Confusion in the Church!

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Commentary By:  Gordon King

There is a lot of confusion out there, I mean everywhere!  Confusion in the world and in the church! 

I have had other believers judge me on posts that I have written, telling me that I am ungodly and leading people in the wrong direction!  They are reading things that are not there, twisting what I have said into something that I did not say or imply!

If I ever say anything which is unclear of confusing, then I apologize from the bottom of my heart.  I never wish to present anything in a way which is confusing or not clear.

It’s not always so easy writing your beliefs and thoughts down so that others can understand what you mean.  At times things are taken out of context, at other times they are twisted into something other than what you said or meant to say, and other times the meaning is taken in a way which was never intended!

One post that I wrote recently: “Not under the Law”, seems to have caused some confusion, however this is not the only post which I am referring to. 

The main point which I was trying to get across was that believers are not “condemned” under the law, we are not saved by the law, therefore the law has no power over us.  This does not mean that we can freely sin or that we should.  On the contrary, we should try to never sin!  We should follow the laws of God and the laws of the land!  We should do everything that we can to obey God and all of His laws!  This is biblical, this is holy and righteous, this is the godly thing to do!  Sin is evil, and every sin has a consequence.  However, if we do sin, then we need to repent as soon as we can, and God will forgive us.   We are saved only by the blood of Jesus , thats it!  None of our works or lack of could ever save us!  I believe that there may be other believers out there who think that I was saying that it is ok to sin!  I never said that nor did I imply it.  I just want to make that very clear and cause no confusion.

There are many posts that I write which seem to be degrading and intolerant of others, such as homosexuality, or Islam.  Some believers seem to think that I hate some people and want them to die!  This could not be further from the truth!  I have never said that I hated anyone!  And I never said that I want anyone to die!  God forbid!  I am sharing the truth from the word of God!  I tell it as God tells it in scripture.  I expose the evil and the darkness!  Yet, at the same time I love these people and want nothing more than for them to see the light and get saved!  Jesus Himself exposed the darkness, yet He wanted all to come to repentance and salvation!  Even those who crucified Him!

Before passing judgment on a fellow believer, please, please just ask first!  Do not become irate and impulsive before you have the facts and know the truth!

It’s not easy sharing the evils in the world, and sharing the love of God at the same time!  It’s not easy explaining what is in the spirit on paper, and making your thoughts clear and concise.  There will always be those who wish to tear down, to criticize and judge, whether they are right or wrong.

This is what we all should be focused on: GOD!  If we focus our attention on God, on the things not seen, then everything else will fall into place.  God is love!  So let us all have some compassion for our fellow believers in Christ!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

8 thoughts on “Confusion in the Church!

  1. Well Gordon I agree with you, It’s not always so easy writing your beliefs and thoughts down so that others can understand what you mean. I have tried and have had back lash. What does the saying say “We cannot please all the people all of the time, but we can please some of the people some of the time.
    My point is, in the Hebrew it does not say LAW, why when the Bible was translated into English they entered LAW I honestly do not know. In the Hebrew where is says LAW it should say TORAH [teaching or instruction,] or where it say LAWS it should say TOROT [teachings or instructions]; Torah is not Law!
    Shalom Broth

  2. Gordon, I’m glad that you wrote this article on confusion in the Church. The article on not under law certainly piqued my attention and gave me an opportunity to express my views. Brother, you are going to take incoming as long as you are in this field because everyone doesn’t see it the same way. And not everyone knows how to gracefully disagree.

    Take water baptism for instance, some believe in infant baptism, others argue full dunking after the age of 12 only or not until 18 years old but disagree on whether you should be dunked in a tub, a river or in the ocean and these are serious arguments among believers.

    Personally my ears can’t stand the sound of clanging metal, drums and steel guitars in church worship band music, I don’t approve of worship bands with young men fiddling their electric guitar hung about crotch level wearing long hair and grunge style jeans. To me, I think that it is an abomination to see young women in tight jeans doing the hip hunch while screeching out 20 stanzas of “He loves me deeper and harder” over and over and over and over again while 1000’s stare on with hands raised in a dark sancturary, calling it worship . I love pianos and harps with multiple voices signing harmonic melody with no electric amp. and others love it the louder the better.

    There is huge theological disagreement today in churches and seminaries over the concept of “replacement theology” that is the belief that the church has replaced Israel for God’s promises to be fulfilled in the church and not Israel. Some leaders have gone as far to claim that you cannot be truly saved by Jesus’ sacrifice alone, that you must believe in Jesus and also support Israel. They are teaching that our salvation hinges on God fulfilling His promises to Israel. They teach that you cannot be a believer and not recognize and support Israel. I’ll bet that both you and I know many of these church leaders. Personally I can only rely on Jesus for my salvation trusting that God is going to fulfill all his promises to Israel. Even though I recognize and support and pray for Israel.

