Pope Francis calls for bold response to migration crisis

Pope Francis has called for a sustainable solution to the migration crisis. Photograph: Andreas Solaro/AFP/Getty

Pontiff says world leaders must not let security concerns replace principle of respecting dignity of others

(SOURCE)   Pope Francis has called for a bold and creative strategy to deal with global migration, insisting Europe has the means to absorb refugees without sacrificing its security or culture.

In a speech on Monday to the Holy See’s diplomatic corps, the pontiff lamented the distinction made by the international community between refugees fleeing persecution and those fleeing poverty.

Human history had been marked by great waves of migration, and humanity today must not let security fears replace the principle of respecting the dignity of others, he said.

“The present wave of migration seems to be undermining the foundations of that ‘humanistic spirit’ which Europe has always loved and defended,” the pope said in an annual address to diplomats in Vatican City.

But, he said, he was sure Europe could find “the right balance between its two-fold moral responsibility to protect the rights of its citizens and to ensure assistance and acceptance to migrants”.

He called for dialogue to begin among the countries of migrants’ origin, transit and reception “so that with greater boldness and creativity, new and sustainable solutions can be sought”.

5 thoughts on “Pope Francis calls for bold response to migration crisis

  1. Thanks for your comment 1wanderingtruthseeker!

    That sounds like a wonderful idea! Lets redirect them all to the Vatican!

    What in the world is the Pope thinking?! I understand that we need to help others who are suffering and in need, but to do so at the peril of our own people? We must understand just what we are dealing with here, this is a religious ideology planning to take over the world! This is a great deception of our times, Islamic terrorists dressed up in “sheep’s clothing”.

    Most of the world seems to think that the only way to help these refugees is by moving them into other countries. Is that it? Is that all that can be done? Don’t we have anyone in the world who can think outside of the box? Or is this going to help usher in the Anti-Christ? Could this be one of the triggers which will lead to this One World Leader who has the answer?! I believe that it could!

    God bless!

  2. Yes, that and Obama wants to head up the U.N. Why don’t all those Muslims stay and protect all those women an children back home??? Why won’t their Muslim neighboring countries take them in??? They KNOW these Muslims are butchering other Muslims and anybody else that doesn’t like their view of religion.

  3. What about respecting the dignity of the host population who are expected to endure the arrogance and overt hostility of the self-invited users.

  4. Thanks for your comment John!

    Exactly! And do we not know that this is the plan of Islam, to invade countries in order to overtake them?! The world needs to wake up!

    God bless!

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