Birth Pangs Increasing!

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Commentary By:  Gordon King

The month of September has passed us by and the world is moving quickly downward into a deep abyss!  What was evil and wicked before September seems to be even more evil and wicked now!

The events occurring throughout the world can be overwhelming.  It’s easy to get discouraged and at times forget who you are and where you stand!

The wickedness in the world is increasing not decreasing or stabilizing.  What is good is being turned into bad and evil in the sight of the world.

The blind are becoming more blind, hardened hearts are becoming even harder, and the thoughts of the wicked are more vile and wretched!

Satan and his demons are attempting to turn the truth into lies, and the lies into truth!  They shall place doubts and fears into the minds of believers.  This is why it’s so vitally important for all believers in Jesus Christ to remain firm in our faith!  To know what the bible says, and to take it at its word, and to rightly divide the word of God.

Chaos and confusion is a ploy of the enemy to disrupt the lives of everyone, including Christians!  At this time in history the world is full to the brim with chaos and confusion.  Just how many people actually know what is going on in the world today?  How many can relate it to bible prophecy?  Sadly, even many Christians cannot do this!

Satan will take lies and twist them in order to make them sound true.  He takes just enough bits and pieces of the truth and intertwines them with lies to make them sound like they are the truth, and most people will believe the lies!

The world is becoming more anti-Semitic, and more anti-Christ!  Government leaders are making judgments and decisions which don’t make any sense of all!  It’s as if this were all just an enormous nightmare!  If I didn’t know what scripture tells us about the last days, then I would think we were just living in a nightmare.

I thought that the Middle East was ready to explode before September, but it just keeps getting worse!  How much longer can this actually go on before Israel is attacked?  How much longer before the destruction of Damascus?

The Russian military has now entered into Syria, with military weapons, ammunition, planes, and has just called up 150,000 more troops!  They have begun bombing in Syria, and Iran appears to be joining them.  That’s awfully close to Israel and it sure wouldn’t take much for them to launch an invasion into Israel!

Attacks against Israeli civilians is on the rise, and the United Nations doesn’t seem to care.  Attacks and threats against the nation of Israel seems to be irrelevant to world leaders and powers!  How soon history is forgotten!

Europe and other nations in the world are experiencing one of the largest mass migrations of civilians since World War II.  Or is it actually an invasion, an Islamic invasion into the Western world?!  This is in fact part of the Islamic plan, to take control of the entire world!

The world is a powder keg folks, waiting to explode, and at the forefront is radical Islam!  Yet, the world isn’t paying much attention, how sad and detrimental.  We have been warned by Islamic leaders for decades now that this is their plan.  That they want to annihilate America and Israel, to wipe them from the face of the map!  But, the world just sits idly back, as if this were nothing more than harmless rhetoric!

Time is moving faster, the days seem shorter, and the months pass us by so very quickly now.  There isn’t much time to take a reprieve or just stop and catch your breath.  As soon as a major incident in the world happens it is only a matter of days or even hours before another one appears!  As if a woman in labor, like birth pangs, one after another, closer together, and stronger in intensity!  Where have we heard that before?!

These are the birth pangs spoken to us by Jesus Christ.  These are the warning signs we are to be watching for just before the return of Jesus Christ to earth!

Deception in the end times will be great!  The world is being deceived into believing many untruths, and deceived into not believing the truth!  There shall be false teachers and false prophets, teaching doctrines of demons!

Know where you stand, know who you are!  If you are a born-again, bible believing Christian, then you are a child of the God of the universe my friends!  God is our Father, our Savior, and our Protector!  It is in Him and through Him that we can do all things!  Elohim, Adonai, Yeshua, YHWH!  He is holy, pure, and righteous!  In Him there is no lie, only truth. 

Let the love of Christ shine through you as a beacon to a dark world.  Show the world what being a Christian is really about.  Place your trust and faith in the one and only God, Jesus Christ!

If you do not yet know the only true God of the universe, then I strongly urge you to do so now!  Our time is short, and this may be your last call!  Even though the world may not end tomorrow, your life might!

John 14:6

‘Jesus said to him:  “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me.” ‘

John 3:16

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Accept Jesus Now as Your Personal Lord and Savior!

God bless my friends!  Until next time….Maranatha!

8 thoughts on “Birth Pangs Increasing!

  1. How true are your words Gordon.

    Satan is destroying humanity, his time is very short and his season is now.
    It’s all around us, the onslaught of evil permeating everything. The threshold levels of intensity is getting worst; there’s hostility, confrontations, unrighteousness, darkness, there’s no care for humanity, no compassion, no love. There’s hatred of what’s virtuous and moral. There’s a dimension that’s been open where anarchy, jealousy, greed, lust and rebellion is rampant. And gaining momentum. The sooner people realize there’s a spiritual warfare going on and an intimate relationship with God is needed to survive the onslaught of evil, the better to combat it with His full armor on.

    We need to stand fast in the blood of Christ! Stay clean within Jesus to endure the trials and its acceleration. It’s a time of proving, testing, defining where we are in Christ, not a time to whimper and be dismay. It’s a time to fight the good fight with ethical behavior, moral convictions of God’s laws. A time to have God first in our lives. Standing on love and forgiveness, standing on patience, peace, humility, long suffering, virtue (the fruit of the Spirit), understanding it’s not the person but the evil in them. Praying constantly. Aiming to be Christ-like (2Tim.3:10).
    Keeping our lives simple not harboring animosity or judging one another; ‘lest you be judge.’ (Matt.7:1-6). Fighting evil with love, hard to do with society bent on turning everything that’s good and decent to being perverted and ugly, but essential to show one stands for goodness and peace in spite of the world around us. Showing the light of Jesus in us. And thereby gaining a few souls for Christ’s kingdom.

    When the trials are great SO is God’s grace. When you fall come immediately to God in confession and forgiveness. He is always there (Our Advocate) helping us, teaching, refining us to shine our light even brighter still. Don’t let go of Our Savior, Our Lord!
    We will be tempted in so many more ways, stand on love and forgiveness. Having the full armor of God on will help us make it through the storm. For the birth pangs are increasing, we must not loose faith! It only means we’ll be going home…
    Look up our redemption IS near! God bless. Maranatha!!

    Thanks again Gordon, may God continue to bless you with inspirational posts.

  2. Always looking up, Anonymous. Our Good Lord wants us to be encouraged not discouraged… He’s always there, especially in our weakest moments. To Him goes all the glory. God bless.

    And my gratitude to Gordon for letting me put in my two bits =)

  3. Thank you Julian.
    I too thank Gordon, for his posts inspires me. We are all God’s children. God bless.

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