Increasing Terror in the West!

Crisis in America

Commentary By:  Gordon King

The world is becoming a very ugly place my friends!  The evil which permeates the landscape is moving over the face of the earth and seeks to destroy what is good and righteous.

I’ve spoken many times before regarding evil increasing in the end times, about ISIS coming to America, and about terror attacks increasing at home and in our own neighborhoods.  Well, yesterdays shooting of a Philadelphia police officer is no exception!

It has been reported that the attacker claimed to be a Muslim and allegiance to ISIS.  This was no shock to me as I could see the writing on the wall!  Some say that this man really wasn’t a part of ISIS, that he was merely mentally unstable!  Well, aren’t all the members of ISIS mentally unstable?!

The point is that we are seeing an increase in Islamic terror here in America and throughout the Western world.  This is only the beginning of such pain and sorrows, it will get worse!

With the influx of tens of thousands of Syrian refugees pouring into America, just how many of them are Islamic terrorists?!  Nobody knows.  And out of a spirit of love we want to help those in need, to share what God has given to us in order to help others.  Yet, at the same time we must be vigilant in our decisions, aware of just what we are doing, and safeguard our country and our lives!  This is the dilemma that we now find ourselves in.  This is the dilemma that the world is in!

While there may be over a billion Muslims who claim to be peaceful, it is because they are not following the teachings of Muhammad!  They do not fully adhere to the teachings of the Quran, the Hadith, and other Muslim writings.  And when things get worse, when these Muslims come to a cross roads where they must make a decision to fully submit to Allah or else, which way do you think they will choose?!  The way of Islam is forceful submission!

This is an evil in the world which seeks to steal, kill, and destroy! 

John 10:10

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy…”

Sort of funny in a strange way, that Satan seeks the same things!  He is the father of “all” lies, and will stop at nothing to obtain his goals.  Yet, Islam is the same way, lie to get what you want in the name of Allah!  Why are there so many similarities between Islam and Satan?!

On the other hand, Jesus Christ wants us to submit to Him fully, to give up our own lives in order that He may live through us!  There is a great difference between Christianity and Islam!  Christianity is not a forced submission, it is at the will of the person accepting Christ.  Islam is forced submission, believe in and fully submit to Allah or face a brutal outcome!

Jesus saves and gives us eternal life, He wants us to live an abundant life while here on earth and helps us along the way.  Muhammad cannot save you, neither can Allah!  They cannot give you eternal life, nor do they care about your life while here on earth!

Jesus Christ is Peace and Truth!  Islam is lies, deception, and hatred!  Fully adhere to the teachings of Jesus Christ and you will be set free, you will have eternal life, and you will be blessed!  You will not only be blessed but will be a blessing to those around you!  Fully adhere to the teachings of Islam and you will become an Islamic Terrorist!

Blinded eyes cannot see, nor hardened hearts know the love of God Almighty!  They cannot find the peace which awaits them if they only believe!  Theirs is darkness and doom, what awaits them is not eternal life, but eternal damnation!

Soften your heart, open your eyes, pray to the LORD God to show you the truth!  There is only one way to heaven, one way to eternal life, and that way is Jesus Christ!  He is the door, He is the only way in!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

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