Shining our Light in a Dark World!


Commentary By:  Gordon King

Sin lurks in the darkness, evil hides in the wings.  What is not in the light is darkness, and what is light is righteous and holy!

Imagine that you are in a room which is dark, so dark that you cannot see a foot in front of your face.  You are listening to voices tell you what’s in the room, what’s around you.  You have no way of knowing if this is true or not, but the voice sounds so soothing and convincing that you have no reason not to believe.  This is what it’s like to live in sin!  Sin is darkness, it breeds more of the same.  All you can see is darkness (sin), so it all seems normal.

Then, all of a sudden a bright light shines into the room, and for the first time you see evil, wicked demonic creatures lurking all around you!  This is what it’s like when the holiness of God is around you, when He opens your eyes and gives you vision and clarity!

When the light of God shines into the darkness of sin and evil, it exposes the evil for what it really is!  This is what believers in Jesus Christ are to do!  To shine a light and expose the darkness, the sin in the world.  Not to hate or condemn, but to show the world that sin is wrong, and that there is a better way!

We need to expose the sin, and sometimes by doing so it seems as though we are being hateful, when in fact we are being loving and kind!  The world will see us as being intolerant, hateful, and demeaning.  This is to be expected, and we shall be persecuted for it, just as Jesus was!  Persecuted for righteousness sake, for standing with Jesus Christ!

It’s not always an easy thing to uncover the darkness and be loving and kind at the same time.  Sometimes we mess up, we don’t always get it right.  This is a learning process and we need the guidance of the Holy Spirit!  I know that at times I struggle with this and I ask the Lord to forgive me and fill me with the knowledge and wisdom needed to perform His will as He wills!

The world is quickly becoming more evil and sinful!  We as believers in Jesus Christ must be aware of this.  It’s coming folks, faster than I can type.  I can see it coming, I can feel it, and I can sense it! 

What do we do?  Do we cower and hide, or do we stand tall and firm in our faith and beliefs?  Do we run from adversity or do we approach it with salt and light?  There are times when we should walk away, just as the apostles did at times.  There are those whose hearts are so hardened that they are not ready to believe or hear the truth. 

How much more loving could we be then if we tell the world that sin is bad, that it will lead to more sin and destruction?  That the only way to eternal life and heaven is by repenting of your sin and accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?

As I see things in the world approaching disaster, I see, feel, and hear many unbelievers becoming more brazen, more hardened in their hearts towards Christians.  I sense their feelings of intolerance towards us, as they say just how tolerant they are!  They call us hypocrites if we try to live a godly life, if we expose sin in the world.

I feel things in the world, bible prophecy, quickly speeding up, but the irony is that I also feel many of the unsaved moving further away from God!  I sense a deepening chasm between them and God. 

As Christians we need to stand firm in our faith, we need to speak up for what is right and what is wrong!  We need to follow scripture for what it says, not what we want it to say!  We must hold to the doctrine of Christ and not add to it, take away from it, or twist it around!

Many churches and church leaders are falling away from the faith, teaching a different doctrine than what Jesus and His apostles taught!  We were warned that this would happen, that there would be wolves in sheep’s clothing, ready to tear us apart!

God is Holy, Righteous, and Pure!  Sin cannot live in His presence.  He is patient, loving and kind, yet there is soon coming a day when He will pour out His wrath upon an unbelieving world, those in rebellion against Him!  When He says enough is enough!  He will put a stop to it, very soon!

God is loving, kind, patient, forgiving, merciful, and full of grace!  He is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient!  It is He and only He who can save us!  Nothing else will do.

God Almighty, I AM WHO I AM, give us the ears to hear and the eyes to see!  Show us the truth and make our paths straight.  Open the eyes of the blind, and soften the hearts of stone.  Pour out your Spirit upon an unbelieving world so that they may know the glory of Your goodness, Your unconditional love, Your forgiving Spirit, and Your merciful grace!  Give Your children the ability to love the world as You do, and the wisdom to uncover the sin in a loving way!  In Jesus name I pray, Amen

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

3 thoughts on “Shining our Light in a Dark World!

  1. Darkness is happening in the church and also sin, the pastor saying one thing and behaving differently next. Something is deffinatly breeding in the world.

  2. In Jesus’ name, Amen. Thank you Father for hearing our prayer. True and just our Your ways.
    Thank you Gordon for a powerful messages.

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