Can we Stop the Madness, or is it Too Late?!


Commentary By:  Gordon King

I’ve been wondering lately just what in the world all of these Islamic terrorists think that they are going to do if they succeeded at their end goal of overtaking the world?  What kind of citizens in any nation on earth would they be?  These are not pleasant thoughts, however they have recently came to my mind and I feel that we must not ignore them.

If, God forbid, these terrorists actually took over the world, or even just a few countries, what would they do with themselves after that?  What would they then aspire to?  Has anyone else thought about this or am I alone in this thought process?

Take a terrorist who has been raping women and small children, torturing and murdering innocent civilians, when it’s all said and done, whats next?  Do they believe that they will just live a peaceful life?  Will they get a nine to five job and live in the suburbs?

How can an individual who has been committing such heinous and horrific acts of violence against other human beings function in society?  I don’t see how it would be possible without 24 hour mental health care services for decades, and even then most likely impossible without an act of God!

Can you imagine what the world would look like if this did happen?!  At the very least, hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists out of work!  Who would they continue to rape, what cities would they seek to plunder, where would they find their next victims to slaughter in a whim?

Life with them in this type of society would be gravely different then in the world in which we live today!  There would be continual chaos, confusion, fear, anxiety, hatred, rape, murder, and horror.  Struggling to survive would occur on a daily basis for everyone!

These Satanically led and possessed individuals are creating a lifestyle which will be ingrained into their psyche for decades if not a life time, as well as generations of their offspring!  This is no laughing matter, but a real threat to the world at large.

I cannot envision the world continuing on much longer without some sort of end to all of this madness.  Time is clicking closer and closer to the beginning of the Tribulation period my friends, each and every day.  There is no hope in the world, nor are there any answers or solutions to the worlds problems.

Bible prophecy is unfolding right before our very eyes, and the truth of scripture has never been proven wrong!  God Almighty has told us what will happen, and given us signs to watch for when it is getting close to happening.  We are not to be ignorant, but rather well-informed and aware.  Aware of our surroundings, our society, and the world!  We are to be aware of the signs of the times, and of the season.

Jesus Christ is returning soon my friends, very soon, perhaps not soon enough for most of us!  The only real and true solution for the evil in the world is Jesus Christ!  He is the answer to all of the problems in the world.  It is He who created all things, sustains all things, allows all things, and is in control of all things! 

The world around us will seem like it’s completely falling apart, like there is no hope, and that all is lost!  But take heart my friends, if you are a believer in Jesus Christ, the Creator of the universe, then you have all the hope you will ever need!  He is the Giver of peace, the Protector of His children, and the Savior of the world!

When you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, He placed His Holy Spirit within you, He is always with you, and will lead, guide and protect you!  He loves His children dearly, and wishes the best for us. 

No matter what happens in the world around you, know that you are always loved!  That God is always with you, and that He is the One to look to for answers.  He is the One to focus on in times of trouble, He is the One to go to for help, He is the One to give thanks, praise, honor, worship, and all of the glory to!

God Almighty, Jesus Christ, Yahweh, Elohim, I AM WHO I AM, the giver of all life.  Keep your eyes upon God.  Stay focused on the unseen, the things of the spirit, and the things of heaven above!  Do not live in sin, but repent and live a holy and righteous life.  This does not mean that we never sin, we all do, and we must repent and ask the good Lord to forgive us, and He will!

Jesus Christ came into this world and sacrificed Himself for us, because He loves us!  What more could He have done to show His love, mercy, and grace?  Lets show Him how much we love Him by living as He did!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

6 thoughts on “Can we Stop the Madness, or is it Too Late?!

  1. Excellent article and timely, isis has proved that they cherish life only for one reason and that is to cause mayhem, death and chaos. Otherwise death is their prize for those accomplishments. Actually, I don’t believe there is any way to figure out why isis is doing what they are doing on the rational level with reason because it’s like nothing we have seen and humanly worse than the concentration camps of Nazi Germany. The level of fear they have generated in our nation is astonishing. They have triggered the spending of billions of dollars in survelance, investigations, and security personnel. Our nations’ army, navy, marines, and air force are contending with them in some capacity. They are supposed to be a force estimated around 30,000 and today our president announced the killing of 4 of them as some great accomplishment, Also announced that there are now 50 military special ops there to fight them. Wow, we kill 4 isis and send 50 to battle 30,000.

