The Islamic Uprising!

Islamic uprising

Egyptian Muslims shout Islamic slogans during a rally in Tahrir Square in Cairo in 2012. Thousands of ultraconservative Muslims rallied in the Egyptian capital, demanding the country’s new constitution be based on the rulings of Islamic law, or Sharia. (AP Photo/Bernat Armangue)

Commentary By:  Gordon King

On Friday the 13th of November, 2015, 127 innocent civilians lost their lives to Islamic terror in Paris, France.  This is not the first time horror and murderous acts have been committed by this group of demonic individuals and it will not be the last!

This has been happening around the world for some time now, and most of the world just sits back and lets it all happen.  What will it take to wake up the world?!  The bombing of the world trade centers in New York City on “9-11” didn’t, or at least just for a short time.

How many lives have to be lost before the world takes a stand against such atrocities, against the Islamic uprising?!

They have been telling us now for decades what their plan is, that they are going to take over the entire globe with a Caliphate and instill Sharia law.  Are we all blind, can we as a people, not see what is coming down the pike?

Maybe this will put enough fear into people’s hearts to push for an all out war against ISIS!  Or is it too late?  Have we waited too long, just long enough for this group to infiltrate the world?  Just long enough for them to dig in their claws and impose their will upon the rest of the world?

This is war, a religious war!  If we don’t fight back then they will overtake the entire globe!  Bombing pockets of resistance is not enough, we need to be on the ground, fighting with everything that we can muster.

We as a people need to stand up against this evil and heinous activity!  We as Christians need to stand up, speak out, and decry what is evil!

Most of the world has been fooled and deceived into believing that Islam is a peaceful religion!  Well, the writing is on the wall, the face of Islam is showing, can we see it?  Can we see what the Quran teaches?  Can we see the lies, the deception, the twisting of the truth from Islamic leaders and Muslim countries around the world?

Islam has a tool, a weapon used to help defeat their enemies, it is call Taqiyya, which is another word for lying.

Muslims are allowed to lie if it helps them further the cause of Islam.  

Taqiyya: Islamic doctrine of deceit to defend and promote Islam

So if this is true, and it is, then why does anyone believe what Islamic leaders are telling us?  Why in the world would any civilized nation make any agreements or negotiations with such a people?

We know their end game, we know their ultimate plan, they have told us right in front of our face, yet most turn a blind eye, as if it were just a dream!

Well my friends, it’s not a dream!  The Islamic nation is at war with the world, they are in the midst of carrying out their heinous and wicked plan.  And in doing so they will lie, cheat, deceive, at any means to their end goal.  Doesn’t this sound like someone else we know?  Does it not sound like Satan himself?!  After-all, he is the father of all lies!

Don’t be fooled, do not be deceived, are these not the words of Jesus Christ Himself, and also of His apostles?  This is what we will see happening in the end times, the last days! 

And if all of this is happening now, all the signs that Jesus told us to watch for just before His second coming, then how close must we be to the rapture of the church and the beginning of the Tribulation Period?!  Very close I believe, very close!

Many people will be killed before they have accepted the opportunity to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior!  Many have had the opportunity, yet they refused it, of their own volition, their own free will!  And this is a shame, for there is only one way to heaven, one way to the Father in heaven, at that way is through Jesus Christ!

He is the door, He is the path, He is the only way to heaven and eternal life with God forever!  All other paths lead to destruction, to eternal death, which does not actually mean death, but the eternal separation from God, forever!

Don’t be deceived in these last days, don’t be found unworthy of eternal life.  Jesus can make you worthy, He can wash away all of your sins and justify you before the Father!  These are the days of the end, the days just before the return of Jesus Christ to earth!

If you have not yet accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, then what are you waiting for?!  You don’t know how much time you have left, do it now!  Today is the day of salvation!

Accept Jesus Christ now as your personal Lord and Savior!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

4 thoughts on “The Islamic Uprising!

  1. To answer your question “Is it too late to push ISIs back with an all out war? YES!!!! it is too late. I will argue that there is not an army, military, or weapons to employ to defeat ISIS. The abyss of hell has been cracked open and demonic infested humans are on the loose. There will be no flat-lining, or diminishing or degrading or decapitating their leadership. There is no training in modern warfare to deal with human bombs and attacks on innocent civilian venues such as Blowing planes out of the skies. Look at Europe where the liberal college teachers in London have demanded that we allow the radicalized jihad trained killers to return back into the country in order so they can be studied in order to understand and treat their underlying troubled life. INSANE!!!. There could be 400 sleeper cells in France waiting to be called on just like the ones in Paris last night. Death of innocents by ISIS is waiting to happen here also, neither our president or anyone in authority has the will to stop illegal immigration or begin to sensor Islamic activity and deport muslims from this country, instead we are going to import thousands more to our own destined doom.

