Obama says we have religious liberty in America, Really?

Pope and Obama white housePresident Barack Obama and Pope Francis in a welcoming ceremony at the White House (AP Photo)

Commentary By:  Gordon King

I found it quite interesting to hear President Obama’s address to the Pope. 

(CNSNews.com) – In a welcoming ceremony at the White House for Pope Francis, President Barack said Wednesday that Americans “cherish religious liberty,” but around the world “children of God, including Christians are targeted and even killed because of their faith.”

“You remind us that people are only truly free when they can practice their faith freely. Here in the United States, we cherish religious liberty. It was the basis for so much of what brought us together,” Obama said.

He said that here in America we cherish “religious liberty”!  Really?!  Where we can “practice” our faith freely!  Is this true?  Are Christians in America allowed to practice our faith freely?

Then what about the bakers who are being sued for not catering to gay weddings?

What about Kim Davis who was thrown into jail for standing up for her beliefs in Christianity?  For following the laws and principles of God rather than the laws of man!

What about taking God out of public schools?  Now it seems ok to teach our children about Islam and even how to convert to Islam, but it’s not ok to teach about Jesus or to pray to him in schools!

I don’t see the religious liberty here.  Maybe I am missing something?  When a bible believing Christian cannot stand up for and practice his or her faith, then where is the religious liberty?!

You know, social changes and laws do not come about over night, they take time.  They begin with baby steps, with small increments.  At first we see a few people standing up voicing their opinions, then it spreads to even more people.  They become more vocal and more visible.  They start law suits, then protest in large numbers.  And even though they may be a minority, they send a strong message because of their loud voice.  And if there is not enough opposition, then they usually succeed at their end goal!

Don’t you see this happening now with Christianity in America?  Small numbers of people standing up and voicing their opinions against Christians,  making themselves heard and seen.  Forming groups of people in protest.  Filing law suits against the values, morals, and laws of God.  Attempting to change laws in opposition to the laws of God, against the religious liberty of Christians!

Just how long before Christians are not allowed to pray in public, or for that matter to pray at all?  Just how long before the American government steps in and tells church pastors what they can preach and what they cannot?  The government of China is removing crosses from churches, just how long before this happens in America?  Will Christianity itself become a crime in America?  Will we be forced to worship Christ underground?

I don’t know if this will happen, but things seem to be heading in that direction!  It’s not just anti-religion, it’s anti-Christ!

God Almighty forgive us of our sins!  Forgive us for not standing tall and firm in our faith, and for Your laws and principles!  We have allowed the government to take You out of our public schools, to abort millions of unborn children, to desecrate Your holy institution of marriage, and to now begin taking away the religious liberty of Your children in America!  Give us the strength and the courage to stand up to adversity.  Fill us with Your Holy Spirit and lead us in the right direction.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

4 thoughts on “Obama says we have religious liberty in America, Really?

  1. The pope just fulfilled the whole peace an security part of revelations and my friend also thinks he healed the wound of the beast of the sea. The Vatican and the US systems are part of the beast symbolism I believe.

  2. We have been hearing about “peace and security” quite often for the past two or three years now. Never heard of the beast of the sea having a wound healed! I believe that Revelation is speaking of the anti-Christ having a deadly wound which would be healed. This has not happened yet, not until after the Tribulation period has already begun.

    Curious about your name: “Infernalis”? Infernal refers to hell and the underworld.

    God bless!

  3. The seven heads are the seven hills in which the Vatican was built on. But I believe since this is the first major mixing of church and state (the wound). And since people revere the pope as if he is God him calling for peace and security is significant. Also it makes more sense that a lot of the things talked about in revelations are more symbolism than literal, as far as indicators I think they are more subtle. If there were such distinct indicators the majority of people would realize Gods truth but the bible makes it seem that we (Christians) are going to be the minority in the end times. As far as my name ever since I was young (still am I’m 19) I asked God to give me super powers and Infernalis just means inferno in Latin. I still pray for super powers but to serve the Lord. I want to be one of the two witnesses.

    God bless you too sir, you can always count on me as an ally in the end.

  4. Just amazing how far we have fallen to believe the words of men rather then the God of the Universe, Our Creator.

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