How Should We Approach the Unsaved?

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Commentary By:  Gordon King

It’s difficult being a Christian in the world today.  Knowing just what to do, how to act, and what to say.  Discerning the good from the bad, and being able to live in the world but not of the world!

Standing for godly values, yet having a sense of calm and a loving spirit.  Not coming across as boastful or arrogant, but at the same time being true and faithful to the Lord.  Uncovering the darkness, shining a light and exposing the evil for what it truly is.  And at the same time doing it out of love and compassion for a hurting world.

Making the truth known can at times seem like intolerance and hatred to the unsaved.  Many in the world view Christians as holier than thou, and self-righteous.  This is where I often find myself, seeking to share my faith with unbelievers, with people headed in the wrong direction.  Yet most of them are very critical of Christians and Christianity. 

This is when I tell myself to stop and just listen.  Listen to what they have to say before opening my mouth.   Often times it doesn’t take long to figure out where they stand on certain issues, and where their heart lies.  If they are not ready to hear the truth of Jesus Christ, then it’s best I not say anything.  At least not the gospel.  And in fact, this I believe is a growing process, it’s not about the unbeliever, but about me, not in a selfish way but a process of Sanctification!

I can’t say that this is how it’s supposed to be for all believers, but it is for me.

And as time goes on I see things in a new light.  Spiritual things are becoming more clear to me, and I have more understanding of God’s will.  I certainly don’t know it all, not even close, yet I have a deeper understanding of how Christ would want me to act on His behalf. 

As believers, we are all learning on how to be more Christ-like.  And as each day passes me by, I can see how much more that I have to learn.

Often times I wonder why the good Lord allows certain things to happen to us as Christians?  I have learned that by going through trials and tribulations, the Lord has brought me to a closer relationship with Him.  That my suffering keeps me in touch with God.  It makes the good seem better, and the bad not so bad.  I can see the Lord working in my life, chiseling away, out with the bad and in with the good!  Each day, each trial, brings me closer to God and closer to being more Christ-like, until on that final day of redemption when I will finally be perfected!

How we act, how we treat others in the world affects us, either positively or negatively.  We can be holy and righteous acting out God’s will in our lives, or we can choose to disobey God and live according to our will and not His.  If we choose the latter, then we will distance ourselves from God, we hinder our relationship with the Lord.

I don’t necessarily want to be going through trials and tribulations, but if my life was perfect then where would I place God?  If I didn’t have these trying times, would I now be as close to God as I am now?  I can tell you as a matter of fact, No!

My point is that as believers, we will go through trials and tribulations.  This will, or should bring us closer to God.  It will give us a godly perspective on life and the world.  It will teach us on how to approach unbelievers, what to say and what not to say, and how to act in a fallen world.  It will instill within us compassion, sympathy, and kindness towards others.

I believe that as Christians, we should be about love and kindness towards all!  Yes, even those who seek to harm us.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying not to defend yourself if you are physically attacked.  I believe that we should defend ourselves and our loved ones!  Rather, what I am saying is to show love, kindness, and compassion to even our enemies.  This  is how we share Christ with an unbelieving world.

This is where it can get a little sticky!  Uncovering the evil in the world, the sin, and still be loving and kind.  It seems simple enough, but its hard.  I guess this is where I struggle the most, knowing what to say and how to say it without coming off as belligerent, unkind, and unloving.  Sharing the love of Christ, yet also uncovering sin.  The sinner doesn’t want to hear that he or she is living in sin, and if you tell them they are and then tell them that you love them, this doesn’t always go over so well!

We need to approach the unbelievers so that they will want to know more, not chase them away!

We can’t do it all at once, it takes time and patience.  What we can do is show them that we love them, be kind to them, offer them help if needed.  We can listen.  We can plant a seed.  God will make it grow, that’s His job.  We can be an example of how to live a righteous life.  We can be different from the rest of the world.

I don’t know about you, but this isn’t always so easy for me, but I’m learning and growing. 

I wish that it was easier, I wish that once we were saved then we would just do the right thing.  But fortunately and unfortunately it doesn’t work that way!  We still have a free will to choose. 

God is so good!  His loving kindness and mercy never fails me.  And in times of trouble I know that I can always count on Him.  I know that He always loves me no matter how bad I may mess up!

God bless my friends!   Maranatha!

5 thoughts on “How Should We Approach the Unsaved?

  1. Very inspiration Gordon, and all so true…
    Every day and one day at a time, my friend we show by example the love of Christ is in us.
    God’s not finish with us, yet. We forge forward in grace, in peace, in serenity and love. Eventhough time is not always kind, our strength comes from above and we need not be discourage. Talking with the Lord is our gift. He alone gives us peace of heart in spite of the challenges this present world is in/brings.
    Amen! to Our Lord always being there!
    God bless.

  2. Amen, Brother! This message from Priscilla Shire is so strong, and got me so convicted I hope you find it to be encouraging enough to share with your followers on your blog. God bless, maranatha ~valerie~

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