Islamic terror, can we not see it, or do we choose not to?!

Obama Islamic terrorists copy

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Islamic terror in the world is a real threat.  These people are Muslims and receive their evil mandates from the Quran, the holy book of Islam!  Can the world not see this, or do they choose to put their heads in the sand and ignore what is happening and by who?

Do we see Christians in the world committing these heinous terrorist acts of violence?  What about Jews?  Hindus?  Buddhists?  No!  They are all Muslims!  Wake up world!

The political correctness of the world is killing those living in the world.  Fear of offending Muslims is leading to the death and destruction of innocent lives.

Profiling is essential in defending people from this evil and violence.  Yet, if anyone proposes such an idea then they are labeled as intolerant and hateful.  So instead of interrogating people who fit the profile of a terrorist, TSA personnel interrogate 90-year-old women and 5-year-old children!  Instead of interrogating Muslims entering America, we simply let them into our country without any profiling, we wouldn’t want to offend them now would we!

Where is the justice?  Where is the humanity?  Where in the United States Constitution does it say that we must defend the rights of foreigners attempting to enter our country?  Where?!  It doesn’t!  The United States government was formed to protect the rights and lives of its citizens!  Period!

But don’t tell this to President Obama, I’m sure he disagrees with me!  He believes that we must treat all Muslims the same as anyone else, that Islam is a peaceful religion, that we must be tolerant of them, regardless of what heinous acts they are committing around the globe!  What in the world is he thinking?!  Why is he such a staunch supporter of Islam and Muslims, and at the same time anti-Christ?  Why does he not speak up about the millions upon millions of Christians in the world who  have been murdered by the very same Muslims he seeks to defend?

Why is it that President Obama is allowing tens of thousands of Muslim refugees into America, yet not Christian refugees?!  Has anyone thought about that or asked that question?  Why does our very own government not speak up and seek to protect the lives of Christians? 

Why is our government pushing away from Israel?  Israel and the Jews are God’s chosen people, those who bless Israel will be blessed, and those that curse Israel will be cursed, and in them all the people of the world will be blessed!  Don’t question me on this, God said it, ask Him!  God is the same today as He was yesterday, and His promises and principles never change.  God supports Israel now just as He did thousands of years ago, and I support them as well, because it is the will of my Father in heaven!

So if Islam is so peaceful, if their religion is godly and holy, then why do so many Muslims murder, rape innocent women and children, torture other human beings, and seek to destroy what God has made?  Why?!  Why does the Quran teach to murder and kill those who do not follow the teachings of Muhammad, to kill Christians and Jews?  This is not a god that I wish to follow, this is not holy, righteous, pure, or peaceful by any means!  This to me sounds more evil, wicked, heinous, and Satanic!

If Islam is a peaceful religion, then why don’t millions if not billions of other Muslims speak up about the horror their counterparts are inflicting upon the world?!  Yet, what do we hear from them?  Silence!  Silence can speak louder than words, and by not speaking up and out against this evil, then they are condoning it!  They are a part of the evil and wickedness, they are agreeing that this evil is in fact acceptable!

We all need to wake up and see the evil for what it truly is!  We need to see the lies, read between the lines, and discern what is right from wrong.  We need to label this evil, and we need to see Islam for what it really is.  This is no time to slumber and sleep, it is a time to be awake and alert.  The Nazis in Germany became a force to be reckoned with because the world was unwilling to see the evil for what it was.  They watched as millions of Jews were exterminated at death camps around Europe.  They sat by for too long and allowed this to happen!  A brave few spoke up regarding this evil, such as Winston Churchill, calling it for what it truly was.  Even most Germans had no idea what Hitler was up to until it was too late!

And this is where we find ourselves now in the world, where there is an evil ideology spreading like a cancer.  Where a group of people seek to overcome and overpower the world with evil and wickedness.  These people will stop at nothing to achieve their end goal!  Doesn’t this sound a bit familiar, as in Nazi Germany!

How many more innocent lives must be lost before the world wakes up to this evil?  How close to home must it get before America wakes up?!  How many more American lives must be lost in order for our own government to do the right thing and defend its citizens?  And how is gun control going to stop terrorists from killing innocent lives?  If anything, it will cause more innocent deaths due to citizens being unarmed and unable to defend themselves!  How are climate change laws going to stop Islamic terror?  Yet the world is consumed by climate change, as if this were our greatest enemy!

Wake up world, wake up America, before it’s too late!

