else will be removed …The whole Gospel message? I don’t think God requires us to have emblems , statues and such in the Church anyway but this is only the start I fear.

    On the positive side I am seeing green shoots in the hearts of some I have been praying for over a long time and have had opportunity to share with a lady at work and also my brother in law and my brother accepted a Bible from me and my Husband is growing in believing but not yet sure of his salvation. I am in bed with a virus yesterday and today so plenty of time With the Lord so I actually don’t mind being holed up at home and last week was in bed with what I can only explain as labour like pains so bad I couldn’t go to work and it lasted three days! I couldn’t even stand up but no other symptoms…strange! I think God wanted my attention and He got it without distraction as I was again holed up with Him at home.

    Please remember me in your prayers.

    God Bless and Maranatha!

  2. Hi Gordon,
    What you are sensing in the spirit is very much true. I have had several encounters with the Lord that revealed this very thing. Keep praying, keep your eyes on the Lord, put the full armor on daily!

  3. All you say is true Gordon, The atmosphere is literally thick with demonic activity. Out of all this condition that you describe, there is a sense of impending chaos that once it starts, it will be like a dry brush fire in a strong wind, it will not be extinguished. The main hub of activity for the evil and violence some might say today is Syria or some despotic evil dictator far away. Yet, the evil of abortions and harvesting unborn baby parts or even pre-born human organs is the worse evil, it’s all hidden neat and tidy behind the doors of abortion clinics and kept at a low tone so the effects will not be noticed.

    I spoke to a Christian believer today and he shared with me about how our nation can once again have hope if we just elect a fellow Christian or Christian’s to political office. I’m all for governing through biblical principles, however no one has yet shown me a biblical template from Christ or Paul that the bible is a book that is suppose to be used to govern nations, Jesus never brought a “get saved then run for political office” message He brought a message of individual salvation through trust in Him. He assured his followers of persecution because of Him. I can’t find in the new testament anywhere that Christians in this age are called to be the rulers of nations. Yet, we are called to be disciple makers and win converts to Christ. We can’t as believers be short sighted and forget that we are only temporary visitors in this life and get so bonded to this world and it’s deception. We have the rapture, the millennial reign, and the eternal state of heaven for our absolute certain future. It can’t be only about a few short years of good times in this life here and now.

    I believe some of the mass confustion that you are referring to is being witnessed in the presidential campaign. If Christians are allowing themselves to be courted as a bloc of voters with some kind of political power then those Christians are confused.
    Most people are aware of the seriousness of our problems and are looking for a man to “fix” things for them. However when you look at the world as a whole, especially world war 3 about to begin in the middle east and an economic collapse already happening, Jesus is the only answer, He is the only one to hope in, He is the only one we can trust.
    Yours Truly,

  4. Thank you for your comments Christine!

    More often then not, when believers share the truth of the gospel, we are condemned for being hateful and intolerant, labeled as judging and condemning others of their sin. However, we are to shine a light in the darkness and expose the evil! Didn’t Jesus do that? If we share the truth of God, without condemning a person, is that passing judgment? And even so, if Christian leaders are practicing abominations to God, shouldn’t we rebuke and reprove them?! Are we not told to do this in scripture?

    While we should uncover the darkness and expose the evils in the world, we should not personally attack unbelievers, yet we should tell the world of the sin in the world, of what is right and wrong according to scripture, so that they will have no excuse. Yet in doing so we are condemned by the world, persecuted for our beliefs! And Jesus said that it would be so.

    And all of this happening in our churches today is bible prophecy being fulfilled! Many in the church compromising their faith, the written word of God, in order to please men of the world! The falling away of the faith, the twisting of the truth, and the melding of religions. Ours is not to please man, but to please God!

    If we love those in the world, then we need to tell them the truth, we need to share with them the errors of their ways, and tell them where they are headed if they carry on! We need to show them a better way, the only way leading to heaven! Yet, it’s not always an easy thing to do in the world today, and it will get much more difficult as time marches on.

    I am sorry to hear of your illness, however, it just may be as you have stated, that the Lord wants some alone time with you!

    You and Stephen are in my prayers!

    God bless Christine! Maranatha!

  5. Thanks for your comment Ethin!

    The evil in the world is increasing each and every day! It’s amazing just how fast. And yet, most of the world seems oblivious to what is going on. I just can’t see it being too much longer before the rapture of the church!

    God bless brother!

  6. One thing I have noticed more now in our town I am from the Uk there are more cctv cameras, I just sense the public is being watched more there is odd feeling I can sense in the air.

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