Disaster is coming! Are you Prepared?!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

There has been an increase of evil, sin, hatred, division, murders, heinous crimes, Islamic terror, hunger, disasters, and disease in the past several years.  In fact, it seems to be happening at such a fast pace right now that it’s almost impossible to keep up with it all.  It seems to be a bit overwhelming!

The way I see it, this shall continue to increase until the return of Christ to earth!  All of the evil and darkness will continue to escalate and overwhelm the masses.  So much will be happening so fast and all at the same time, that people in the world will not know what hit them!

It’s like being a sleep during the beginning of a violent storm and then being hit with an F5 tornado!  What in the world just happened?!

God is giving us warnings!  Warnings to awake from our slumber and see what’s happening before it gets worse.  We are now living in a storm, yet it shall be a much bigger storm I believe very soon!

The world is being shaken, yet do we feel it?  Do we see it?  Warning signs are all around us and yet most are oblivious to it!

Why is it that most people do not heed warning signs?  They don’t do anything until disaster strikes, and then its too late!  Even during natural disasters such as hurricanes, most people are not already prepared beforehand, they wait until the last-minute to purchase needed supplies such as food, water, flash lights and batteries.  But, what if you get to the store and 200 other people are ahead of you, waiting in line just to enter the store?  What if, when you get inside the store, you find the shelves empty?!  What then?  This happens folks, I’ve been through it.

God is telling us to return to Him, to humble ourselves and realize that we have sinned.  To turn away from our sin and to accept Him, to live with Him and for Him!  This is the first thing we should do in preparation for what lies ahead.

However, after saying that, God is also telling us that disaster is coming our way.  He is telling us to prepare and be ready, for we do not know the hour of His return for us. 

Do what you can to prepare yourself for disaster.  Lets just say that all of the electricity went out, the stores were all closed down, the gas stations all closed down, all for an indefinite amount of time.  Would you be ready to survive?  Do you have enough food and water to last for a month, two months, three or more months?

The most important things that we should be stocking away for a disaster is food and water!  These are essential for life.  You don’t need tons of money to do this, purchase a few extra canned items each time you shop, store fresh water in empty containers.  Try to have first aid supplies available, some candles and/or flashlights and batteries.

I’m not telling you this out of fear, but out of love.  I’m telling you this because things will get worse.  Disaster will strike.  Be prepared!

God loves us and He is warning us ahead of time, before it happens!  Are we listening?

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

16 thoughts on “Disaster is coming! Are you Prepared?!

  1. I completely see, feel and hear the warnings you describe. The world has become numb to all the evil and immorality just as the Bible says it would. I attribute it to hollywood and the news outlets which is a tool being used by Satan! I sincerely believe in Pre-destiny and those of us who are watching were chosen and that in and of itself is a huge blessing not to be looked upon lightly. I consider myself a light to my family, friends and all those with whom I come in contact. I pray everyday to continue being that light so that others might be persuaded to ask for what I have. I have met many people that share the faith and for that I am forever grateful. In about 2003, we were invited to a church that my father asked if it promoted the rapture. I had never heard of such a thing. I asked around, and got no real answers. I started to research the rapture. My father bringing it up I think was God’s way of alerting me about it. My father had a very strong faith that he tried since I was a little girl to witness to me. It really wasn’t until after his death in 2012 that my faith started to soar. It’s all in His timing.

    God bless you Gordon and Maranatha!

  2. Thank you Gordon for your timely post.
    God is confirming that feeling that each of us are having, that things are just not right –that’s the Spirit of God in us, warning us of the consequences of defiant and rebellion’s against Him. The insurrection, the disregards of His laws brings forth judgments.This is the real cause of the world’s anxieties.

