3 thoughts on “The Mark of the Beast – L.A. Marzulli

  1. Very interesting Gordon, thank you.

    The evil one comes like an angel of light rather then the deceptive liar he is. This fallen created angel, producer of evil is not stupid! And everything is lining up and accelerating for his ‘coming out’ party. There’s a war going on and it’s a war for our soul. When you can’t distinguish true love (agape, true freedom to choose not be obligated) he claims it as his own. Once again twisting God’s perfect creation, word.
    I believe the mark, of the beast is rooted in worship. Lucifer was jealous of God’s adoration in the heavens and wanted/wants this accolade for himself, whether it be by force or not, he is determine to get it. Enter man’s creation and again our adoration to God and His goodness. Loyalty = worship, who you give your loyalty to will either seal you or mark you. In my opinion, the chip is a poison your putting in your body for convenience and propaganda, as a safety device. But it’s a controlling tool. It’s all about control and monitoring/tracking everybody’s moves. This chip, (and the rest of it: electronic tattoo, artificial intelligence, robotics, dna manipulation,etc.) is voluntary now (present tense) but it will not stay that way. The time is coming when true followers of Christ won’t be able to buy, sell, live in this world without worshiping a created being rather then our Creator (hence the mark of separation). ‘The Book’ tells us it will happen so when it does you would not be afraid but know your redemption is nearer then you first thought. All will come to its climatic end at Jesus’ advent. Do not be deceived or afraid.

    There is such darkness in the world; God doesn’t/hasn’t abandon us, we have abandon Him. The way a nation behaves brings blessings or judgment. All you have to do is look around to see which phase we’re in. We have invited evil in, when we have dismissed, neglected, relinquished God, out of our lives, our schools, our public buildings, even our churches talk more of the virgin Mary then the true, living God and our Savior Jesus Christ who alone died for our sins and resurrected; that we too can be at one with Him. We have been broken from within. A fact we must face and change in ourselves. We must act like children of the Most High God, imitate Jesus with malice towards none. His grace, His power is within us. Claim it! Repentance and acceptance is the doorway that leads to life eternal.
    God is ultimately in control, yet He gave us free will to choose, the freedom to love Him in return.
    He’s letting the scenario play out so in the end of this era we will see His justification, how true and just He has been/IS. Stay true to our Creator He has our best interest at heart. Be loyal and faithful to Him in everything you do. The war has been won! If we must die for being faithful then let’s fight to the death for truth and the Lord God will war on our side. Pray for courage and strength to endure the coming onslaught… God bless. Maranatha!!

  2. Thanks SweetJava!

    I believe that what we are witnessing today with microchip implants, is getting the masses prepared to accept such a mark. Just as the media has done with homosexuality, promiscuity, immoral behavior, and an alien invasion, all fed to us in mass, preparing us to accept what is ungodly and unholy! Turning what is wrong into right, what is evil into good!

    Accept the Mark of the Beast, whether it be an implant, a tattoo, or whatever it may be, then you have accepted Satan as your Lord! There is no turning back.

    God bless and Maranatha!

  3. Exactly. A deception that is dangerous if accepted, all spew out for convenience and safety. Beware where you place your loyalty… Another reason why we must be prepared mentally, physically and spiritually.
    God bless.

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