    There are Hebrew Roots Christians who observe all the O.T. Jewish feast and weekly Sabbath and claim Yasuha as Lord and Savior. Us evangelicals would never go there because to us that would be legalism. Man, if you want to start a conflict amongst evangelicals just mention the word “Sabbath” and watch the sparks fly.

    There are Christians who boycott Starbucks coffee and criticize other Christians brothers when they catch them sipping coffee from a starbucks coffee cup.

    Women pastors are now a big contriversial issue in churches, this one really gets confusing.

    There are men’s ministries of all sorts such as Men’s car rally ministries, men’s bow hunting ministries, men’s canoe rowing ministries, men’s horseshoe tossing ministries. Whatever happened to the great commission? This is confusing?

    I’ll conclude by saying this: you are absolutely right about there being confusion in the church. There is no universal standard by which anyone can become a pastor teacher and start leading and influence other’s spiritual lives. Whatever values a person has had instilled into his life by others before he becomes a church leader will come out and be manifest in the church which he becomes pastor leader of. Thus, when we get an opportunity to really get to know each other and find opposite views and values, the criticism will occur whether we like it or not. We are just made that way. Every mega-church conference that I have ever watched or attended always has a defense mechanism set up against objectionable practices of other denominations and there is generally a lot of criticism to go around. It’s getting almost impossible to agree on which version of the bible to read or is there only the 1611 KJV. It is very confusing but not to God that’s why I so desire Jesus to come back soon and straighten this whole mess out.


  3. Thank you for your honesty Gordon. Your post are truly from the Lord and glorify only Him. Blessings. Annalene

  4. Thanks for your comment Ethin!

    I understand that believers will have different views on various scriptural topics, I have no problem with that or with criticism as long as its done the right way, out of love and respect. None of us will agree on all things, I know this.

    I do have a problem with other believers who take what I have written and make it into something other than what I have said or meant it to say. If they do take it the wrong way, then all I ask is that they ask me what I meant by it before passing judgment on me. Isn’t that the Christian thing to do?

    At times I may write something that seems very clear to me, however it may be confusing to someone else. I cannot always put down on paper what I want to say without someone not fully understanding my meaning. My goal is not to confuse, but we do live in a world of confusion and it sure isn’t a perfect one! Only when we get home with Jesus will it be the perfectly clear and concise world.

    I expect to get all kinds of backlash from unbelievers, and I also expect believers to treat brothers and sisters with respect, love, and kindness! However, although I expect it, does not mean that I will get it, I know this. And even though I know these things, I will still continue to speak up and out about how we as a church body should be treating one another.

    I have no problem with you brother Ethin! I hope you haven’t taken any of what I have said to mean you personally. I respect your thoughts and opinions, and I know at times we will disagree, I am fine with that.

    If we as believers, as the body of Christ, continue to tear each other apart, then what does the world see? Certainly not the light of Christ! However, if they see that we may disagree on some issues, yet we do it out of love and respect for one another, then they can see the light of Christ!

    God bless Ethin!

  5. Hello Gordon, I have just read this post and agree about the confusion and the differences of beliefs that cause disharmony within the body of CHRIST. I believe we all need to agree to disagree on some points that are really not vital to our salvation and put away all the mites that cause irritations that bother the BODY so much but are not essential to The Lords saving grace of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ the Son of God and His sacrificial death for the sins of the world and His resurrection to Glory. If we put on love and are willing to bear with each other accepting the differences without making them a matter of conflict because they are not essential to salvation then we can have harmony in The Body and each part can serve as intended for the good of the whole. We must personally be sure of what we believe if we are to enjoy the Freedom that faith in Christ brings and not be shaken by opinions of others but also must be mindful of others in fellowship and in the giving of hospitality so as not to harm the faith of another by doing something that for them is not allowed.

