LOOK: Woman’s Unaltered Photo of a Cross Made of Light Is Majestic

Cross Michigan womans photo 17 January 2016

(SOURCE)   A Michigan woman’s photo of a stunning sunrise is a huge hit online.

Michelle Loraff snapped the photo in the city of Buchanan while driving to work as the sun was coming up.

She said on Fox and Friends Weekend that she didn’t even realize the light made the shape of a cross until she looked at the photo later.

“Initially, what caught my eye was just the sun coming up and light pillar,” she said. “And I just pulled off and took the picture, and realized after I took the picture that there was a cloud that reflected off that light pillar that looked like a cross.”



    • Gordon King

      Isn’t that awesome Melodee?!

      I believe this to be a real unaltered photo, and if it is, then just what is it telling us? Tell me we aren’t living in the last days! God is good!

      God bless!

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