Discern the Spirits, Know the Truth!

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Commentary By:  Gordon King

Children of God Almighty, the Lord of the universe, listen carefully and heed the words of God!  We have been warned over and over again to beware and discern the spirits, we are told to rightly divide the word of God, and we are told that there will be false teachers and false prophets in the last days.

We are told not to be deceived by wolves in sheep’s clothing, and to be a Berean and search the scriptures for ourselves!  Do not take the word of others regardless of what they tell you to be the truth.  Test it against the word of our Lord in heaven.

These times that we live in are perilous times, times in which Satan and his demonic powers are hard at work in an attempt to destroy the workings of God Almighty!

There are those who come and claim to know the truth and shall lead many astray from the truth!  Their doctrines are not from the word of God.  There are many others who misinterpret the truth and by doing so will also mislead many down the wrong path!

This is why it is so vitally important that we know the truth of God’s word, that we rightly divide God’s word, and that we understand what it is that the good Lord is actually telling us!  It is also vitally important that we are able to discern the spirits, to know the difference between a true teacher and a false prophet!

Many shall come saying that Christ’s sacrifice on the cross was not enough, that you cannot be saved only by believing and placing your faith in Jesus Christ!  Christ’s sacrifice on the cross was more than enough for everything and anything that we will ever need!  Period!  Many people do not really understand what Christ’s sacrifice means, nor do they understand the power behind it!

There are also those who will claim that there are many ways to heaven, do not believe it!

Salvation is only obtained by believing in Jesus Christ and placing your faith in Him!  Thats it!  Nothing more, nothing less!  It’s not that hard to understand, yet many people make it much more complicated than it actually is!

Do not trust all spirits, do not believe everything that people are telling you without first testing against God’s written word!

We all have personal experiences with God, some may be written about in scripture some not, however this does not mean that they are not from the Lord!  And what I am speaking about in this post is not about our personal experiences from God.  I have had many such experiences in my lifetime, I know they were from God, yet there are those who tell me that I am wrong!  So be it.  No one can tell me that what I have experienced with the Lord is not real or did not happen, I am the one who had the experiences.

Demonic spirits are busy at work this very moment in time, yet God Almighty and His Holy Spirit are also hard at work at this very moment!  Lets not forget that.

Trust in the Lord your God, know what He says, listen to His voice, and be able to discern the spirits.  Have faith and hope in the promises of God, and know that what He says will be done!  Place your trust and faith in God and He will see you through, He will bless you, and He will always be with you!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

10 thoughts on “Discern the Spirits, Know the Truth!

  1. Gordon, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog almost daily. There is a lot of information here that is needed. Also I love the fact that you are aware of the spiritual realm and revelations from God and how God is just bringing forth so many right now. I just have question regarding what’s on television. It came to my mind recently that everything that’s been on TV in the last few years with regards to zombies spiritual realm television shows vampires etc R really and attempt of Satan to try to make us believe that these things are normal because the time will be coming when people will not be able to die even though they want to bad things will be very bad from a spiritual perspective and battling of the mind and I just think its preparation for us he wants the lie to be perpetuated. However, I also believe that God is using these television programs and movies to be able to help believers who are seeking the truth to be more prepared when the time comes. Any thoughts?

  2. Thank you for your comment Ann, and your encouragement!

    I agree with you 100% Ann! Satan will use any means to deceive the masses and prepare us for what is coming. Doesn’t it seem sort of funny that what happens on television often becomes reality?! He uses media to brain wash us into believing lies, yet God also uses the media to spread the truth! Amen

    God bless Ann!

  3. I mentioned about my pastor in your previous blog about him being deceived in a lot of things with him not reading the bible properly and his wandering eyes.

  4. This bad spirit has been affecting the the pastor of my church to really stare at me. I felt the last couple months it had stopped but recently I could sense he was looking at me again.

  5. I’m not sure what to tell you Anonymous, except, if I were you I would probably find another church! This seems to be going on for quite some time and taking away your attention from God and His will.

    God bless Anonymous!

  6. I agree wholeheartedly!
    The world is filled with dodgy ‘pastors’!
    Satan is running rampant in dodgy ‘churches’!

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