Fear not what the world can do to you, but fear Him who can cast you into a lake of fire!  Jesus Christ is the only real solution to our problems, to defeat our enemies.  It is only through the blood of Jesus that we are able to withstand and claim victory!  If we turn from our wicked ways and seek God, then God will be with us, and if God is with us who can be against us?!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

6 thoughts on “Islamic terror, can we not see it, or do we choose not to?!

  1. Very insightful Gordon.
    I came across this interesting sight that explains much of what you are discussing in this post. Check-out – will explain the flip-flop of their god – one minute righteous, the next beheading and so much more of the history of their rebellious nature toward Our Creator, and their hatred and jealousy of the house of Judah.
    God bless you in bringing forth the enmity of these people and the spirit of Esau in them. May Our merciful Father change their hearts and everyone not in His grace to believe there is only one way to the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and His name is Jesus Christ. Maranatha!

    • Thank you SweetJava.

      I have checked out that blog post, I did read part of it, however don’t have the time at this moment, so I saved it.

      This is a real threat facing the entire world today. Millions of Muslims are being displaced and migrating to Western civilizations. We must ask ourselves why? The answer is to overtake these societies through attrition. To instill Sharia law and impose these evil ways upon all people in the world today. This is happening now and it will get much worse! Yet, most of the world still believes that Islam is a peaceful religion!

      We need prayer to fight these evil spirits, and we need to stand firm and tall in our beliefs and our faith, on what is right in society and in the world we live in.

      God bless SweetJava! Maranatha!

  2. Horrible people. And to think they want us to feed and clothe them, etc. I have no pity or compassion for them as they are a plague to humankind.

    • Thanks again for your comment JB.

      They are people on the wrong path, deceived by the evil one! They all need our prayers, for a softened heart, eyes which can see, and visions of the truth! Then and only then can they come to salvation through the blood of Jesus!

      God bless JB!

  3. Gordon, obama knows what he is doing, did you notice he calls them isil?
    Isis – islamic state in iraq
    Isil – islamic staate in iraq and the levant – an islamic caliphate who will be led be muhammad’s successor (their end time christ). It covers parts of Turkey Egypt Iraq Jordan Lebanon Syria and Israel. Obama is calling them isil letting them know he considers Them the the caliphate… this goes right over the american people’s heads……if you ever wondered how american christians would be hated for Christ’s namesake its for sure a flood of muslims will help make it so…

    The flood of muslims has many reason but the main is to bring chaos to america so marshal law can be declared which then suspends the Constitution and invoke the un small arms treaty which clears the way for foreign troops to come help obama….. well the nwo get america’s gun’s and people in order….. you will have no rights period…. the nwo aka antichrist kingdom. This is the reason obama signed the treaty on dec 24th as a present to the one whose birthday falls on the 25th and has always wanted to sit as god…. yep you guessed it

    American’s and their weapons stand in the way so…..this is why 150,000 us troops cant have guns and people on list…. obama wants the force cut down

    Well his handler really… muslim flood like that from south of the boarder are both war torn regions and This is why you flood american with mostly un-educated and war aged men….. there is a reason for this….. they need marshal law…..

    • ISIL, or the “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” encompass almost identically the territory which God gave to Israel! Just a coincidence?! I think not!

      So why does President Obama refer to the Islamic State as ISIL? Just what are his true motives? We can make many speculations, yet we cannot overlook this one fact that the land which ISIL claims as their territory was in fact given to the Jews by God approximately four thousand years ago!

      Obama considers the Islamic State as an organization which claims ownership of territory much greater than Iraq and Syria! He also includes the current nation of Israel. Is Obama actually saying that he believes Muslims actually own the land of Israel and not the Jews?! Is he covertly telling the world that in his mind, the Jews are “occupying” the land of Israel, as many other Muslim leaders claim? I believe that he is.

      While President Obama will not come out publicly and say that he is a Muslim, I believe that he is. If not then why does he not support Israel, why not support Christians throughout the world and in America?! Why is he allowing tens of thousands of Muslims into this country and not Christians? This will only get worse, now its tens of thousands, but how much longer before millions?!

      Tens of thousands Muslims entering America, millions entering Europe, all unscreened, just how many of them do belong to ISIS? Just how many will sympathize with ISIS?

      Most of them need our help, they need food, water, clothing, and shelter, they need a safe place to live, but is migration the only answer? I think not!

      God bless! Maranatha!

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