    God is our rock! Be right with Him and fellow man, is what He’s shouting out to us. Return to Him and be ready to stand with Him. We need to get anything that isn’t in the will of God out of our lives and whatever isn’t in our life that is in the will of God in.
    When your in the will of God the attack of the enemy is strong, do not loose faith or be afraid, “do not be discourage but be encourage!”. (one of J. Cahn’s affirmation, i love.) God is stronger still! He WILL open a window (a way out) when a door closes, Everything comes together for our good and His glory. He’s in charge. Rest on His assurance.
    The safest place to be is in the will of God, and be prepare for anything. Being in the light, the darkness coming will NOT touch you. And if it does, God has a purpose for you to further His cause, to reveal to others (or yourself) His grace, His power, His mercy! His understanding, His wisdom, His help is always reachable! Repentance is the key and an intimate relationship with Him, is essential; if we are to endure all that is coming. Maranatha! God bless us all..

    May God bless you continuously, Gordon with this site. Keep inspiring people and planting those seeds =) Even when times get tough, it only shows your on the right path, my friend.

  3. Great story man. The only problem is that in today’s world so many people don’t believe in the Second Coming of Christ. So how can we tell them or convince them. The world is just becoming more selfish.

  4. Thanks for your comment and encouragement Valerie!

    This is the time for mockers and scoffers to abound my friend! The truth is being made known, yet many choose not to believe.

    God bless! Maranatha

  5. Thank you SweetJava for your encouraging words!

    And Amen to everything that you said sister! All true, powerful, and enlightening!

    God Bless! Maranatha!

  6. Thanks Lyndsey! You are so right my friend, mockers, scoffers, those who choose to turn their heads to the truth, abound in these end times! Try explaining what is happening in the world today to unbelievers, try explaining it to many believers! They shake their heads at you in disbelief, as if you are crazy!

    God bless sister!

  7. Thanks for your comment Sarah!

    We can’t always tell them or convince them. I don’t believe that it is up to us to do so, that is the job of the Holy Spirit. Ours is to shine our light, to show love, mercy, forgiveness, kindness, etc. God will open doors for us, and when He does, then it is up to us to plant a seed, God will do the rest.

    God bless!

  8. Gordon, in retrospect of what I wrote above regarding taking things out of our lives—
    somethings that are not in the will of God might be/are difficult to extract out; like a wayward child(‘s) mindset) who insists “society is not all bad, diversity in all things is what’s needed, that tolerance begins by accepting every individuals conscious freedom/right to live their own lives without the meddling of pompous Christians telling us what’s the proper behavior. And the reason I’m oppose of any so call religion.” I’m blown away. I ask myself what happen to my child? once a Christ abiding, loving child, to become so removed and this person I don’t even recognize.
    As i try to reason and point out that ultimately there is a Supreme Being (God) in charge. He is love and wants us to know Him and love Him back. There is a purpose to our lives in His grace, a need to be willing to believe, trust. I find myself asking why is this so hard to comprehend..?..
    She states He should love everyone no matter, I say He does love the person NOT the sin. The sin is what gets us in trouble both physically and spiritually. Sin is the transgression of His divine law, there to help us distinguish the good from the bad, there is no gray areas. No comment other then I don’t believe it’s as clear as that, walking away…

    Time is short, repentance is now. Deception is rampant especially in our children. They rather believe in reincarnation and the like then in a true loving Father in Heaven. The truth has been so twisted that the lies are the norm and our kids are swallowing it hook, line and sinker. He (Our Heavenly Father) has no choice but shake us out of this mind set, this propaganda being spewed, to awaken us, remind us He is in charge and very much a Presence in our lives. Prayer is our defense as we try to remove the baggage that clings…

    I pray for her and every child, teen, young adult, ALL people struggling to come to the realization that there is a Supreme Being who came to the world to free us from this bondage. And show us a better way to happiness and real love. In Jesus’ Holy Name, Amen.
    God bless us all as we, Christians continue the work of His grace and the fortitude to persevere.

  9. I feel that Satan is controlling the media and blinded both non believers and believers. I feel and really can sence what you have mentioned about evil and sin increasing and increase in selfishness in families.

  10. I know exactly how you feel SweetJava, as I also have a child with the same mindset! He doesn’t seem to believe much of what I tell him, and always has a better answer then me. He can reason it all away, through science, technology, and human wisdom!

