“Climate Change” or “World Control and Domination”?!

Climate change one world government

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Climate change, a purported string of human events leading to the “change” in the earths climate.  Isn’t that funny, just recently “climate change” was called “global warming”!  So what actually changed?

I’ll tell you what changed, the climate!  Instead of the earth warming, now its cooling down!  So what gives, why do these government bureaucrats insist that man is changing the world’s climate?  And why are they so adamant about restricting the use of specific fuels, regulating power, and controlling the energy sector?

It’s all part of a plan, a scheme to control the world!  Don’t believe me, does it sound too much like a conspiracy theory?  Well, perhaps it is a conspiracy!  Do the words “One World Government” ring a bell?!

President Barack Hussein Obama insists that human intervention is causing the world’s climate to change (he used to believe that it was causing the world to heat up!), and that by this same human intervention we can control the climate.  He says that we must intervene to control the climate or else be devastated by “climate change”!

The truth is that God Almighty is in control of the climate!  He is the One who determines the heat, the cold, the rain, and the snow.

So if this is the truth, then government leaders who are pushing the “climate change” agenda must be up to something!   They are leading the masses into believing a lie, further down the road to a “One World Government”!

The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference will be held in Paris, from November 30 to December 11.   That is tomorrow folks!

The world is becoming darker, and the signs of the times are leading to the fulfillment of bible prophecy.  Do not fear what man can do, fear God!

2 Timothy 1:7

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

The fulfillment of bible prophecy is a sign of the closeness of the return of Jesus Christ to earth!  It is a sign that the rapture of the church is near, as well as the beginning of the Tribulation Period!  This should excite believers in Jesus Christ!

God is with us, He is in us and all around us!  His love and words last forever, but everything else will be done away with!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

4 thoughts on ““Climate Change” or “World Control and Domination”?!

  1. True are your words, my friend.
    Bible prophecy is fulfilling itself right in front of our eyes! Stay vigilant and in God’s grace. The story ends well for those who are connected to Our Lord. He protects His own.
    God bless us all. Maranatha!

  2. I agree with you Gordon, events are snowballing… And time is short.
    There are so many smokescreens all around us to deceive the true agenda being discuss behind closed doors. So much unrest, so much wars and rumors of, so much natural disasters man thinks he can control. People are choosing to be ignorant of prophecy and what’s happening worldwide. The world has changed and falling apart, soon will collapse politically, economically and religiously, it cannot sustain itself in its current path. A new leader will soon be emerging that will have all the answers…

    These wars are dispersing people all over in exodus style only brings more chaos and Marshall law. People will need to be accounted for what better way to introduce the mark or number. Different ideologies are uniting under the Pope’s banner – “we all believe in the same God” theme, this in itself is unsustainable. We must be politically correct as not to offend anyone, has divided us not united us. The U.S. alone is 18+ trillion dollars in debt, our children’s children can’t even begin to pay this off. Then there’s our freedoms which are being eroded for ‘safety’ sake and our youth believing ‘if we only give up certain rights for the good of all’, everything will right itself. Talk about being deceived and manipulated. Wow! All while the true agenda is being discuss and implemented for world dominance. This is the new world developing we find ourselves in and worsening. Our Lord told us this and more before it happens for us to know His word is TRUTH.. Prophecy unfolding in front of our eyes..

    It’s time to KNOW the Lord Jesus Christ, having His principals ingrained in our hearts and mind. Praying at all times for His fortitude and strength to hang on, for family and friends to come to His understanding; for a revival in our town and country. And as you have said informing as many people as we can. Shining our light if not by speech or text by our way of living, our mannerism and behavior. The seeds needs to be planted for people to at least think about it. And hopefully gain individuals with the message of hope. There IS hope! The message of love is in each of us. Having a personal relationship with Our Lord is paramount.

    There are two systems at play here there’s God’s truth or the enemy’s lies. There’s the world system or God’s kingdom. Each of us must choose one or the other. Choose wisely…
    The New Year is a month away and with it choices that need to be made. The assurance of God’s deliverance for those who have faith in Him is written in our hearts. It’s not a time to be afraid but to rejoice in His soon arrival. Do not loose hope no matter how the world may seem. Always looking up.
    God bless us all. Maranatha!

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