    Gordon, I believe you walk a very fine line reporting news and topics for consideration , teaching and discussion , often they are very disturbing topics because of the content of observations, scenarios and warnings of the coming end times and escalation of increasing evil and darkness, someone will always find something in that to challenge or be offended by.
    God knows your heart and has entrusted this work to you because He can. We must say things sometimes that are Biblical but sound harsh and condemning to those who are used to having their ears tickled or maybe they are without the knowledge of God’s miraculous saving grace for even the most hardened sinner. They limit God and don’t want to offend anyone out of ‘so called love’ but true love is tough love sometimes and if you truly know God’s workings in your own lives you will know that! God has the advantage of seeing what is in His servants heart who he has prepared and called to the work. The Lord would not entrust His servants with any work that would cause them to sin and allow them to carry judgement in their hearts towards anyone…. that is why they will have been broken first if they are truly of The Lord and sometimes the very things they must speak out about are things that they too have once been guilty of themselves or have even condoned out of ignorance in the past especially when involving loved ones, friends or family or they may not put any confidence in the flesh knowing themselves to be quite capable of similar sins in circumstances without The Lords saving Grace.
    In The Lords service there can be no condemnation in the hearts of those He has truly called to a special work ministering to others, they will have a just desire for their salvation, spiritual health and sanctification. If people do not know they are truly a sinner then they do not know they truly need a saviour! We must speak the truth of the Word in The Bible without dilution and allow The Holy Spirit to bring conviction to the hearers, only sinners need a saviour! Jesus did not come to call the righteous. If there was more preaching and teaching of the Ten Commandments and on all those behaviours described in the New Testaments that prevent entry to The Kingdom of God then there would be more genuine born again believers having been truly convicted of their sinfulness, having fallen short they will know their need of forgiveness and mercy. Those that will fall away from the Truth and Biblical guidance and instruction for Holy living will become offended by those that believe in The Bible as The Holy Spirit inspired Word of God. They that fall away will be those that have had a false conversion e.g. ‘JUST PRAY THIS PRAYER’ and you are saved, or even no conversion, false or otherwise and are just paying lip service to a Christian religion…they may not have ever been truly born again of the Spirit and therefore remain spiritually unregenerate because they have tried to climb in the easy way …. having not been truly convicted of their need for a saviour by seeing their sinfulness as awful in the light of Gods Word. The Lord looks on the heart and only when truly convicted by The Holy Spirit of personal sin and therefore humbled by that revelation into seeking His forgiveness in earnest repentance will that person be saved by calling upon the name of Jesus, they will then have a wonderful assurance of forgiveness and of eternal life and then will know the presence of God within them , then The Bible will become a living Word to them spiritually discerned and Holy.
    Keep on doing what you are doing in The Lords work Gordon, He has called you to it and it is much needed and all Glory to Him who has provided this ministry for all of us who have been drawn to it.

    Peace be with you…Shalom!

  6. Thank you so much Christine!

    I am so glad and blessed that you can understand where I am coming from, and the challenges that are before me! I don’t think that many believers really understand just what it takes to not only write posts, and post the articles, but to also stand firm in my faith and beliefs while doing so. I spend much time answering comments and explaining my position and why I believe what I do, and I also spend many, many hours working on this blog, yet I do it joyfully for the Lord! He called me to it, so I do it for Him. Many people do not understand why I post some articles, but they all in some way tie into bible prophecy and the end times.

    There are many times when I write things which people do not want to hear, yet I speak the truth from the word of God. I write what the Holy Spirit puts in my mind and spirit at the time. Most of the time it just comes to me as I am writing, I really don’t think too much about it before hand. I do it with my own style, from my own view point, yet from the Holy Spirit! There are times when I should probably take a little more time to think about what I am writing so as to not cause confusion.

    We are all on a journey in our walk with Christ, we are all learning, we all make mistakes, and we should all be growing in our faith. Amen?

    Unfortunately there are many people I believe who confess to be Christians, yet they were never truly saved. And like you said, just because you say a prayer, does not make you saved. You must first know that you have sinned and repent of it, knowing that you are a sinner in need of Christ. It takes a change of heart and mind, then belief in Jesus Christ. So many so-called believers go through the motions, performing religious acts, doing things, instead of placing their faith and trust in the Lord! It’s our relationship with God that is of the most importance, not what we do or don’t do, not that they aren’t important of course they are.

    I’m not perfect, far from it! Sometimes I wonder why the Lord wants to even use me this way, but He does. I remember what it felt like to be totally filled with the Holy Spirit, and I can remember when He anointed me with His love. I remember smelling God, His sweet aroma! And I remember the times when He saved me from harms way! I remember the blessings He has bestowed upon me, and the times when He provided for me when I had nothing! These are the things which help to keep me on the straight and narrow path. These are the things which keep me looking up and waiting for my redemption! The daily things which God does for me, each and everyday!

    I truly appreciate your kind words and encouragement Christine! It is truly a blessing to me!

    God bless you and yours! Maranatha!

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