    He thinks that he knows more about it than I do, and really won’t even listen to what I’m telling him. One time he told me that Christians and Muslims both worship Jesus and the same God. I always thought that he was smarter than that. I explained to him that in fact we do not! That the world has been deceived into believing such things. I then went into further detail about Abraham, Issac, and Ishmael. I’m not sure if what I told him had any effect, or if it just went in one ear and out the other?

    It’s very sad SweetJava, the world has it’s grip so tight around our children, that if they are not already saved, it seems almost impossible for them to accept Christ as their Savior! However, I know that with God all things are possible. This is the only thing that makes me not want Jesus to come for us yet in the rapture of the church, loved ones who are not yet saved. Other than that I am more then ready, willing and able!

    God bless SweetJava, may the good Lord lead our loved ones to salvation, and may He give them the heart to accept. Amen

  11. Thanks for your comment Anonymous!

    Satan is ruler of this world for a short time my friend, a very short time! God is in control of all things, and allows Satan and his minions to do many things. I agree that the media has a dark nature in general, it’s very difficult to find a good and moral movie or television show to watch anymore. Everything we see, hear, and read, including the news media, must be held up against the word of God!

    God bless!

  12. Our best defence is prayer.
    And sincere fasting, a cleansing of body & spirit. And let God take care of the rest. We’re to trust in His Providence, no matter the situation. In grace we stand, in hope we persever to endure, understand its not our timetable that matters. It’s His will be done.
    We can lead a person to water but if he doesn’t want to drink…
    unless thirsty… K
    I believe in miracles and sometimes it takes a different kind of shaking to wake some of us up. Prayer is a powerful gift.

    The day of Atonement is upon us, a holy day, the day I believe is truly Jesus’ birthday, where we’re at one spiritually in prayer & forgiveness. A day of thanksgiving to our Father in Heaven.
    God’s holy days carry very powerful meanings behind them… Especially hope, triumph & love… Jesus is the sacrificial lamb of old. He gave us back the connection with the Father…
    God bless. Maranatha!

  13. I hear you Gordon. .I also have grown up children one not far from me another in the uk ..the one here I’ve tried to witness to her but she always has a answer to everything I tell her about Jesus and the Gospel I really can only say a few words to her then it’s ( enough mum no more everybody can believe in their own religion if they choose to its all one God after all. .then she walks away from me conversation finished )..my other daughter is the same I put a post on Facebook ( say no to same sex marriage ) my youngest daughter saw it and posted ( mum I personally love a good gay wedding ) made my heart …sink but I know I can pray and I do its all in the Lords hands I have complete peace about that. …..in these endtimes it’s very hard to witness to the lost their hearts are so hard. ..but as Children of God we never give up as we also were once lost. ..sometimes it’s hard to remember we were the same.. loving our Beloved Saviour as we do its very hard to understand why can’t they just listen and understand what he will do for them and all who believe on his name the wonderful free gift he is offering. ….Heavenly Father I pray that you would soften the hearts of all that are lost give them ears to hear eyes to see the wonderful truth of your word bring them to repentance that they all will receive Salvation in Jesus Mighty Name Amen. ..keep up the wonderful work you are doing Gordon ..you are the only person I have to talk to there is no one I know that are Christians as I live on an island it’s very difficult sometimes especially when God gives me a revelation or just talks to my heart I so would love to share things with other believers ..gets very lonely at times I miss my Husband then as we always talked about the Lord and prayed together …can I please ask you to pray for me and my circumstances ???? God Bless Maranatha Speed The Day

  14. Thanks for you comments Annime5!

    I also find it difficult to speak to unbelievers, most of the time they mock and scoff. I also hear them say many negative things about Christians, as if we should be perfect. They don’t see Christianity as a relationship with God, but as people going to church and telling everyone else not to sin. This is where they err, this is an excuse for many not believing in God, when they should be seeking God for their salvation, not by the actions of believers! And many people who claim to be Christians are not, giving Christianity a bad name as well.

    I am sorry to hear about your situation on the island. I will be praying for you!

    God bless! Maranatha!

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