    I am not believing that isis is going to fight anyone to take land territory and hold it until they have massively gained power and superiority by fear and terror. To them terror knows no boundaries in the world. They have opened up a terror by all destructive forces available against the rest of the world, primarily the U.S. and all others who come against them. They have threatened to destroy Moscow, Europe, and of course the US and Israel.
    I agree that all that isis is and is doing is drawing us closer and closer to the Great Tribulation.
    While 195 nations are building a BABEL TOWER TO HEAVEN called THE CLIMATE CONTROL AGENDA, this distracts us from the real battle and it is spiritual, Look at how far back on the back burner isis and climate change has put Christianity and the Gospel. Global population experts are now speculating that for the climate change agenda to have its fullest and best effect there can only be a world population of 500 million people. Isis’s number one target in the middle east has been Christians and anything Christian, The war on climate change will not co-exist with Christianity because the world’s weather control will have to be considered God. Speaking out against the climate change agenda will become offensive and against the law.
    The really great news is that soon and very soon isis and the global climate change worshippers are about to meet God and His Agenda. The Rapture of the church is about to happen in an instant, I can sense it in my soul and then all will change after 2000 years of man’s rebellion the 70th. week of Daniel will begin to be fulfilled in the last 7 years of tribulation. According to the book of Revelation, God is going to directly intervene in the last 3.5 years and judge the world for its sin with a scorched earth policy causing the death of about 70% of the earths population. Even the beloved Apostle John who saw this in his revelation said “Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus” GOD IS GOING TO DO SOME MAJOR CLIMATE CHANGE AND TAKE OUT ISIS AT THE SAME TIME!!


  2. Hi Gordon, I know that you have been keeping up on our nations events, sad to say that we are more rapidly heading headlong into our doom. The national budget was just passed and every spending supply was dangerous for our country. Planned parenthood and sancturary cities were funded. God sees what is going on in those clinics and judgment is coming. 100,000 Syrian refugees here on visas have disappeared with no trace by homeland security. California dry without water an everybody has their head in the sand and in denial about it continuing to build like crazy. Our police nationwide have become much less effective doing their job for fear of going to jail. Inner-cities are about to ignite with riots. Anything God or prayer is taken out of our schools.
    May repentance and prayer cry out once again from our churches and maybe God will be merciful. I don’t want to see our nation go this way, we are a lost and sinful people, We repent O God, heal our hearts, heal our land, bring revival, bring Your KIngdom.


  3. How true are your words Gordon.
    As I was doing my reading and reflecting on the times, the Good Lord directed me to the following passage that seems to answer your theme on this post, from Ecclesiasticus 39:12-35 (The Jerusalem Bible). And shows who is ultimately in charge.
    An invitation to praise God:
    “I wish to develop my reflections further, they fill me as full as the moon at the full. Listen to me, devout children, and blossom like the rose that grows on the bank of a watercourse. Give off a sweet smell like incense, flower like the lily, spread your fragrance abroad, sing a song of praise blessing the Lord for all His works. Declare the greatness of His name, proclaim His praise with song and with lyre, and this is how you must sing His praises: how wonderful they are, all the works of the Lord!
    All that He orders is promptly carried out. You must not say, ‘What is this? Why is that?’ All will be studied in due time.
    At His word water stops running and piles up, water are stored at a word from His mouth. At His bidding, all His pleasure is accomplished, no one can diminish His power to save. The actions of every creature are before Him, there is no hiding form His eyes; His gaze stretches from eternity to eternity, and nothing can astonish Him. You must not say, ‘What is this? Why is that?’ All things have been created for their proper functions.

    As His blessing covers the dry land like a river and soaks it like a flood, so wrath is His legacy to the nations, just as He has turned fresh waters to salt. His ways are as smooth for devout men, as they are full of obstacles for the wicked. Good things were created from the beginning for good men, as evils were for sinners. The prime needs of mankind for living are water and fire, iron and salt, wheat-flour, milk and honey, the juice of the grape, oil and clothing. All these things are good for people who are good, just they turn into bad for sinners.

    Some winds were created to punish; He has made them the scourge of His anger; on the day of doom they unleash their force, and appease the anger of Him who made them. Fire and hail, famine and death all these were created to punish. The teeth of savage animals, scorpions, adders, and avenging sword to destroy the godless, all theses exult in obeying His orders, they are ready on earth when He requires, and when the time comes they will not disobey His order.

    That is why I was determined from the outset, I have pondered and I have written it down, ‘All the works of the Lord are good, and He will supply every want in due time. You must not say, “this is worse than that”, for everything will prove its value in its time.
    So now, sing with all your heart and voice, and bless the name of the Lord!'”

    “before the Lord. For He IS coming, for He is coming to judge the earth. He shall judge the world with righteousness and the people with His truth.” Psalm 96:13

    “The Lord is near unto all them that call upon Him. to all that call upon Him in truth.” Psalm 145:18

    We ‘Can stop the Madness’ in our own lives by putting God first. He will never leave us, He will protect us and by putting God first will show Christ is in us, come what may… God is ultimately in control! Knowing this will ease our mind and heart in these troubling times. Faith in His truth! Trust in His word. Never give up but forge ahead, in Christ there is always light at the end of our journey. God bless. Maranatha!

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