Believe in the Word of God!

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Commentary By:  Gordon King

Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior has given us His word in writing, the Holy Bible!  We should as believers, take His word for what it says, as the truth, the whole truth!  Sure, there are verses which are parables, and there are scriptures used to make a point or be descriptive, such as when the apostle John illustrates to us what will happen in the Tribulation period.  Many of the things which will happen in future events would have made no sense to the people of that time, so he had to describe things the best that he could by using illustrations, yet it does not mean that these things will not happen!

If we as believers, do not believe what the bible says will happen, then why believe any of it?!  Why would you then even believe that Jesus Christ is God, that He died on the cross to save us?  If you do not take the bible literally or believe the entire scripture, then why believe any of it at all?!

I have heard from many believers who say that they do not take all of the bible literally, nor do they really believe what the bible tells us will happen in the future!

Many do not believe in a literal heaven, hell, or rapture of the church!  Many do not believe that Jesus was really God in the flesh!  And many more do not believe that the Great Tribulation period as spoken of by the apostle John will really happen, but is merely a metaphor of the times that we are now living in!

There are still those who call themselves believers in Jesus Christ who will take the scripture and use it for their own worldly lusts.  They take it out of context and twist the words of God to meet their own desires!  This my friends is blasphemy against the Most High God of the universe!

I for one, am a 100% bible believing, God-fearing believer in Jesus Christ!  I take the bible for what it says, for what it tells me is the truth.  I do not twist the words of my Savior, nor do I try to misinterpret its meaning!

I just cannot wrap my mind around what others believe to be the truth, when in fact they do not believe the entire bible to be the truth!  If we cannot believe the bible to be the true, inerrant word of God Himself, then why believe any of it?!  Why would God tell us that specific events in the future will happen, if they will not?  This is just like saying that God is a liar!  And I know that God cannot lie!  And if He could, then do I really want to worship Him?

What exactly is the word of God?  Do you not know that Jesus Himself is called “The Word”?  If Jesus Christ is the Word, then what is written within the pages of the bible is God Himself speaking to us!  And if these are the words from God Himself, then shouldn’t we believe all of what they say?

I know that it is difficult for our human minds to comprehend much of what we read in scripture, but does this make it any less true?  Just because we may not understand or believe does not make it false!

Let us not be so proud and arrogant in saying that we know more than God does!  If we are true, born again Christians, then we should believe all of what God tells us.  We should humble ourselves before our Creator and follow in His footsteps.  Ours is not to ask God why, but to listen to His Spirit and believe what He says!  If not, then why follow Him?

I know of false gods in this world, and I know that they lie!  I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would ever want to follow such a god as this!  Yet many do.

There is only one true God of the universe, LORD, Yahweh, Jehovah, Adonai, I AM, The Word, Jesus Christ!  If you believe in Him, then believe what He tells us is the truth!  Believe what He tells us is coming and what will happen!

Do not take the Holy Bible and twist it or misuse it!  Do not add to it or take away from it!  Believe what it tells us to be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help us God!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!


4 thoughts on “Believe in the Word of God!

  1. Thank you Gordon for post.
    Only today in a UK national newspaper a columnist reporting on the problems of migration and different cultural beliefs especially concerning woman. then went on to say her uncle was a homosexual and that in her beliefs all ‘ Fundamental Christians’ who believe that The Bible should be taken word for word are BONKERS! Then went on to say that all modern Christians agree with that! I believe she was conflicted in her views because of biblical teaching regarding Man lying with Man and therefore she had to believe there were other interpretations! Still we know it’s going to happen more and more. I truly believe The Anti Christ is planting some conflict of interest in each family so as to compromise the willingness to take The Bible without compromise. because it would be painful to those that loves their son,daughter, Sister. brother, grandson etc more than The Lord. However, There is nothing the Lord can’t do in our lives He is more than conqueror and will give us victory if we truly trust Him and surrender each step of the way (obviously not without a struggle ). We have to count the cost though. I have known many Homosexuals in my lifetime and when I was younger late teens my best friend was Homosexual. I think that is why The Lord is trusting me with this work as He knows I have compassion for them struggling with this crisis of faith.

    Its great being able to share with you all .
    God bless and keep you safe.

    • Thank you Christine!

      If someone wants to call me “Bonkers” for believing that the entire word of God is true, then so be it, I’m Bonkers! I’ve been called a zealot, and many other things that I will not repeat on this site.

      We are to love God first and foremost, even before our loved ones. Does this mean that we don’t deeply love them? No, of course not! Yet, that is how many people view it. We must always view the world and our life from a heavenly perspective. This makes our problems not seem quite so bad, and it gives us a sense of just how great God really is!

      God bless Christine!

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