    After the European subway and train bombings of the 1990s we were cautioned that 99.9 % of all muslims are peace loving, again after 911 more peacloving muslims, now the white house advisors, staff, congress are infested with peaceloving muslims. America has been fighting against muslims in Afganistan for 13 years at a cost of 3 trillion, We are still fighting in Iraq after 10 years at a cost of another 3 trillion dollars. Regrettably, thousands of our soldiers legs, limbs and lives have been lost on Muslim sand. So we are not fighting wars where military might or money means anything because ISIs is the dominate player now in the whole mid-east and across north Africa. ISIS has turned the whole world upside down with fear, certainly Europe will take notice. But for Europe and especially London, it is too late, more security, more military, more deportations, more survelance will not work. Europe has allowed this to happen by kicking God our of their countries. France is proud to be secular. America is in the midst of kicking God out of this nation. All the terror is happening because humanity has not and will not turn to God. I’m praying that we as the Church won’t have to go into the tribulation, I don’t believe that we will, all the events now happening are setting up the advent of Antichrist and the tribulation which is actually encouraging that Jesus is coming sooner rather than later.

    • Thanks for your comment Ethin.

      It’s sort of funny you bring up the costs of fighting Islamic terror, just as Ronald Reagan brought Russia to its knees by defeating them financially in an arms race, I believe that these Muslims are now doing the same thing to us! How much longer can this go on financially?

      Whether or not it is too late, the only true safety is in Jesus Christ. And as you have stated, I believe that the return of Jesus for His bride is closer than we think.

      God bless!

  2. I appreciate the thought about the financial capability to fight isis. I believe however that time and weapons capability are the biggest factors as we have moved out to the Regan cold war era into the demonic barbarism of Islamic Jihad warfare. The world especially Americans have their heads in the sand when it comes to the destructive ambitions of isis. As ISIS marshals manpower militarily throughout Syria and Iraq and Yemen and Somolia, and North Africa, they have in the last 4 weeks brought down a Russian plane, bombed civilians in Lebanon and Paris, the toll on these three fronts of the isis military has been almost 1000 people either dead or wounded.

    This is only the preliminary damage, there is now evidence that the Russian black market could be a source for radiological and biological weapons for terrorists, Pakistan transports their nuclear weapons in vans across their open highways. North Korea is working on a third booster to their ICBM nukes in order to reach America, Chlorine barrel bombs can be made from materials off the supermarket shelves.
    Look brother, I am as patriotic and love my country with red white and blue blood as much as anybody, but America has neither the will nor the strategy for this one because we have collectively told God to get out of our country and especially our military.
    God makes it plain in the bible that He will draw near to those who draw near to Him and depart from those who depart from Him.
    The LBGT agenda is the “g”od of the military and has been run down the throats of the Pentagon leaders. Women placed in combat and on aircraft carriers and submarines have weakened and distracted mission and morale. Our president publically relays to our enemies what his plans are for our mission and manpower. He broadcasts the date and hour when our military will leave or arrive in a country thus giving an upper hand to our enemies to better prepare to fight and kill us. INSANE!!
    Unless America repents and turns to God, we are going to be hit and either massively crippled or destroyed. I don’t know how it will go down but we have shoved our blood stained hands up in God’s face for too long and the judgment has fallen on our nation, Judgment is here now!!! We are in it!!! God has lifted His cloak of protection, we are in the final moments of this age. The world is being set up for the tribulation.

    The biggest distraction amongst all of this is the current political campaigning and upcoming presidential election. Please, Please, Please, Christians don’t believe for a second that any one man or woman is going to be able to fix our problems this time. Our problems are not unemployment, national security, income inequality, or student debt. Every system and institution in our nation is now run o satan’s standards. Our problem is abortion clinics hacking up and selling human fetus baby parts that our tax dollars paid for. As much as some very sincere Christians want to “take back America” there is no new testament template for this kind of Christian religious nationalism. Prayer,Fasting,and Evangelism would be much more profitable.
    We are living in unpresented times, never before has the world been so close to the razors edge of chaos and breakdown. In the midst of it all, I’m encouraged that we are finally arriving to all points end time bible prophecy where we will see the rapture of the church and the return of Jesus.

    • Thanks for your comment Ethin.

      I agree with most of what you have said. Yet, I also believe that we as Christians in the world need to seek out the truth and take a stand for what is righteous and holy, whatever the outcome looks like at the moment. God is bigger than the problems in the world, nothing is impossible with God. It may very well be that it is too late for America as a nation, however, I believe that we must still continue to pray for our nation and do whatever we can to head it in the right direction, this is the right thing to do. It’s never too late to repent and ask God to forgive us. And if we are on a sinking ship, then we must make sure that we are not a part of it, living in the world but not of the world. Ours is to proclaim the truth with salt and light, exposing the darkness for what it truly is.

      I agree, I also believe that the rapture of the church is near, much closer than most think.

      God bless my friend! Maranatha!

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