Demonic Battle Rages On!

Islamic stabbing

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Demonic activity is plaguing the world with evil, death and destruction.  Spiritual forces have taken control of millions if not billions of people living on the earth today!

Satanic possession, worldly influence, and spiritual attacks have infiltrated the minds, bodies and souls of many unbelievers.  What once seemed subtle and fairly insignificant is now manifesting itself into outright wickedness! 

We are in a battle, a spiritual battle against an evil and wicked enemy!  An enemy who is cunning, shrewd, and anti-Christ!

This activity is now seen daily in the nation of Israel.  Innocent Jewish citizens are being singled out and brutally attacked by so-called “peaceful” Palestinians!  Can someone please tell me what is peaceful about murdering another human being in cold blood?!  And yet this is exactly what is happening, while Arab leaders and Muslims around the globe are claiming that the Jews are to blame!  What?!

This is the world we live in, where good is called evil, and where evil is called good?  This is exactly what the scriptures are referring to!  And the very sad thing about all of this is that most of the world seems to believe it!  Or at least they are siding with the Palestinian terrorists.

These sick and twisted individuals who are performing these heinous acts of violence are either demonically possessed, or at the very least under the power and influence of Satan!  If this is so, what about the people siding with them or supporting them?  Are they also demonically possessed or under the influence of Satan?  I believe so my friends, I believe so!

Not only do we see such horrendous acts now being committed in Israel, but throughout the Middle East and many parts of the world by ISIS.  We also see similar acts being committed right here in the United States of America!

Don’t believe me?  Just read the daily news.  Men and women being decapitated, children being murdered by their own parents, children viciously attacking and murdering their own parents and grandparents!  Sick and evil acts being committed daily, without remorse, without regard for human life, and I’m not even talking about abortion!

The sickening and evil acts that we now see being committed in Israel will soon come to Europe and the United States, mark my words!  It’s not a matter of “if”, but a matter of “when” and “how soon”?  Millions of Muslims now reside in all of these nations, and many more are migrating their way into them if not already there, including the United States of America! 

Even if only a small portion of them are radicals, what would it take for the others to become radicals?  And even if they didn’t, don’t you think that they would still support the radicals?  Of course they would and they will!  Look at the world today, look at all of the Muslims committing murder, violence, and evil.  Take a look at the heinous and wicked crimes against humanity that these Muslims are committing around the world, then tell me how many Muslims are renouncing these evil acts!  Go ahead, tell me how many?!  That’s right, you can’t, because it’s virtually non-existent!  Sure, there may be one or two giving lip service, but how many Muslims are there living in the world today? 

According to various internet sources there are between 1.7 to 2 billion Muslims living in the world today!  You would think that out of 2 billion Muslims of a “peaceful” religion, there would be a rather large contingency standing up and saying enough is enough, this is not Islam, they are not Muslims, this is not who we are or who we represent!  Yet, nothing!  Why is that?  If Islam is peaceful, then why do Muslims not stand up for peace, for love, and for kindness?!  I can tell you why, because Islam is not a religion of peace, but of hatred and war!  It is a false religion with a false god!

Satan has deceived the masses into believing the lies of Islam, the lies of the Palestinians.  The truth has been twisted, the good made bad, and the bad made good!  Isn’t this what we are now seeing in the world today?!  Take a look for yourself, it sure doesn’t take much to see the truth, that is unless you have a heart of stone and blinded eyes!

The point of all this is my friends, that we must be alert and prepared.  We must fight against evil, we must pray for the righteous, and against the evil ones.  I’m not trying to scare anyone, but we must not be ignorant either!  We must be ready to defend ourselves, our families, and our faith.  These terrorist attacks are coming, just as they are in Israel today. 

Not only are we facing threats from Islam, but also from a spirit of “Anti-Christ” in the world.  This is now manifesting itself not only into society at large, but also into our governments!  This my friends will be the downfall of many nations!  Anti-Christ equals Satanic and is straight from the pit of hell!

The battle has begun in the last days.  Demonic activity is on the rise, spiritual warfare is in full force.  This is not a time to buckle, not a time to cower and hide!  On the contrary, we must be strong, stand tall, and fight the enemy.  We must stand for our faith, our convictions, and our God!  The world is quickly changing, and we must be ready to perform God’s will on earth as it is in heaven, no matter what the world says!

Yahweh, Elohim, I pray for the peace and protection of Israel, for the protection and guidance of all believers in Jesus Christ around the world!  May You surround Israel and the Jewish people with powerful fighting angels to deliver them from their enemies and win their battles.  For we know that it is You who protects Your children, it is You who fights our battles.  Lord God Almighty, may you send legions of mighty warrior angels to our presence, to fight the enemy who comes against us!  Deliver us from the hands of the enemy and give us victory for Your glory! 

Lord strengthen our faith, and instill within us Your wisdom and power in order to overcome the darkness which befalls us!   Make Your presence known throughout the world and shine Your light upon the darkness.  Fill the earth with Your magnificence and glory, let all who will believe see You for who You are, and accept You as their Savior!  In Jesus name I pray, Amen

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

4 thoughts on “Demonic Battle Rages On!

  1. Wonderful, wonderful prayer Gordon! Strengthens and gives much hope. May the Lord bless you in your work for Him.

  2. Amen and Amen. Lord Father hear our prayers and thank you for being in our lives.

    Agree with everything you wrote Gordon. Its all true, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see it.. Amazing! The only explanation that fits the scenario the world is experiencing. It’s pure evil the disregard for life. People who fund these groups are using them to depopulate the world. Reminds me of the Georgia stones… It’s for the betterment of the world, didn’t you know, it will bring in peace and security… (sarcastic remark)
    It’s unfortunate how many people are so programmed to not care.

    Be steadfast in the Lord, our only escape from all this madness. Let them think we are the mad ones with our kindness and true love for humanity, our hour will come when God decides enough IS enough. And the hour is approaching! Jesus will be picking up His bride when all that was written has been fulfilled and it’s being fulfilled in front of our eyes. Don’t loose faith, the war has been won even though we’re going through rough patches. Focus on heavenly things and be/do right in your own life.
    God bless us all. Maranatha!

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