Islamic Terror in America!

PHOTO: Law enforcement search for a suspect in a mass shooting at a Southern California social services center on Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2015, in San Bernardino, Calif.

PHOTO: Law enforcement search for a suspect in a mass shooting at a Southern California social services center on Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2015, in San Bernardino, Calif.  ABC

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Mass shootings in America, terrorist attacks or work place violence?  What is it?  As for our government, I’m sure that the shooting in San Bernardino California will be labeled as “work place violence”, just as the shooting in Fort Hood was also!  Just another isolated incident!  Liberals and progressives will never say or admit that Islam is a religion of terror, or that these attackers are Muslim.

These attackers were not just any ordinary citizens, they were Muslims!  Not only were they Muslims, but recently returned from a trip to Saudi Arabia. Just what on earth were they doing there for one month?

Just before the attack they were attending a Christmas party at work, they briefly left the party, then returned dressed in full military gear, armor, and assault weapons.  Does this sound like work place violence?!  This was obviously preplanned.

The recent shooting at a Christian college in Oregon was also committed by a proclaimed Muslim, an attack against Christians!  Yet, we do not hear about these details from most news sources, or from our own government!

What most news sources fail to tell you is that these shooters are all Muslims, that they are terrorists, and that they are targeting Christians!

However, President Obama’s number one and pat answer for stopping this violence is more gun control!  He never even mentions that the attackers are Muslim, and that the innocent victims are Christians!  He thinks that by taking away guns from innocent civilians, these heinous acts will be stopped!  Are you kidding me?!  Take away guns from innocent, law-abiding citizens, and you take away their defense against such horrific crimes.  Enact and enforce gun control and you will not stop or deter the actions of these evil people!

If you take away firearms from law-abiding citizens then by what means do we as Americans have to defend ourselves?  We will be sheep for the slaughter!

Criminals will get weapons no matter what the laws are.  Criminals will not turn in weapons because the law tells them to.  If you disarm the American people then criminals will become more violent, and the government will become more controlling over us.

The answer to stopping such heinous acts of terror and violence is not gun control!  They could still kill with bombs, knives, cars, etc, should we ban everything that could be used as a weapon? 

It’s not the weapons that kill people, its evil people who kill people!  It’s an evil force leading and guiding people to do such horrible things to other people.  It’s sin, darkness, and evil spirits causing the evil, and we must call it for what it is!  We can no longer cover the evil with sugar and chocolate, we must uncover and expose it.

If we as a people do not know who and what we are up against, then we will not be able to fight against it!  We can twist the truth, cover it up, and pretend it’s not there, but it will grow and fester like a cancer.  Pretending that it doesn’t exist will be to our demise!

And so it goes, the Islamic terror that we hear so much about around the world is manifesting itself inside of America.  It has come home, in our neighborhoods, in our cities and towns.  This should come as no shock if you see evil for what it is, if you do not turn a blind eye to the truth!  The writing has been on the walls, have we read it or do we just turn away?

The sad thing is that this is even happening, the good thing is that God is always in control.  And while most of this doesn’t seem to make much sense to us, God has a plan, His plan is unfolding, and we are living in the end times. 

This should tell us something, these acts of violence and evil, the pervasive nature of the world at large are all signs of the closeness of Christ’s return to earth.  This in and of itself should give us great hope and joy!

Good Lord in heaven I pray for those injured in this tragic terror attack, I pray for the families of the lost loved ones, I pray for You to comfort them, to heal them, to give them peace.  I pray that You make good come from this evil, I pray that You turn hearts of stone soft, and that You bring the lost to salvation.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

2 thoughts on “Islamic Terror in America!

  1. You are right Gordon, we should have great joy and hope. This world is not our home thus the evil of terrorism is being allowed by God and is speeding us towards the return of Christ. Almighty God is on His throne, ever ruling, seeing to it that all will go according to His perfect plan. Nothing is out of God’s control. We Christians should draw closer than ever to Jesus.

    Many of the victims were believers who attended local churches and are now with Jesus in heaven. Anyone who were not believers are now in the eternity of hell. This incident should also be a convicting wake-up call to all unbelievers and backsliders that life is very fragile, nobody is safe anyplace from physical death. May all come to the realization that they need Jesus.
    Maranatha! Ethin

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