Mount Etna’s stunningly violent eruption was among the strongest in decades

Mount Etna erupts on Thursday morning. (“Nico di Messina” via Twitter)

(SOURCE)  Early Thursday morning, southern Italy woke up to see this remarkable display — Mount Etna, Sicily’s tallest peak and active volcano, was erupting after two years of silence.

The sky glowed red above Sicily, seen above from Calabria, Italy’s most southern region. The skies were cloudless on Thursday morning and Mount Etna was capped in white snow.

Scientists say it was among the most violent eruptions from the volcano in the past two decades. The intense eruption exploded from Etna’s Voragine crater, and lofted ash 10,000 feet into the sky. The whole thing lasted less than an hour, according to Italy’s national institute of volcanology. The lava fountain reached heights of close to a mile.

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