The Time Before The End!

Photo: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, during Tuesday visit to the Vatican, leafs through a book he gave to Pope Francis as a gift – AP

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Bible prophecy is moving faster than anyone can keep up with! 

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani met with Italian government officials as well as the Pope.  During his visit he stated that Iran was the safest and most stable country in the Middle East!  What, who in the world is he kidding?!  Are people really buying this and eating it up?  Apparently the Pope thinks so!

The Pope prayed for the Iranian President during his visit to the Vatican.  The Vatican believes that Iran will play a vital role in easing tensions in the Middle East and that Iran will now play a role in combating terrorism and become a regional player in resolving Middle East conflicts.

Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni also said that Iran can be a regional player in resolving Middle East tensions, starting in Syria!

The Pope told President Rouhani “I hope for peace”.

This stuff cannot be made up folks!  It seems as though Italy and the Pope believe whatever Iran tells them to be the truth, or is there really something else hiding under the covers that we just don’t see in plain sight?

Is the Pope playing a vital role in end time prophecy?  Is the Pope leading masses into a great deception?  Just what role will Rome play in the end times?  Is Rome actually the new Babylon as described in Revelation, and is the Pope the false prophet?  No one knows for sure, but it sure looks that way to me!

We are living in the last days, the end times, not the Tribulation period, but the time just before it begins.  The pieces of the puzzle are falling into place, the players are on stage preparing for an end time battle!

People are being deceived that Islam is a religion of “peace”, the world is in need of “peace and security”, put the two together and you get a deceptive peace, a false peace and security.  This is where we are in the world today, believing what is false, believing that Islam is a peaceful religion.

1 Thessalonians 5:3

 For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape.

This is the time, the moments just before the beginning of the Tribulation period.  Do not be deceived, do not be led astray, for the time is soon coming for Great Tribulation!

Know who you are, know where you stand, Jesus Christ is the only true “peace and safety”!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

5 thoughts on “The Time Before The End!

  1. I agree with you, the pieces of the puzzles are coming together, the religious sect is joining forces with anyone that will accomplish the dirty work, be his henchmen. The economic meltdown is happening and will create such chaos and shortages of basic necessities that will usher in both; one world religion and one world government. Ask yourself who’s in the forefront advocating unity for both..?..
    Once establish the anti Christ is ready to make his appearance, be the shining hero to the rescue, who will have solutions to fix ALL the world’s problems. IF, you give up your personal God given freedoms, beliefs and follow him, worship him, take his mark. Everything we see now is in preparation to this system of complete servitude. All in the name of peace, safety and convenience.
    People in direr straits (individuals who haven’t prepared mentally, physically and spiritually) will demand it, not knowing (for lack of truth) what it truly entails.
    I’ve read an article that said next year ‘is the 100th anniversary of Apparitions’: who knows if an apparition of lady Fatima will unite the Catholics and Muslims; next year will be ‘the 500th year of the Reformation Jubilee’ which unites the Catholics and the Protestants; and also ‘the start of the Catholic Charismatic renewal Jubilee that focuses on ‘signs and wonders’..
    What does this all mean, can you see a picture forming of unity, of the churches – one world religion under the false prophet. The man who shows himself meek and mannered yet, has all governing bodies come to him, who has the masses enthrall with him by his so called meekness, presents himself well. Beware of wolf in sheep’s clothing! Who did you say was at the forefront promoting ‘we all worship the same God’, who’s the one promoting we must unite to protect the poor among us (using this platform to unite the world economies). He may or may not be the false prophet, but I agree with you Gordon, strong evidence sure points to him. ‘By his fruits…’

    The great deception is already here!
    and will progress til unity is achieved, any which way, through fear, violence, servitude, death; through entertainment and music, anything that keep’s our focus occupied and separated from the God of Heaven and His son, Jesus Christ.
    Scriptures’ tells us it will be so and lets be honest with ourselves aren’t we seeing it happening. At least ‘those who have eyes to see’ (bible believing individuals) are seeing it and feeling it. Others have their heads in the sand and will give up their birthright for a meal. Get your head out of the sand and humbly kneel yourself to the true God of the Universe and be forgiven. There are two choices and only one leads to everlasting life. Choose wisely.

    The Reformers and Protestants of old separated themselves from Rome and its doctrines only to have them all return in this last era back to mother church. All in the name of peace and unity. Have we forgotten the true principles of the Holy Scriptures and why the reformers protested..?..
    WAKE-UP! People! See the writing on the wall! The hour is getting late and who you stand with will be your defining moment entering the Tribulation period. Have no doubt we will be going through the refining process, we must show the world who we stand for. Stand with our armor on, with mind, body and spirit committed to and united with Jesus. Pleasing Him in attitude and behavior, constantly praying and giving thanks. He will not leave you but protect you. His power is in us to withstand all the arrows and finish the race. By confession and repentance, by asking Him to come into our hearts and changing us from the inside (daily for its every day we need guidance and assurance), humbly asking for help. We’re battling against evil principalities, demons in high places not flesh and blood. It’s a spiritual war we’re up against. Therefore we need God’s Spirit in us. God’s word must be the foundation of our faith to combat the assaults that are present and are coming.
    Believe in the Blessed Hope and do all you can to stand firm in your convictions. God bless us all. Maranatha!

    Thank you Gordon. May Our Lord guide and protect you. In Jesus’ Holy name. Amen.

  2. Thanks SweetJava!

    The Catholic church took control of Christianity about 300 years after the death of Jesus Christ. It was the Roman empire which gave birth to this church, a church which I believe has false ideals, beliefs, and teachings! The following is a list of some of the things they do and believe which are not a part of biblical scripture:

    Worshiping “Mary” as divinity, praying to saints, the baptismal of infants, confessing our sins to a priest, etc.

    The Catholic church has taken away what is truly important, and replaced it with false teachings. They have instituted many traditions which brought the masses of people together during the reign of the Roman Emperor Constantine. They twisted the truth, added to it, and taken away from it. They united the teachings of false gods and idols, and pagan rituals. We still see this today in many of the religious holidays that we observe. It was not until the Protestant Reformation begun by Martin Luther in the 16th century, that Christians took back the true religion and separated themselves from the false teachings!

    So the Roman Empire has had about 1300 years from its conception before the Reformation to brain wash the masses, and about 1700 years total! That’s a lot of years to mislead and misguide the world!

    God bless SweetJava! Maranatha!


  4. Exactly so my friend. Sad to say it’s continuing to the point of reversing the Reformers actions of coming out of her and getting back to the basic principals of the Holy Scriptures, without ANY alterations. The doctrines of mother church has insinuated itself in practically every church that emulates her. Including Sunday worship. Hence all are coming back to the fold.
    Scriptures’ interprets itself there’s no need to change, add, subtract from it. Yet it continues to this present day with the newest indoctrination of we can all go to heaven by any means, we are all one religion believing in the same God…

    We need to get back to basic teachings straight from the Book itself and prayer for wisdom and discernment. The books are open to those who seek the truth, humbly wanting to know without any preconceived ideas or thoughts.

    May Our Lord grant each of us wisdom and discernment to know Him better. In Jesus’ Holy name, Amen. God bless.

  5. Gordon, I came across this video on YouTube that visually explains the history of the Roman Church by bibleortradition;

    God bless.

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